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After he finished declaring his righteous reason, that Eminent Elders momentum soared sky high.

In the next second, his longsword was hacking down on Huang Xiaolong.

An engulfing sword qi drowned Huang Xiaolong within, blocking all and any routes of escape.

Water element godforce filled the great hall.

Seeing this, the rest of the Eminent Elders stood aside, having no intention to interfere.

Watching the sword qi targeting him, a mocking sneer curved up from the corners of Huang Xiaolongs lips; a mid-Second Order Highgod Realm

That attacking Eminent Elder caught sight of Huang Xiaolongs mocking sneer, angering him further.

The amount of water element godforce increased, enhancing the sword qis lethality.

Originally, with Huang Xiaolongs currently strength, merely a blow of breath could instantly kill a Third Order Highgod Realm cultivator.

But after a quick thought, he decided to, at least, make a move.

Huang Xiaolong raised his right arm up, then a finger, and flicked out.

That seemingly powerful sword qi attack suddenly popped like a bubble, and just as the Eminent Elders face paled, he felt as if a giant mountain slammed against his chest and was knocked flying back at an alarming speed.


The whole great hall swayed and shook as the Eminent Elder crashed through one of the walls, flying several hundred meters out until he slammed into a mountain cliff.

A section of that cliff broke and crumbled from the impact, whereas that Eminent Elder laid at the edge, no longer moving.

Apart from Feng Yang, Liu Yun, Qi Wen, and Chen Yang, the others were flabbergasted staring at that human-shaped hole on the wall.

Wang Na, as well as the several Eminent Elders were shocked and bewildered, losing their bearing.

“Old witch, what other crimes do you want to accuse me of” While these people were still in shock, Huang Xiaolongs aloof voice jolted them back to reality.

Wang Nas head jerked up, glaring at Huang Xiaolong despite the apprehension and fear in her eyes.

She knew very well that Eminent Elders strength.

Although he was weaker than Feng Yang, it was not that big of a gap, a mid-Second Order Highgod Realm.

Yet a mid-Second Order Highgod Realm couldn\'t withstand a flick of Huang Xiaolongs finger Then… Huang Xiaolongs strength was...

Third Order Highgod Realm!

Huang Xiaolong, this dog, was already a Third Order Highgod Realm master! But, she obviously did not sense any godforce from him, so what exactly was happening!

In fact, it was nothing out of the ordinary for Wang Na unable to sense Huang Xiaolongs godforce earlier, for he did not use any godforce at all, only pure physical strength.

Then again, it was merely one-millionth of his physical strength.

Wang Na could hear her own voice shaking, “Huang Xiaolong, as an Elder of Black Warrior Institute, you killed first an institute Grand Elder, then heavily injured an Eminent Elder, you, you, you…!”

“I what” Huang Xiaolong smirked.

He raised a palm toward her and the pulled Wang Na before him.

Wang Na sensed the murderous aura from Huang Xiaolongs body, causing her small face to be drained of blood, fear and fury mixed together, “You, I-Im the Institute Principal! Huang Xiaolong, you dare to kill me! You want to turn the entire Black Warrior Institute into your enemy!”

“Become enemies with the whole Black Warrior Institute Old witch, you overvalue yourself.” Huang Xiaolong laughed loudly at Wang Nas words, “Then again, so what if I become enemies with the entire Black Warrior Institute”

After saying that, Huang Xiaolong tapped a finger on Wang Nas arm and a vigor force entered her body, breaking all of her bones.

Huang Xiaolong controlled the vigor forces speed and strength, making sure it broke Wang Nas bones piece by piece.

The sounds of breaking bones resounded in the hall again and again, as if there was no end to it, together with Wang Nas intermittent screams.

Even so, her eyes were glaring venomously at Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, even if you kill me, the Great Lord will spare neither you nor your family.

You and your family will come to accompany me in hell very soon!”

“Great Lord” Huang Xiaolong issued a harsh snicker, “I forgot to inform you, that Great Lord of yours is already dead, I killed him.

Hes already waiting impatiently for you in hell.”

Wang Na, He Zhiwu, and He Fei were dazed.

Then Wang Na shrieked, “Huang Xiaolong, you really think simply mouthing some nonsense will make me believe you Just you, a mere Third Order Highgod Realm, is our Great Lords match How powerful my Great Lord is is not something you can imagine.

The Great Lord is destined to become an existence that will conquer countless galaxies!” She would never believe that Huang Xiaolong was capable of killing the Great Lord backing them.

Her Great Lord had subordinates such as the Mirage King, masters of peak late-Third Order Highgod Realm, and could only be stronger than that.

How can Huang Xiaolong kill her Great Lord

He Zhiwu and He Fei also refused to believe his words.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, too lazy to say anything further.

His palm landed a swift strike on Wang Nas chest, shattering her internal organs.

Although Wang Nas physical body was not weak being a mid-First Order Highgod Realm master, in front of Huang Xiaolong, it was as fragile as a paper tiger.

“Huang Xiaolong, release Institute Principal Wang Na this instant!” An Eminent Elder shouted when he saw Huang Xiaolong striking Wang Nas chest.

“If you dare to kill Institute Principal Wang Na, all of us will make a joint order for all the forces in Black Tortoise Galaxy to hunt you down.

No matter how strong you are, there will be no place for you in the Black Tortoise Galaxy!”

“So noisy!” Huang Xiaolong made a curt wave with his hand.

That peak mid-Second Order Highgod Realm Eminent Elder was sent flying, adding another human-shaped hole through the wall.

The remaining Eminent Elders finally felt genuine fear down to their souls.

Not one of them dared to make another sound.

“You dog Huang Xiaolong, kill me if youve got the guts, kill me!” Wang Na shrill shrieked cut through the hall.

“Dont worry, I definitely will kill you.” A chilling light then flitted past Huang Xiaolongs eyes and a purple soul (魂) character flew out from his pupils, entering Wang Nas mind, scouring her soul for useful information.

When that ended, the Archdevil Supreme Godheads devouring power begin absorbing Wang Nas blood essence and godforce.

Right in front of the horrified He Zhiwu, He Fei, and the others present, Wang Nas body began to shrink, finally leaving nothing but a dried corpse.

With a casual flick of his finger, a strand of fire fell onto what remained of Wang Na, incinerating it to ashes.

Wang Nas death was absolute, nothing like an avatar as what happened with Fang Chu.

She was also the shortest lasting Institute Principal in the history of the Black Warrior Institute.

After he was done with Wang Na, Huang Xiaolongs gaze fell onto He Zhiwu, He Fei, as well as the remaining Grand Elders and Elders. 

Just this one look caused those elders hearts to palpitate.

Some fell to their knees, kowtowing to Huang Xiaolong for mercy.

Watching them act this way, Huang Xiaolongs gaze shifted onto the group of Eminent Elders.

One could easily see the fear in these Eminent Elders eyes even as they subconsciously retreated.

“...Huang Xiaolong, y-you, what do you want to do” One of them stammered

Huang Xiaolong spoke without any emotion in his voice, “Wang Nas already dead, Im sure you all have no objections with my Master continuing as the Black Warrior Institute Principal, yes”

Everyone was too confounded to answer.

“No, no objection, no objection.” These people forced a smile that looked uglier than crying.

However, Huang Xiaolong made them sign a blood contract.

Having no other way, they signed it.

Coincidentally, a disciple ran into the hall at this moment, saying that the Jiang, Wang, Gudu, and Zhu Families Patriarchs were waiting outside the Black Warrior Institute, coming to discuss an alliance with Wang Na.

“Great, lead them all in here.” Huang Xiaolong calmly ordered.


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