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As time passed, sixty years came and went in the blink of an eye.

In these six decades, Martial Spirit Worlds development flourished, its cities prosperous and bustling.

Countless cultivators came to settle down or trade in the Martial Spirit World, making it the second trading hub of the Black Tortoise Galaxy after the Cloudsea Mainland.

The main factor attracting so many cultivators from all over the galaxy to Martial Spirit World was its incredibly rich and abundant spiritual energy.

In these sixty years, Martial Spirit Worlds rich spiritual energy had left the Cloudsea Mainland far behind!

One hardly needed to think to imagine the benefits of cultivating in such a spiritual energy-rich environment.

As a matter of course, the price of shops and residences in the Martial Spirit Worlds main cities catapulted, rising more than a thousand times their value compared to sixty years back.

With the Huang Clan Manor acting as deterrence, no one really dared to cause any big troubles.

Huang Xiaolong stayed at the Huang Clan Manor in those sixty years, cultivating and absorbing the three galaxies star force at night while either concocting some pills or advising Shi Xiaofei and his family in their cultivation during the day.

The days were simple but fulfilling and happy. 

 After sixty years of absorbing the three galaxies star force, Huang Xiaolongs strength had reached an unimaginable degree for a God Realm cultivator.

At the time Huang Xiaolong subjugated the Green Dragon Beast King and Ancestor Bifang, his strength was at a similar level to them, sufficient to fight either one of them to a draw.

Whereas now, even with Green Dragon Beast King and Ancestor Bifang attacking Huang Xiaolong at the same time, they were still no match for him.

During this time, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyis cultivation that had been delayed at peak late-Second Order Highgod Realm finally broke through to Third Order after consuming the two-million-year-old herb that Huang Xiaolong gave him, becoming the third Highgod Realm master under Huang Xiaolong with cultivation reaching the Third Order.

After successfully advancing to Third Order Highgod Realm, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi was actually stronger than the Green Dragon Beast King and Ancestor Bifang by a small margin, yet he too wasnt a match for Huang Xiaolong on a one on one.

By the end of their sparring, the old dragon would be groaning in pain each time.

As a member of the ancient Dragon Clan, with him being a golden dragon as well, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyis physical defenses were top tier compared to other demonic beasts.

However, Huang Xiaolongs True Dragon Physique was even stronger than his golden dragon body.

One could only imagine how robust his body was.

Every time after Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi was abused by Huang Xiaolong, the one word he used the most to describe him wasfreak.

This repeated until one point, when Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi could no longer bear to endure all the abuse by himself.

Every time he sparred with Huang Xiaolong after that, he would drag over Ancestor Bifang and Green Dragon Beast King as well.

Three against one, they barely managed to fight to a draw with Huang Xiaolong.

Each time, the four of them would fight in a segregated space, hence, other than Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, Green Dragon Beast King, and Ancestor Bifang, no one else knew of Huang Xiaolongs true strength, including Shi Xiaofei or any of the Huang Family.

In these sixty years, the Ascending Moon Old Man practically locked himself in his courtyard, studying and comprehending the Heavenly Gods godhead, rarely showing his face outside.

Yang Yi had also stayed behind in the Huang Clan Manor during this period.

After all, it couldn\'t be denied that the spiritual energy here was much richer than in the land of new moon, much more beneficial to her cultivation.

As Yang Yi cultivated, she would also guide and advise Shi Xiaofei.

Adding on her Pure Luminance Enlightened Buddha Physique, other than Huang Xiaolong, Shi Xiaofeis cultivation improved the fastest in these six decades, reaching peak late-Fifth Order God Realm.

Just that half a step more and she could breakthrough to Sixth Order God Realm.

Naturally, the Huang Familys strength had improved significantly.

Even the weakest ones, Huang Peng and Su Yan, were now both mid-Third Order God Realm.

After consuming a large amount of Amethyst Water Droplet Divine Pills that Huang Xiaolong refined, as well as a two-million-year-old medicinal herb, nor forgetting Martial Spirit Worlds alarming spiritual energy, it would be hard for the Huang Familys strength not to improve.

Deep into the night, everything was tranquil and quiet.

Huang Xiaolong was standing in his yard, contemplating matters about the impending Highgod Advancement Tournament instead of cultivating like he usually did at this time.

There were less than ten years time until the beginning of the tournament.

Over the years, there hadn\'t been any shortage of news related to Xiang Mingzhi spreading in the four galaxies.

Some claimed that Xiang Mingzhi had advanced to peak late-First Order Highgod Realm or Second Order Highgod Realm, others saying that Xiang Mingzhi had obtained the first Azure Dragon Institute Principals heritage and cultivated the sturdy Body of the Azure Dragon.

The Body of the Azure Dragon was the highest technique of the Azure Dragon Institute, notone of the highest.

