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Chapter 88: Are There So Many Coincidences


“What did you, a lowly commoner say” Lin Ke raged, and she pointed a finger at Huang Xiaolong.

This lowly commoner dared to say she is, is!

“Did you not hear what I said clearly” Huang Xiaolong had an indifferent expression on his calm face.

All of a sudden, loud footsteps were heard coming up the staircase and several guards appeared on the first floor.

“Miss, what is the matter” One of the guards walked up to Lin Ke and asked.

These Marquis Mansion guards were initially waiting below and all of them rushed up quickly hearing their Young Miss’s voice.

“This lowly commoner actually dared to insult me! Go and slap him, hard!” Lin Ke pointed at Huang Xiaolong and a cruel gleam flashed across her eyes: “Hit until all the teeth in his dog mouth fall out!”

“If anyone dares to interfere, they will be dealt with the same punishment!”

“Yes, Miss!”

The dozen Marquis Mansion guards spread out and surrounded the two tables; one of them walked out, raising his hand and swept it down hard at Huang Xiaolong’s face.

The ex-Huang Clan Manor guards were ruffled seeing this and wanted to dash out, but a silhouette was faster than them, and moved before them.

The Marquis Mansion guard that was about to slap Huang Xiaolong suddenly screamed-- his body inverted outwards as if he was hit by a big boulder and tumbled heavily on the floor before rolling down the stairs to the first floor below.


A short silence invaded the first floor space.

The silhouette who made the move was Fei Hou.

After a brief moment of surprised silence, all the Marquis Mansion guards were angered.

All of them unsheathed the swords they were carrying and it was at this time Fei Hou snorted: “Scram!” His voice rolled out like waves, and zigzag lightning materialized out of nowhere like a net.

This was Fei Hou’s Sound of Lightning Fall, a high grade Mysterious rank battle skill.

The strongest amongst these Marquis Mansion Guards was a peak late-Seventh Order, and their abilities were insufficient to escape these lightning strikes.

After these guards’ bodies were struck, shaking and then inverting them out.

By the time they fell to the floor, these guards were no longer recognizable; their bodies were charred soot black with gray smoke rising from them like burning charcoal.

“You!!!” Watching all the guards they brought being defeated, the expression on Lin Ke and Lin Guo’s face was extremely ugly.

“Slap!” Huang Xiaolong’s cold voice sounded.

“Yes, Young Master!” Just as Fei Hou’s voice ended, the right side of Lin Ke’s was printed with a five fingers red mark.

“Do you lowly commoners knows who I am Actually daring to touch me!” Lin Ke was afraid yet furious too.

One of her hands was covering the right side of her face as she glared hatefully at Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou, roaring at the top of her lungs.

“Again!” Huang Xiaolong’s voice sounded once more.

A deeper red five finger print appeared on Lin Ke’s right cheek.

Blood trickled from her mouth as she spat out a tooth.

Lin Ke stared at the tooth rolling on the floor and went blanked for a moment.

She let out a hair-raising shriek towards Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou, “You, you dared to hit me You actually dared to hit me! You know who I am I am the Marquis Mansion’s Miss! My father is Marquis Lin Xian! I want to kill you lowly commoners, kill off every lowly dog commoners that you are!”

[tn: why ask when one of your teeth already all out]


“Again!” Huang Xiaolong paid no attention.

“Pa!! Pa!!” Two sounds of slapping resounded in the quiet restaurant.

This time, Lin Ke’s body wobbled as both sides of her face had a burning red five finger mark; blood and a few teeth flew out from her mouth.

“Younger Sis, don’t say anymore.

Let’s first return to the Marquis Mansion!” Lin Guo who watched everything from the side was troubled and irked at the same time.

He walked up and pulled Lin Ke away while trying to persuade.

He had seen Huang Xiaolong’s intentions; if his Little Sister continued her tirade, she probably would be leaving all her teeth here.

Without waiting for Lin Ke’s response, Lin Guo already pulled Lin Ke towards the staircase, fleeing as fast as he could.

Watching Lin Guo dragging Lin Ke fleeing in panic, Huang Xiaolong sneered.

Before Lin Ke disappeared, her face was full of dissatisfaction and hatred, and he trusts that this matter will not end here.

