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Chapter 84: Eldest Uncle is Wrong


Liu Wei was buried under the wall rubbles suddenly flew out.

The Nine Joint Sword regroup once again before Liu Wei, turning into a dragon long sword.

After breaking free from the rubbles, he jumped onto the long-sword and the dragon long sword shot out.

Liu Wei actually wanted to flee!

“Want to run” Seeing his actions, Marshal Haotian sneered.

His martial spirit, the Dark Nether Lion, returned to his side and soul transformed in an instant showing a dazzling dark light that glowed three meters wide as a strong energy whirled forth from Marshal Haotian.

Marshal Haotian looked at Liu Wei with cold eyes; suddenly, he opened his mouth and roared towards Liu Wei in midair.

“Nether Lion’s Nine Roars!”

A dark, black giant of a lion appeared in the air out of nowhere and raised its head and roared mightily.

A roar that shook the sky; Huang Ming, Huang Qide, and the rest felt their eardrums buzz, temporarily losing their hearing.

This was Marshal Haotian’s Dark Nether Lion martial spirit’s supernatural ability.


Under the terrified eyes of the people below, the soundwaves of the roar continued to spread out further, one after another like a hurricane storm, and quickly caught up to Liu Wei who was running away by flight on his long sword.

Liu Wei’s head turned around, and what he saw made his pupils grow smaller with fear.


The sound waves struck Liu Wei; Liu Wei felt akin to being ripped by a hurricane, his body startled and thrown off ruthlessly down towards the ground.

Coincidentally, Liu Wei fell on a fake mountain decoration in one of the small gardens and under his weight, it was crushed and the fake mountain crumbled and pieces of stones flew in all directions.

One roar to ‘shoot’ down Liu Wei.

Marshal Haotian flashed and almost instantly reappeared in the small garden Liu Wei crashed into, and just when Liu Wei managed to crawl up, a halberd swung out.

Liu Wei dodged the attack in a panic and although he successfully avoided getting hit in his vital points, the halberd still slashed through his shoulder.

Marshal Haotian pulled out his halberd and warm blood spurted out like a fountain from Liu Wei’s shoulder.

Liu Wei’s body became unstable from the injury and his body wobbled as he staggered backward.

“You!” Liu Wei looked at Marshal Haotian full of fear in his eyes.

He wanted to say more, but Marshal Haotian already closed in on him and a palm print struck on Liu Wei’s chest.

Liu Wei felt as if his internal organs shattered within.

Both of Marshal Haotian’s hands curled into claws that clasped on Liu Wei and flew towards Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou’s direction.


“Young Master, this Liu Wei, how should I handle him” Marshal Haotian flung Liu Wei down, and Liu Wei’s body rolled before Huang Xiaolong’s feet.

Until now, Liu Wei’s once clean robe was stained with patches of his own blood, dirt, and messy hair.

No longer was he the image of a proud and arrogant, almighty, overlooking Sect Leader.

Liu Wei wiped off the blood from his face, staring at Huang Xiaolong while sniggering in a belittling manner, “Punk, I am Big Sword Sect’s Sect Leader, you dare to kill me”

Huang Xiaolong sneered instead and said to Marshal Haotian: “First, waste his Qi Sea!”

Liu Wei’s face became ugly to the extreme-- to a Xiantian realm expert, the Qi Sea was where battle qi accumulates.

If the Qi Sea was destroyed, it meant a person’s cultivation was being destroyed!

Even if he wanted to repair his Qi Sea in the future, there are no methods that can do so.

“Punk, you dare!” Liu Wei roared furiously, glaring at Huang Xiaolong, “if you dare to destroy my Qi Sea, the experts of Big Sword Sect will surely come out in droves to annihilate your entire Huang Clan Manor!”

Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent at the threat and his eyes gaze fell on Marshal Haotian.

“Yes, Young Master!” Marshal Haotian understood Huang Xiaolong’s meaning and acknowledged respectfully.

One palm aimed at Liu Wei’s heart and struck down; Xiantian experts’ Qi Sea is located where the heart is.



A soft blast sound could be heard coming out from Liu Wei’s heart area, akin to a burst balloon.

Liu Wei let out an excruciating scream, his body rolling on the ground from the pain, banging against the garden marble stone table not far away.

