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Wave after wave of soul force rose in Huang Xiaolongs soul sea, each one fiercer than the previous.

A brilliant radiance lit up his soul sea akin to countless suns gathered together; a light so brilliant that it seemed as if it could pass through space, leaving a perpetual imprint of its trajectory in the universe.

Above his soul sea, flames of icy-blue, crimson red, and metallic white emitted vibrant energy, rippling outward.

This energy reached every corner of Huang Xiaolongs soul sea and continued to heighten the clarity of his soul.

As time passed, the brilliant light in his soul sea grew more and more dazzling and bright.

Every ray of light was like a solid bridge cutting across space, evidence of Huang Xiaolongs powerful soul force.

While the White Tiger Divine Fire was integrating with the Black Tortoise and Vermilion Bird Divine Fires, becoming a part of Hang Xiaolong, numerous cultivators were rushing toward the Heavenly Mountain.

The White Tiger Divine Fire spirits resounding roar had alerted everyone, down to the many cities at the foothills.

The fierce killing aura and thick roiling spiritual energy had everyone absolutely convinced that these were signs of the birth a peerless treasure.

Soon, hordes of cultivators from various sects and families gathered in front of the Heart Demon Swallowing Formations white mist, from low-level God Realm cultivation, to mid-level, high-level, and even two Highgod Realm masters.

These two Highgod Realm masters were part of the White Tiger Galaxys super forces, Dao Creeds Chief Tao Gu, and his master Zhuang Yongfeng. 

Last time, when Huang Xiaolong found a two-million-year-old Black Lotus here on the Heavenly Mountain, both Tao Gu and Zhuang Yongfeng had attempted to snatch it from his hands.

When they were close to succeeding, Yang Yi and the Ascending Moon Old Man arrived, solving Huang Xiaolongs dire situation.

In a way, Tao Gu and Zhuang Yongfeng were considered familiar faces to Huang Xiaolong.

“Master, what\'s the plan” Tao Gu looked at the white mist in front of him with a hint of apprehension in his eyes, inquiring of his Master Zhuang Yongfeng.

Zhuang Yongfengs eyes flickered with hesitation.

It was no secret that, in many millennia, every Highgod Realm master that had entered this white fog never resurfaced again, including Second Order Highgod Realm masters; saying that he wasnt afraid would be a downright lie.

“You go in first.” Zhuang Yongfeng suddenly turned his head to a Dao Creed Grand Elder.

Hearing Zhuang Yongfengs order, the Grand Elder shivered, his face paled, “An-ancestor, m-me…”

Zhuang Yongfengs gaze sharpened like blades, faint killing intent seeping through his words, “You didnt hear my order”

That Dao Creed Grand Elder gritted his teeth.

With a bloodlessly pale face he stepped in, disappearing into the white fog.

After that, despite Zhuang Yongfeng keeping watch outside, the Grand Elder did not reappear.

The gathered cultivators were watching, and this result brought doubt and fear to their hearts.

Even so, there were people who believed they were the lucky ones and flew straight into the white mist.

Of course, without exception, these people were like pebbles thrown into the vast ocean, disappearing noiselessly.

The white mist was like a world unto itself, not even sound transmission jade slips could be used inside.

Despite that, when the White Tiger Galaxys Ancestor level characters heard the news, all of them rushed to the Heavenly Mountain.

Hence, more and more people gathered outside the white mist.

The temptation of a peerless treasure had a few Highgod Realm Ancestors form a cooperative alliance to break past this white mist.

Before the numerous gazes from the large group of cultivators present, twelve Highgod Realm masters from various forces stepped in.

Prior to entering, these Ancestors gave strict orders to their juniors to wait outside the mist.

But as days went by, one month had passed since the twelve Highgod Realm masters entered the formation, they too were akin to pebbles thrown into the vast ocean, disappearing without even causing a ripple.

One month turned into two, the situation inside the white mist was as calm as ever.

Then three months were gone, four months… The faces of the various disciples waiting outside grew anxious and tense.

While this was happening outside, in the fire grottos underground space, Huang Xiaolongs body was like a crystal that was reflecting light as it was being tempered by the three great divine fires.

Icy-blue, crimson red, and metallic white lights were shining on his skin.

