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Chapter 83: What Thingy is Big Sword Sect!




Seeing Huang Qide, the trio of father and sons greeted him.

Huang Qide nodded while sighing in his heart.

Although Huang Ming and his sons greeted him as usual, the respect is no longer there like previous times.

Anyone could tell it was just a perfunctory greeting to a relative.

“Senior Liu Wei!” Huang Qide came in front of Liu Wei and greeted respectfully.

Liu Wei did not even bother to nod, only snorted ‘en’ through his nostril and focused his attention on Huang Xiaolong, as well as Marshal Haotian and Fei Hou who were guarding him from behind.

When his gaze fell upon Fei Hou, he questioned: “You are Fei Hou Peak late-Tenth Order It wasn’t easy for you to cultivate till the peak late-Tenth Order − we’ll do it this way.

If you kneel and surrender to me voluntarily, surrender to Big Sword Sect, I can spare your life and appoint you as our Big Sword Sect’s Elder!”

Huang Jun, Huang Ming, and Huang Wei went into a daze.

Big Sword Sect Elder!

“Master, this…!” Huang Jun couldn’t resist opening his mouth.

The expression on Liu Wei’s face turned cold with dissatisfaction, “You are not yet qualified to intervene here, step back!”

Huang Jun’s heart quivered and quickly said: “Yes Master!”

“Have you thought it over well” Liu Wei turned back to Fei Hou.

At this time, Marshal Haotian and Fei Hou exchanged a look; both couldn’t resist but to burst out laughing.

“What are you two laughing at” Liu Wei darkened.

Fei Hou looked at the opposite site, sneered, “Big Sword Sect What thingy is Big Sword Sect”

After Fei Hou’s words ‘landed’, Huang Jun, Huang Ming, Huang Wei, even Huang Qide and Chen Ying were dumbfounded, looking at Fei Hou with disbelief.

What nonsense is this dog slave spouting!

They even doubted if they heard correctly.


“What did you say!” Liu Wei was no exception; he also blanked for a moment.

“Your ears have problems” Fei Hou ‘generously’ repeated in a cold voice, “I said, what thingy you think Big Sword Sect is for me to kneel down and submit to you Wanting to give me an Elder position, cheh!”

“You!” Liu Wei’s face turned red then purple due to fury; his aura shot up suddenly and a horrifying energy swept out from his body like a raging wave.

The sharp killing intent made Huang Qide and the surrounding people lose their color and they staggered backward in fright.

“Die! Courting death! Since you’re the one who wished for it, I will first destroy your cultivation and then make you suffer a living death where dying is a luxury!” Liu Wei glared furiously; suddenly, his palm struck out towards Huang Xiaolong, Marshal Haotian, and Fei Hou at once.

“I’m going to let you experience my Big Sword Sect’s masterpiece godly palm skill!”

“Dark Golden Big Palm!”

Three huge golden palm prints pierced through the air and reached Huang Xiaolong, Marshal Haotian, and Fei Hou in an instant.

Coincidentally, Su Yan came out from the courtyard at this time and saw what was happening; scared, she cried out: “Xiaolong!”

On the other hand, Huang Ming, Huang Jun, and Huang Wei were secretly jumping with joy, especially Huang Wei.

His eyes were gleaming with a feeling of schadenfreude; Huang Xiaolong ah Huang Xiaolong, I’ll see how miserably you will die!

Watching the golden-colored palm nearly strike the three people, a silhouette flashed and deflected Liu Wei’s attack with one hand.


A loud explosion thundered and the energy from the impact scattered in all four directions.

The stones and pavements around were shattered into gravel and dust, swirling up and flying away in the air; Huang Ming, Huang Qide, and the rest ran away in panic.

And the Big Sword Sect’s Sect Leader Liu Wei staggered back with unsteady steps from the rebound of energy.

With every step back, the stone pavement underneath his foot cracked into pieces.

Liu Wei retreated to a corner before managing to balance himself.

At this time, he finally saw clearly the person who made the move just now, and it was not Fei Hou.

A shocked expression was plastered on Liu Wei’s face, looking at Marshal Haotian: “You, you’re a Xiantian!”