It was said that, when cultivated to major success, a persons defense would be invincible, possessing power that could destroy heaven and earth.

There were other rumors as well; a particular one claimed that after mastering the Body of the Azure Dragon, Xiang Mingzhis Extreme Lightning Destruction Physique had undergone great changes, able to manipulate hundreds and thousands of divine lightning streaks, so powerful that he could destroy a world surface in a breaths time.

There were many other rumors as well, but all of them had one thing in common; all of them were trumpeting Xiang Mingzhis terrifying strength.

Although there were also many talks about Huang Xiaolong, there were even more people who were sure that Huang Xiaolong would lose to Xiang Mingzhi in the Highgod Advancement Tournament.

Because Huang Xiaolong was still stuck at perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm until now, causing many to shake their heads while sighing in pity.

Many prominent forces in the four galaxies began to mock Huang Xiaolong, saying that he had exhausted his potential, thus was unable to break through to Highgod Realm until now.

No doubt, it was the forces who had grudges with Huang Xiaolong that mocked him, such as the Jiang Family, Gudu Family, Wang Family, and others

Towards these mockeries, Huang Xiaolong merely sneered, unaffected.

How could the sparrow and swallow know the aspirations of the swan[1]

He would personally chop off Xiang Mingzhis head at the Highgod Advancement Tournament, integrate with the Azure Dragon Divine Fire, and form the sovereign of all godheads!

Other than Xiang Mingzhi, in the last few decades, Huang Xiaolong had the Phoenix Clan Ancestor and the rest investigate anything that could lead them to the mysterious Great Lords identity.

Unfortunately, there was little success.

He had told the Ascending Moon Old Man about the mysterious Great Lord, however, not even the old man could deduce that persons identity; the old man did say that the Great Lord probably didn\'t belong to the four galaxies and most likely possessed the strength of Fourth Order Highgod Realm or above.

“Fourth Order Highgod Realm and above…” Huang Xiaolong repeated to under his breath, his current strength was no match for a Fourth Order Highgod Realm cultivator despite being capable of fighting to a draw against Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, Green Dragon Beast King, and Ancestor Bifang at the same time.

However, if a Third Order Highgod Realm was placed next to a Fourth Order Highgod Realm, the gap in power between them was like heaven and earth.

A Fourth Order cultivator was already a mid-level Highgod Realm master, their strength had gone through earth-shattering changes that a Third Order Highgod Realm master hadn\'t.

On the other hand, that mysterious Great Lord did not make any moves on the Huang Clan Manor in those six decades, but Huang Xiaolong had a strong feeling that the mysterious Great Lord would make a move during the tournament.

Darkness slowly receded and sunlight peeking out on the eastern horizon.

Unknowingly, Huang Xiaolong stood there for an entire night, contemplating matters related to Xiang Mingzhi and the mysterious Great Lord.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and some unexpected guests appeared at the Huang Clan Manors doorstep.

“Master!” Huang Xiaolong was delighted when he saw the person at the front.

The unexpected guest was none other than the Black Warrior Institute Principal Feng Yang, his Eldest Apprentice-brother Liu Yun, and Third Apprentice Sister Qi Wen, as well as another person.

It was his Second Apprentice-brother Cheng Yang, he was also with Feng Yang.

All these years, Feng Yang had been in death seclusion, which was why it never occurred to Huang Xiaolong that his Master would personally come to the Huang Clan Manor.

He quickly invited Feng Yang, Liu Yun, Chen Yang, and Qi Wen inside.

Meeting again after so long, some exchange of pleasantries was unavoidable.

When the Huang Family was staying on Golden Dragon Peak inside the Black Warrior Institute, Feng Yang could be said to be a frequent visitor due to the Ascending Moon Old Man, hence he was familiar with them.

Still, this was the first time Feng Yang visited Martial Spirit World.

Even he couldnt help but praise its rich spiritual energy, especially the Huang Clan Manors spiritual energy.

After exchanging pleasantries, Feng Yang said to Huang Xiaolong, “Coming over here, I mainly want to talk to you about the Highgod Advancement Tournament.”

Huang Xiaolongs ears perked up, his Master personally made a trip here to talk about the tournament, did something change

As if guessing Huang Xiaolongs thoughts, Feng Yang went straight to the point, “ A few days ago I received an edict from the Divine World.

This terms Highgod Realm Advancement Tournament will include participants from the four galaxies, as well as the neighboring hundred thousand galaxies, all of you will be competing in the same tournament.”

Huang Xiaolong was flabbergasted, close to a hundred thousand galaxies cultivators competing!

All the past Highgod Advancement Tournaments only had disciples from the four galaxies compete, yet this time there were going to be disciples from a hundred thousand galaxies


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