Grabbing onto the table, Liu Wei struggled to stand up and he became crazy and shrieked at the top of his lungs, “My Qi Sea! You wasted my Qi Sea!” He howled towards the heavens, bloodshot eyes staring with insanity and venomous hatred at Huang Xiaolong and Marshal Haotian and he screamed: “You will regret this, you’ll regret everything that you’ve done today!”

“Regret” Huang Xiaolong came up to Liu Wei, his hands bent into claws of all of sudden and grasped onto Liu Wei’s two arms, and twisted them forcefully.

“Pa!” Sounds of bones breaking resounded as Huang Xiaolong broke both of Liu Wei’s arms.


After Liu Wei’s Qi Sea was destroyed, he no longer has cultivation.

Thus, even in front a peak late-Sixth Order Huang Xiaolong, he has no power to resist.

The Big Sword Sect was one of Baolong Kingdom’s powerful sect, and him, as Big Sword Sect’s Sect Leader, when has he ever been humiliated in such a manner He, a Xiantian realm expert’s arms were actually twisted broken by a ten-year-old boy!

In pain, but it only increased the perniciousness in his eyes, wishing he could swallow Huang Xiaolong in one go, “I want to kill you, you little doggie!” When he shouted that, Fei Hou’s palm slapped his left cheek, directly slapping Liu Wei away.

By the time Liu Wei landed on the ground again, his left face was swollen like a pig.

Huang Jun, Huang Ming, Huang Wei, Huang Qide, and Chen Ying dared not move; they watched Marshal Haotian waste Liu Wei’s Qi Sea, watched both of Liu Wei’s arms get miserably twisted and broken by Huang Xiaolong, and their hearts were full of dread and shivering with fear.

Especially Huang Jun, Huang Ming, and Huang Wei, this trio of father and sons.

Each of their faces was deathly pale, cold like they have fallen into thousands meters of an icy abyss, their bodies started shaking uncontrollably.

Liu Wei exerted the last effort to stand up, and this time, there was no longer viciousness in his eyes but dread.

“Huang Xiaolong, you, spare me… As long as you let me go, I can guarantee my Big Sword Sect will not pursue this matter, and will not exact revenge on Huang Clan Manor.” Liu Wei begged, his voice hoarse.

“Will not exact revenge” Huang Xiaolong stood before him and shook his head.

The Blades of Asura were already in his hands.

Seeing the blades in Huang Xiaolong’s hands, Liu Wei convulsed with fear: “I beg, beg you, don’t kill me, don’t kill me.

Huang Xiaolong, don’t kill me, whatever you want, I can promise you!!!!”

Huang Xiaolong’s expression was cold, “Isn’t it a little too late to be saying this now You shouldn’t have acted that way from the beginning.

When you injured my father two days ago, you should have expected such an ending!”

“No, don’t kill me, don’t kill me!” Liu Wei could feel the killing intent exuding from Huang Xiaolong’s body.

In a moment of fear and panic, Liu Wei actually knelt down: “You cannot kill me, I, I am a Xiantian warrior, you can’t kill me!”

Xiantian warrior


The blades in Huang Xiaolong’s hands swung horizontally, and two sharp blades lights slashed across space, drawing two red lines on Liu Wei’s throat.

Looking down, both of Liu Wei’s hands were clutching at his own neck as he tumbled face down.

Blood spilled from the neck through the gaps of his fingers and stained the ground dark red.

Big Sword Sect Sect Leader, Xiantian realm expert Liu Wei, drew his last breath!

Liu Wei’s corpse laid there with eyes wide-opened.

Perhaps, he never thought this ordinary trip to the Luo Tong Kingdom would become a trip that ended his life.

Even more ridiculous was the fact that he actually died from the hands of a ten-year-old little kid.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at the stiffening corpse on the ground, and then he turned around, his eyes on Huang Jun, Huang Ming, and Huang Wei not far away.

Noticing Huang Xiaolong had turned his attention on them, the trio of father and sons’ hearts nearly jumped out of their mouths and their faces ashened.

“Xiaolong, Eldest Uncle was wrong, Eldest Uncle knows now!” Suddenly, Huang Ming got down on his knees and knelt before Huang Xiaolong, crying out “For your Dad’s sake, spare us, let us three father and sons off this once!”

“Yes ah, Xiaolong.

We were confused for a moment!” Huang Jun followed his father and got down on his knees.

“Please have mercy and let us go, we don’t dare do this again in the future.

As long as you agree to let us go, we will leave Huang Clan Manor immediately.

The future position of Lord Manor is definitely your Dad's!”



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