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The thunderous cheers coming from the surrounding Yelu Family disciples came to an abrupt stop as they were staring dumbly in Huang Xiaolongs direction, their faces filled with apprehension.

Yelu Tianfeng and some of the Yelu Family disciples were dumbfounded, looking at Huang Xiaolong who still stood there after taking the full blow of Yelu Tianfengs most powerful attack, barely moved an inch.

Other than the many small holes on his robe, not a single hair was out of place!

Not even a needle-sized wound on his skin!

The Beitang Family disciples were flabbergasted seeing Huang Xiaolong unharmed. ‘How is this possible!

How could a human body be strong to this extent

Huang Xiaolong looked at his clothing and decisively turned the miserable robe into pieces with a slight quiver of his body.

The robe burst into fragments, revealing his muscular torso and the black and blue dragon heads on his back, emitting a faint demonic aura.

Huang Xiaolong gave Yelu Tianfeng an indifferent look, “Killing God Spear This is your most powerful attack Its very much lacking in my opinion.” He then added another sentence, “Since you lot cant kill me, then I can only kill you all.”

Finished saying that, Huang Xiaolongs Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead came to life as his palm slammed toward Yelu Tianfeng.

Earthen Buddha Palm!

Countless golden Buddhas flew out from Huang Xiaolongs palm, containing both lightning and fire element godforce from the Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead.

Lightning lit up the sea of fire that blocked the sky.

As Yelu Tianfeng watched the sky being filled with golden Buddhas, lightning, and fire, fear slithered up his face.

He could feel the sweat in his palms as he ferociously stabbed his long spear forward, reaching ten thousand stabs in an instant.

Each stab pierced through space, emitting a metallic light.

But his effort was in vain.

Before millions of golden Buddhas, as well as lightning and fire element godforce from a supreme godhead, Yelu TianfengsKilling God, Ten Thousand Gods Extermination spear attack was like a moth flying toward the fire, burned to ashes in an instant. 

The millions of golden Buddhas, accompanied by the lightning and fire element godforce, smashed on Yelu Tianfeng.

His body made a sharp arch in the air and crashed down on the edge of the square, then rolled over, only stopping at the edge of a cliff.

When everyone had a clear look of Yelu Tianfengs condition, they saw that his divine armor no longer existed.

That person hovering over the edge of the cliff looked like he was scooped out from hells furnace, emitting a faint burnt smell.

From his hair to his face, and down to his toes, he was black as charcoal.

The Yelu and Beitang Families disciples could hardly recognize this burnt person, wheezing as if the next breath would be his last, as Yelu Tianfeng.

Beitang Wuji sucked in a breath of cold air, his face uncontrollably twitching a few times.

Was this really the Yelu Familys most monstrous genius of all time Currently ranked fourteenth on the list, the same Yelu Tianfeng

They were all shocked!

Horrified, overwhelmed!

These expressions were ignored by Huang Xiaolong as he pulled Yelu Tianfeng toward him.

“Hu-ang, Huang Xiaolong, I…” Yelu Tianfeng tried to speak but his words were intermittent, out of breath, no one knew whether he wanted to beg Huang Xiaolong or threaten him.

Huang Xiaolongs expression was as indifferent as ever, directly activating his Archdevil Supreme Godheads devouring power.

Immediately, Yelu Tianfengs entire bodys blood essence, as well as his godforce, rushed into Huang Xiaolongs body.

Yelu Tianfengs intelligible voice disappeared forever.

Out on the Aeon Square, the Yelu Familys Patriarch, Yelu Chufei, and other members of the Yelu Family were paying close attention to the name at the 14th place, Yelu Tianfeng, as well as Yelu Weis name at the 85th place.

“Looks like the 14th place is the best Tianfeng can achieve.” Yelu Chufei shook his head.

The truth is, he was not satisfied with this.

Yelu Tianhao comforted, “Father need not worry, theres still more than a months time, Big brother still has a chance to break into the top ten.”

