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When the yellow-robed young man finally confirmed that he had not heard wrong, his gaze turned chillingly cold, a murderous aura rose like a hurricane from his body.

He asked, biting every word, “Someone, killed Wuhou Right at the Black Warrior Citys Paradise Manor Street!”

“That is so, Young Master Chenyi!” Feeling the yellow-robed young mans horrifying murderous aura, the middle-aged guard hastened to affirm.

However, just as his voice sounded, the yellow-robed young man that was sitting down slowly blurred, disappearing before his eyes in the next instant.

Shadow Shifting Movement!

This was a technique closely resembling a Highgod Realm masters Great Space Teleportation ability.

Being able to initiate the Shadow Shifting Movement almost instantaneously was evidence that he was close to breaking through to the Highgod Realm.

Maybe he even took half a step over the Highgod Realm threshold.

After the yellow-robed young man disappeared from the restaurant, he already reached the Paradise Manor Street that the middle-aged guard spoke of in the next breath.

Arriving at the Paradise Manor Street, the yellow-robed young mans cold gaze swept over the crowd, then approached Zhu Wuhuos corpse laid on the street.

The atmosphere shook with every step he took.

A trail of footprints ten inches deep bored into the streets stone tiles as he walked, and each of those footprints was golden in color.

A heavy prickling tension enveloped the entire street.

Those who surround the street to spectate now watched the slowly approaching yellow-robed young man.

Huang Xiaolong was also slightly surprised watching this yellow-robed young man.

With his experienced eyesight, he could tell at a glance that he was a powerful expert.

His strength was no weaker than Jiang Hanzhis, who taunted him at the Yaochi Mountain.

When the yellow-robed young man reached Zhu Wuhous corpse, he slowly squatted down.

No one could tell what the young man was thinking from his expression.

His hand slowly extended forward, closing Zhu Wuhous eyes that were wide open.

“Sixth brother, dont worry, Big brother will avenge you.

Hell be a thousand times more miserable than you!” The yellow-robed young man whispered softly, but clearly a suffocating killing intent exploded from his body like a hurricane.

He slowly stood up and his gaze turned to Huang Xiaolong, expressionless as he said, “Youre the one who killed my sixth brother”

“Correct.” Huang Xiaolong was just as expressionless.

The yellow-robed young mans eyes narrowed, his gaze fixed on Huang Xiaolong.

But his calm composure quickly returned, “How do you want to die”

Although the yellow-robed young mans tone of voice was moderate, it exuded dominance and confidence.

The kind of tyrannical confidence that saw himself as an existence that could completely squash Huang Xiaolong!

Then again, the yellow-robed young mans strength indeed inspired such a confidence.

However, Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “Im in a good mood, thus I dont feel like killing you.

But that is only if you scram now.”


The yellow-robed young man stiffened.

In the next second, he laughed in anger.

This was his first time hearing someone telling him to scram... ‘Good mood Dont feel like killing me

“That yellow-robed young man looks like Zhu Chenyi!”

“Right, right, hes Zhu Chenyi! The Zhu Familys genius, Zhu Chenyi, the third-ranked on the Highgod Advancement List! I that heard some years ago he attempted to breakthrough to the Highgod Realm.

He failed, but didnt lose his life! Although he failed, his is still stronger than before!”

At this point, a few people among the spectating crowd recognized the yellow-robed young man, exclaiming in surprise.

Hearing the voices from the crowd, Huang Xiaolong took a second look at the man in front of him.

Zhu Chenyi That means this yellow-robed young man was the marriage partner that the Qi Family Ancestor and Patriarch chose for his Third Apprentice-sister Qi Wen

He just didnt expect that Zhu Wuhou would be this Zhu Chenyis younger brother.

Looks like that Zhu Wuhou was also a core disciple of the Zhu Family.

Even if he knew Zhu Wuhous identity prior to killing him, it wouldn\'t have made a difference.