As time passed, the three lights became ever more blinding.

Looking from afar, Huang Xiaolong resembled a tri-colored human-shaped diamond, and his soul sea was painted with the three divine fire colors.

The clarity of his soul reached such a high level that the light coming from his soul actually turned solid under the Black Tortoise, Vermilion Bird, and White Tiger Divine Fires effect!

A situation where intangible light turned into solid matter was unheard-of. 

Furthermore, each ray of light in his soul sea was like the sharpest blade piercing through space and time, being able to easily split a peak late-First Order Highgod Realm master into two.

Another five months went by.

The three Black Tortoise, Vermilion Bird, and White Tiger Divine Fire spirits that had been flying around Huang Xiaolong suddenly stopped, turning into three balls of fire and drilling into his body.

Huang Xiaolong, who had been in slumber all this time, slowly opened his eyes.

As he opened his eyes, two sharp lights flashed and disappeared in an instant, two bottomless black holes appeared above right above him.

With barely any movement, horrifying fireballs flew out from Huang Xiaolongs body, completely disintegrating the magma below.

Huang Xiaolong stood high in the air, bearing the aura of a primeval Fire God.

His body was exuding indescribable and majestic divineness.

“My Qi Seas capacity has doubled, what about my soul seal The light coming from my soul has actually solidified!” Huang Xiaolong was ecstatic after checking the situation of his body and soul sea.

The changes in his soul sea especially amazed him.

He had never heard of anyones soul radiance turning into solid matter! This was only possible because his soul clarity had reached an unimaginable degree.

“If all four divine fires merge together, what kind of changes would take place in my soul sea” Huang Xiaolongs eyes flickered with growing anticipation.

He took a step forward, striding over space.

When he appeared again, he was already outside.


Teleportation that only Highgod Realm masters could perform.

Although he did not condense a godhead this time either, his strength had significantly increased.

The time and space threads in his soul sea had reached an unbelievable number, so many that he could easily manipulate the natural force in his surroundings.

Huang Xiaolong made an estimation of his current strength, probably not weaker than Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, a peak late-Second Order Highgod Realm master.

If he were to walk through the Heart Demon Swallowing Formation again, he definitely wouldn\'t suffer as he did before.

At this current strength, adding the three divine fires power, he could pass through the formation in a months time.

However, he wasnt planning to leave just yet.

Since he found out that the Heavenly Mountain owners dwelling was here on the peak, he would naturally take a look at it.

Right at this time, the space up ahead shook violently.

Huang Xiaolong stiffened, it was coming from the Heart Demon Swallowing Formation...

Could it be Ancestor Mountaingoats group

In the next second, four powerful presences approached Huang Xiaolongs location at frightening speed.

Huang Xiaolongs figure disappeared in a flicker, activating his Space Concealment ability.

Just as he concealed himself, he saw Ancestor Mountaingoat, Piercing Sky Beast King, Green Dragon Beast King, and Ancestor Bifang arriving.

As expected, it was these four people!

Huang Xiaolongs pupils needled, carefully converging all of his aura.

In the blink of an eye, the four people were right in front of his eyes.

“Strange, there were energy fluctuations here just moments ago.” Ancestor Mountaingoats brows scrunched up, wrinkling his forehead.

His eyes scanned around, green light glimmering in his eyes.

The other three also had the surrounding space locked down, surveying carefully, but they discovered nothing.

“Ancestor Mountaingoat, you\'re probably overthinking it.

I dont think anyone could break past the Heart Demon Swallowing Formation before us.

The four of us together took more than a year to pass through it at the risk of dying inside.” Ancestor Bifang added, “Finding the Heavenly Gods cultivation dwelling is more urgent.”

“Thats right, the Heavenly Gods cultivation dwelling comes first.

After enlightening ourselves on the Heavenly Gods godhead and our strength increases by leaps and bounds, we won\'t need to fear human cultivators!” Green Dragon Beast King agreed.

Ancestor Mountaingoat searched again, finding nothing.

He had no choice but to leave with the rest.

After the four left, Huang Xiaolong stepped out from his concealment.

A brief moment of hesitation later, he flew in the direction of the group, carefully tailing them from behind.


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