“I hope so.” Yelu Chufei sighed when, all of a sudden, his entire person froze with eyes wide, staring at the ranking list.

Yelu Tianhao and the Yelu Family Grand Elders almost simultaneously noticed the change in the ranking list.

The name shining brilliantly at the 14th place, radiant as the sun, began to dim all of a sudden.

Its brightness receded until the name was entirely dark.

Then, Yelu Tianfengs name exploded, disappearing from the ranking list akin to a dying sun, its final brilliance lit up the entire Aeon Squares sky.

Almost half of the Aeon Citys population witnessed this scene.

Before, when Xiang Mingzhi died, the bright fireworks it created was shocking, but the impact was greatly reduced compared to Yelu Tianfeng.

Many gazes from various directions were looking at the exploding sun, dazed on the spot.

The Azuze Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi, Feng Yang, and Wangu Clans Elders were all stunned.

This scene of an exploding sun was the only scene reflected in their pupils, and unanimously, a single thought thundered in these peoples minds: the 14th places Yelu Tianfeng had fallen!

A genius that could rise to become a hegemon in a galaxy, dead!

After seconds that felt like decades, that shocking explosion above the Aeon Square subsided and completely dissipated. 

When all was gone, reality sank in.

Yelu Chufeis heart-wrenching scream pierced the air, “NO—!!!”

The enormous square was oddly silent, only Yelu Chufeis voice echoed in the crowds ears; some shook their heads in sympathy, some were gleeful at others misfortune, and a small number felt pity.

Right at this time, another explosion rang in the sky.

Everyone immediately turned to look.

At the 85th place, Yelu Weis name exploded after Yelu Tianfengs from the ranking list.

Rings of light rippled out like waves on the sea surface.

Watching this, Yelu Chufei and all Yelu Family members hearts seared with grief and pain, tears threatening to fall from their eyes.

“No, impossible, impossible!! WHO! WHO IS IT! Ill kill him, annihilate his nine generations, destroy him!!!” Yelu Chufei roared, fury and wrath made his voice tremble.

Then, another drastic change took place on the ranking list.

A bright light shone at the 23rd place as a name appeared.

Everyone hurriedly shifted their attention to this spot. 

When the brightness reduced, three characters appeared before their eyes: Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong! Wangu Shuo and Wangu Changqing both were stunned.

The Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi and his eldest disciple Ceng Chu were both stunned staring at this name.

Not far from them, Feng Yang, Liu Yun, and Qi Wen stared stupidly at the name.

Huang Xiaolong! Feng Yang and Qin Yi rubbed their eyes almost at the same time.

A moment later, they rubbed their eyes again.

Wangu Shuo and Wangu Changqing exchanged a look but did not say anything.

Barely a quarter of an incense time passed, but Huang Xiaolongs name emitted another bright glimmer, rising to 22nd place, then glimmered up to 21st place, again, and again.

20th, 19th, 18th…

Huang Xiaolongs name was the center of attention!

All the masters on the Aeon Square were holding their breaths without them realizing it, staring dumbly at Huang Xiaolongs name rising step by step.

Every step seemed so natural, yet so astounding!

At last, Huang Xiaolong stopped at the 16th place.

Inside the Lightning God cultivation dwelling space, after killing Yelu Tianfeng, Yelu Wei, and all the Yelu Family disciples, he quickly noticed that his ranking had risen to the 16th place, just below Beitang Wuji.

With Yelu Tianfengs death, Beitang Wuji was pushed up to the 15th place.

After absorbing all the Yelu Family disciples blood essence and godforce, Huang Xiaolong finally advanced to peak mid-Second Order Highgod Realm, close to breaking into late-Second Order Highgod Realm.

“16th.” Huang Xiaolongs divine sense exited the jade token, then his gaze fell on Beitang Wuji.

Having seen Huang Xiaolong turn all the Yelu Family disciples into dried corpses, Beitang Wuji was close to **ting in his pants.

When he saw Huang Xiaolong looking at him, Beitang Wujis body trembled uncontrollably.


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