This person, like Fei Hou following behind Huang Xiaolong, was wearing a close-fitting robe and looked like an old man in his seventies, yet he was actually a Xiantian realm expert! That strength of his…!

Xiantian Second Order! Definitely a Second Order Xiantian!

After overcoming his shock, Liu Wei’s face was ugly to the extreme.

Despite being a Xiantian himself, he had just advanced not too long ago.

It was a huge gap to fight against a Second Order Xiantian!

Huang Ming, Huang Jun, Huang Wei, Huang Qide and Chen Ying, as well as Su Yan, who just came out of the courtyard, stared stupidly at Marshal Haotian.


Xiantian, actually a Xiantian realm expert!

Same as Fei Hou, this old man, the Xiantian expert, called Huang Xiaolong ‘Young Master’.

Moreover, he was a higher order Xiantian realm compared to Liu Wei!

“This, this, how is this possible!” Huang Wei stammered.

Huang Ming and Huang Jun felt a strong sense of unease and fear after realizing what was happening.

“Who are you!” Liu Wei looked at Marshal Haotian with an ugly expression; there was only so many Xiantian experts in the Luo Tong Kingdom.

This seventy-year-old man cannot be a nameless person.

Marshal Haotian flew up in silence, ignoring Liu Wei, and a long halberd appeared in his hand out of nowhere.

It cut down on Liu Wei without mercy.

“Heaven’s Wrath!”

Countless halberd images rained down like falling meteors upon Liu Wei in a blink of an eye.

Terrified, Liu Wei retreated to avoid them and suddenly, his hands grew bigger, turning into a golden color.

At the same instant, a long sword appeared behind him.

It was a very long sword as if it was composed of dozens of small swords creating a whip-like long sword.

Liu Wei’s martial spirit is called Nine Joint Swords!

Nine Joint Swords was a top grade eleven martial spirit.

With his martial spirit out, Liu Wei waved his hands and the Nine Joint Swords became a sword as long as a dragon, constantly rotating around his body while lights of sword rays shot out clashing against Marshal Haotian’s halberd attack.

“Zheng! Zheng! Zheng!”

A series of collision rang sharply in the air.

Every time it clashed, Liu Wei’s body would tremble and stagger backward a step.

While Liu Wei was struggling below, up above in midair, a gigantic black lion emerged behind Marshal Haotian; a black lion with dark blue pupils.

You could even see a terrifying breath break out from its mouth as black fog rolled like dark clouds.


Seeing the emergence of the black lion, Liu Wei’s body quivered, and a thought flashed across his brain.

In shock, Liu Wei blurted out, “You, you are Luo Tong Kingdom’s Marshal Haotian!”

In the whole of Luo Tong Kingdom, only Marshal Haotian’s martial spirit is a Dark Nether Lion.

“Marshal Haotian!” Huang Ming, Huang Jun, Huang Wei, Huang Qide, and Su Yan felt like a lightning bolt struck their minds when they heard that, leaving an endless hum what would not go away.

Their eyes practically popped out looking at the tight-fitting robe old man; this old man is the Marshal Haotian of the Luo Tong Kingdom.

The Marshal Haotian that stands above thousands of soldiers and generals and under one king!

Ignoring the expression around him, Marshal Haotian’s silhouette flashed and reappeared in front of Liu Wei.

The long halberd swung out and the Dark Nether Lion roared towards the sky as it moved above Liu Wei’s head; two paws slamming down on Liu Wei akin to two massive black pillars.

“Nine Joint Sword Array!” Liu Wei shouted in fear.

The Nine Joint Sword martial spirit flew up to the sky, from one long sword turning into nine shorter swords to form a nine swords array against the Dark Nether Lion.

Whereby his two fists punched at Marshal Haotian.

“Boom!” a loud explosion rang out.

And Liu Wei’s screamed sounded as his body were thrown back, crashing into a wall far back close to the Eastern Courtyard.

From the beginning, Marshal Haotian’s strength was a level higher than him; his beast martial spirit’s attack power was way higher than his Nine Joint Swords.

How was Liu Wei Marshal Haotian’s opponent!

Huang Ming, Huang Jun, and Huang Wei looked at Liu Wei who was stuck into the walls and a cold shiver ran pass their hearts down to their toes.



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