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‘Hopefully the seal hasnt loosened too much. Huang Xiaolong inwardly thought.

If the seal had loosened too much, despite having two divine fires, he would most likely have to flee.

The closer Huang Xiaolong got to the source of the demonic qi, the denser and more violent it became.

At one point, the demonic qi was so dense that it actually formed groups of gray clouds.

Every group of clouds contained unbelievable energy, enough to kill a mid-First Order Highgod Realm master!

Watching the stretch of floating gray clouds, Huang Xiaolongs expression darkened.

Even though the gray spaces demonic qi was alarming when he first entered, it was still far from the current situation.

Not even the gray space sealing the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings torso had demonic qi that was dense to such a degree.

This place had to be sealing the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings head!

Thinking of this, the ominous feeling in his heart grew stronger.

The Hundred Spirits Beast Kings head was definitely the most powerful amongst its other sealed body parts.

Moreover, judging from the signs around him, from the time he stepped into the gray space until now, the seal had loosened even further.

Huang Xiaolong became uncertain and stopped flying forward.

Should he turn back He could still make it if he turned back now.

Undeniably, the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings head was a covetable object, but right now Huang Xiaolong was feeling less than confident that he\'d be it as he did previously.

If he failed to suppress it, the consequences were dire; most likely, he would suffer a backlash from the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings demonic qi and be turned into its nutrition supplement instead.

Still, Huang Xiaolong was reluctant to turn back at this juncture.

With the news of Xiang Mingzhi having broken through to the Highgod Realm, it was necessary for Huang Xiaolong to refine all parts of the Hundred Spirits Beast King as well as obtain the White Tiger Divine Fire to have full confidence in killing Xiang Mingzhi during the Highgod Advancement Tournament.

After struggling internally for some time, Huang Xiaolong suddenly sped forward like an arrow toward the altar.

‘Your mother! If I die, then so be it…

Up to this point, he had experienced many things as he sought to improve his strength, which of his previous experiences did not pose any danger 

Determination shone in the depth of Huang Xiaolongs eyes as he calmed down.

Soon, he saw the familiar altar up ahead, however, this altar was at least double the size of the previous two.

On the altar, at the center of the sealing formation, was a giant golden-haired monkey head!

Huang Xiaolong was unable to describe in words what he was feeling staring at the giant golden-haired monkey head.

The view in front of him could perhaps be described as heaven obscuring demonic qi.

This golden-haired monkey head was akin to a big hill, just its height was over fifty meters, with scarlet red eyes and an enormous protruding mouth.

Its nostrils were like two black wind vortex, endlessly puffing out grey demonic qi.

The sealing formation on the altar flickered.

Bright symbols flew into the air, forming many balls of light rotating around the golden-haired monkey head, restraining it.

Whereas the golden-haired monkey head was trying to break the formation, intelligible high-pitched sounds coming from its enormous mouth.

Huang Xiaolong immediately noticed that the sealing formation became unstable after being attacked by the golden-haired monkey head, growing dimmer.

This was a sign that the sealing formation was close to collapsing, if things continued in this manner, it wouldn\'t be long before the sealing formation crumbled.

 At that time, the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings head would regain its freedom!

Huang Xiaolong was daunted, but also glad.

He was glad that the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings head had yet to free itself, and daunted by its overwhelming destructive power that had far exceeded his estimation.

Every time the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings head attacked the sealing formation, its power was almost equal to a mid-Second Order Highgod Realm master.

Of course, this level was only Huang Xiaolongs personal estimation, it could also be stronger than that!

Huang Xiaolong had never looked as grim as he did now.

‘This is likely my hardest battle yet…

However, he was right that this Hundred Spirits Beast King was a primordial divine ape! It was a King among primordial divine apes, a Hundred Spirits Golden Ape.

Right at that moment, the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings head stopped attacking the sealing formation.

Two bloody lights shot out from its eyes, reaching Huang Xiaolong in an instant.

It happened so fast that Huang Xiaolong didnt have time to react.

In a split second, Huang Xiaolong slightly twisted his shoulders sideways, barely avoiding the two bloody lights.

Their terrifying power caused the surrounding space to shake, forming two lines akin to crimson rivers in the sea of gray demonic qi.

Although barely, Huang Xiaolong managed to dodge the sudden attack.

Even so, he felt cold sweat dampen his back.

Had he dodged any slower, hed be gravely wound by now.

That attack was equivalent to two mid-Second Order Highgod Realm masters attacking at the same time.

Strong as Huang Xiaolongs True Dragon Physique was, it was still far from allowing him to remain unscathed if he was hit by that attack.

Still, the Black Tortoise and Vermilion Bird Divine Fire protective barrier around Huang Xiaolong quivered intensely, being affected by the power of the two bloody lights.

“Eh” Watching the young human actually dodge its attack, the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings head exclaimed in amusement, finding it a little unexpected.

“Little runt, a mere perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm like you actually managed to dodge my attack.” The eyes of the Hundred Spirits Beast King gleamed, visibly stoked, “Your talent exceeds me by miles during my time.”

The Hundred Spirits Beast King had been the most talented cultivator in the four galaxies in tens of millennia! And Huang Xiaolongs talent was above his, no wonder it was stoked.

“Too bad, youre fated to die here today and become my first sacrifice, aiding me to break out from this damn altar!” The Hundred Spirits Beast Kings laughter reverberated in the gray space.

Its scarlet eyes shone with cruel excitement.

Originally, it would take ten more years for it to break free from the altars sealing formation, but if he devoured Huang Xiaolong, it would be able to shatter the sealing formation and regain its freedom in a few short years.

All of sudden, its laughter turned into a roar that shook the entire gray space.

Sound waves wrinkled every inch of space as they passed through, there was no place Huang Xiaolong could dodge or hide this time.

Destructive power surged and gathered, drowning Huang Xiaolong within.

Green veins popped out on his forehead as he activated every last strand of true immortal essence force from his dantian to form a thick protective barrier over himself.

At the same time, frigid cold Asura qi rushed out from his body, transforming an area of space into an Asura Domain.

Right at this time, Huang Xiaolong felt the air being forced out of his lungs, the destructive force slammed into him as if an ancient divine mountain fell on his chest.

Huang Xiaolong shuddered.

In the next second, he was sent flying into the air like a broken kite.

His body made a great arch in the air, crashing down a few hundred li away.

Violent tremors ran through the ground.

He felt as if his body was about to break into pieces, this was the first time he felt this way ever since he was reborn.

Huang Xiaolong struggled to his feet, an uncontrollable warm liquid rushed up and he vomited a mouthful of blood.

“En, actually not dead! The Hundred Spirits Beast Kings head saw that Huang Xiaolong was still alive, standing on his feet, and was quite shocked.

The power of its attack just now could seriously injure an early Second Order Highgod Realm master.

Even more surprising was that his hundred spirits demonic qi was dispersed by the icy blue and crimson red fires on the surface of Huang Xiaolongs skin, hindering any demonic qi from entering his body.

Could those be two of the four great divine fires! The Hundred Spirits Beast Kings pupils needled.


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