He had dared to kill Lu Cong on the Yaochi Mountain battle stage right in front of the Azure Dragon Institute Principals eyes, so whats a mere Zhu Wuhou

Zhu Chenyi suddenly raised his palm, striking at Huang Xiaolong.

His palm force was soundless and feeble as if there wasnt any energy or force in that attack, but the crowd could feel the amazing force contained in the palm strike.

Watching Zhu Chenyis palm strike falling down, Huang Xiaolong stood there still, calm and indifferent.

He did not even prepare to counter, allowing Zhu Chenyis attack to fall without resisting.

When Zhu Chenyis palm strike was about to land on Huang Xiaolongs body, it seemed to encounter a hindrance, stopping in midair for a second before dissipating in an anticlimactic manner.

The crowd was stupefied.

Zhu Chenyi was even more so, his originally confident expression cracked with disbelief.

His domineering aura vanished, leaving only fear surging in the depth of his eyes.

That palm strike just was one of the secret arts he had been practicing diligently—the Impermanence Divine Palm.

This Impermanence Divine Palm attacked without sound or force, but in fact, it contained an overwhelmingly destructive power.

Although Zhu Chenyi did not exert his full strength in that attack, it was enough to shatter a large mountain.

Yet, it was easily dissolved by Huang Xiaolong!

Huang Xiaolong didnt move a finger! His vigorous qi barrier already ground away at his Impermanence Divine Palm force.

What did this mean This meant that Huang Xiaolong absolutely had strength comparable to the Highgod Advancement Lists top three!

Only Wan Long and two other people were capable of this!

At this time, the street vibrated under heavy and hurried footsteps rushing toward Paradise Manor Street.

The Black Warrior City patrolling disciples and enforcer disciples finally arrived at the scene.

“Huang, Huang Xiaolong!” Upon arriving, one of the enforcer disciples clad in a Black Warrior Institute elite disciple robe shrieked in a high-pitched voice.

Huang Xiaolong turned to look, a little surprised.

This young man was one of Black Warrior Institutes elite disciples, a former member of that so-called All Dragons League, called Ceng Leng.

In a manner of speaking, Huang Xiaolong and Ceng Leng were old acquaintances.

That year, Jiang Yu and the members of the All Dragons League were seasoned troublemakers for the Golden Dragon Peak.

Huang Xiaolong also did not forget his special treatment for the All Dragons Leagues six great enforcers to their lower parts.

Hearing Ceng Lengs shriek, the crowd, as well as Zhu Chenyi, all showed shock and apprehension.

“Huang Xiaolong! The Black Warrior Institute Principals personal disciple, Huang Xiaolong”

“The current number one on the Highgod Advancement List, Huang Xiaolong!”

The four corners of the street stirred.

Close to a decade had passed since the Yaochi Mountain battle stage.

That year, Huang Xiaolong killed Lu Cong, the third-ranked on the Highgod Advancement List, with a single palm, and the news had spread throughout the four galaxies through word of mouth from various families Ancestors and Patriarchs that attended the celebration banquet.

In the last ten years, Huang Xiaolongs fame, in exaggeration, could be said to have surpassed his Master Feng Yangs. 

The most discussed topic among the prominent families, sects, and forces in recent years did not stray far from Huang Xiaolongs name.

Ignoring the gazes directed at him, Huang Xiaolong pointed at Zhu Wuhuos corpse while speaking to Ceng Leng, “This person abused his identity as a Black Warrior Institute inner disciple.

He disregarded the institutes rules, injuring others within the Black Warrior City, defied his superiors, disrespecting me, and was killed by me.

This matter, handle it accordingly.”

Ceng Leng barely recovered his wits, still looking flustered when he quickly acknowledged Huang Xiaolongs words.

Finished what he wanted to say, Huang Xiaolong glanced at Zhu Chenyi from the corner of his eye and left in a flicker.


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