If things happened within his expectations, after returning to the Marquis Mansion, the two would return here with a group of experts.

The little server looked at Lin Guo and Lin Ke running away in a hurry, and then looked down at the floor that was littered with Marquis Mansion guards, his soul had flown away in shock.

His reason returned after a while and he scurried off to report the matter to his boss.


After Lin Guo and Lin Ke ran off, Huang Xiaolong and the others continued with their meal as if nothing happened.

As for Lin Guo and Lin Ke, they returned to the Marquis Mansion soon after leaving the Delicious Restaurant.

Lin Ke wailed all the way back to the Marquis Mansion, and both Lin Ke and Lin Guo stepped into the main hall.

 Marquis Lin Xian was in a good mood, chatting with a middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man was wearing army-issued armor, and there were a few shiny badges on his shoulder.

This middle-aged man was one of Luo Tong Kingdom’s generals, General Hong Desheng.

Lin Ke was crying as she walked into the main hall, and this startled Lin Xian and Hong Desheng, causing them to stop their discussions.

When the two saw Hong Desheng in the main hall, they went up and greeted: “Uncle Hong.”

“Ke’er, what happened Who hurt you” Lin Xian saw the blood on his daughter's face and his face darkened.

“Dad, Uncle Hong, you must seek justice for me!” Lin Ke covered her face while crying, “Just now in the Delicious Restaurant, a group of lowly dog commoners slapped my face! Even my tooth fell out!”


“What!” Lin Xian’s face grew darker, a chilling light flashed across his eyes.

“Was there anything out of ordinary in that group of people” At this time, Hong Desheng suddenly asked.

The three in the hall with him were flabbergasted at the question.


“Brother Hong, what are you trying to say” Lin Xian inquired.

Hong Desheng explained, “Do you still remember last year what happened in the Delicious Restaurant”

Lin Xian quivered from head to toe; last year, Duke Meng Chen and his son, Meng Xia, hurt Marshal Haotian’s Junior Brother since they were relying on having more people.

Later, Marshal Haotian rushed over to the restaurant and killed Meng Chen and Meng Xia to vent out his wrath.

Although the incident was a year ago, how could Lin Xian forget And the place where Meng Chen and Meng Xia were killed was at the Delicious Restaurant!


Lin Ke and Lin Guo also remembered this incident and both turned a sickly shade of green and then they turned white.

“Brother Hong, such coincidences doesn’t happen right” Lin Xian hesitated for a second before asking.

“It is better to be safe than sorry.” Hong Desheng said.

He turned around towards Lin Ke and asked, “What does the person who hurted you look like”

Lin Ke and Lin Guo described Fei Hou’s facial features from memory one by one.

Lin Xian and Hong Desheng’s face became gloomier by the second, and when Lin Ke and Lin Guo finished, Hong Desheng sounded somber as he stated, “I’m afraid this person is Marshal Haotian’s Junior Brother, Fei Hou!”

Marshal Haotian’s Junior Brother, Fei Hou!


Lin Ke and Lin Guo’s faces lost all their color instantly.

Suddenly, Hong Desheng thought of a question, asking “Besides that Fei Hou, was there a man in his seventies” He even described how Marshal Haotian looked like to them.

Lin Ke and Lin Guo tried to remember.

But, at that time, Marshal Haotian sat with his back facing stairway, so it was inevitable they did not get a good look at everyone there.

“We did not pay attention.” Lin Ke added, “There was about fourteen, fifteen of them in total.

Oh right, there was a kid about ten years old, but Fei Hou listened to his command, calling him Young Master, could he be….!”

“Huang Xiaolong!!” Lin Xian and Hong Desheng blurted out the name in unison.

Huang Xiaolong!

Lin Ke and Lin Guo’s bodies trembled, nearly stumbling down.

Cosmic Star Academy’s First Year champion, this name had long spread to every corner of the Royal City - Huang Xiaolong, possessing the Primordial Divine Black Dragon martial spirit.

This was no longer a secret, and he was lauded to be the number one talent in Luo Tong Kingdom’s history.

If that kid is Huang Xiaolong, then… The image where she was trashing Huang Xiaolong as a lowly dog commoner, even ordering her guards to slap Huang Xiaolong’s mouth, her body couldn’t stop shaking as if having an episode of epilepsy.


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