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“Old man, is there a need to be so dramatic” Watching the Ascending Moon Old Mans exaggerated reaction, Huang Xiaolong couldnt hold back a smile.

He already knew the old man would be able to see through his current cultivation realm at a glance.

Even though Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi and the rest could not, this old man could.

Then again, Huang Xiaolong had no intention to hide it from him.

The Ascending Moon Old Man crossed the distance in large strides to reach Huang Xiaolongs side, his eyes seemed to glow green scanning him up and down.

He had an unnerving feverish gaze that made Huang Xiaolong feel like tiny needles stabbing all over his body.

The next sentence that came out from the old mans mouth was, “Brat, shall we exchange some pointers”

Huang Xiaolong was dazed, then grinned, “I think wed better not.”

He wasnt able to see through his Masters strength in the past, but now, with his current divine sense, Huang Xiaolong could see that the old man was a peak mid-Fourth Order Highgod Realm.

Peak mid-Fourth Order Highgod Realm! Although his battle strength was probably comparable to a peak late-Fourth Order Highgod Realm master, this level of strength, in the current Huang Xiaolongs eyes, wasnt enough.

No matter what, the Ascending Moon Old Man was his Master, it wouldnt be good if he accidentally hurt the old man, right

Hearing his refusal, the Ascending Moon Old Man thought Huang Xiaolong was afraid.

His old face beamed as he tried to appear amiable and kind, “What are you afraid of Dont worry, your Master, me, knows not to hurt you.

How about this, I will only use one-tenth of my strength, what do you say”

Only use one-tenth of his strength Huang Xiaolongs expression turned slightly strange looking at the old man as he suppressed the laughter bubbling up, “Old man, are you sure”

The Ascending Moon Old Man stuck out his chest with absolute confidence, “Who do you think your Master is I\'m the legendary Ascending Moon Old Man! With my reputation, do you think I would trick my disciple”

Then, the old mans face filled with excitement, “it\'s been a long time since this old man loosened his muscles, I was going to be stifled to death.

This time around, I\'m going to enjoy myself.

Brat, dont hold back, you must use your full strength! If not, I will pummel you.”

Although Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, Green Dragon Beast King, and Ancestor Bifang were not weak, being Third Order Highgod Realm masters, they were still too weak in the Ascending Moon Old Mans eyes. 

All these years, he had been comprehending the Heavenly Mountain godhead that Huang Xiaolong gave him, causing his strength to rise significantly over the years.

Unfortunately, finding a good opponent was a headache.

And now, seeing that Huang Xiaolong had actually broken through to mid-Third Order Highgod Realm, his hands were naturally feeling itchy.

Listening to the old man advising him not to hold back, moreover, to use full strength, Huang Xiaolong could barely stop his mouth from rising upwards.

His odd expression deepened, “Old man, you really want me to go all out”

The Ascending Moon Old Man snapped, “Nonsense! If I don\'t enjoy the fight, Ill come looking for you once a day.”

Huang Xiaolong agreed reluctantly, “Alright then.”

‘Old man, you asked for it yourself.

Ill make sure you have a good time later.

The Ascending Moon Old Man quickly arranged a restrictive barrier around Huang Xiaolongs yard to ensure that the energy fluctuations from their fight wouldn\'t spread out.

When all was done, the old man stood there with his arms behind his back, saying to Huang Xiaolong, “Brat, make your move.”

Clearly, he was allowing Huang Xiaolong to make the first move.

Watching the thin old man in front of him sticking out his chest, Huang Xiaolongs cheek finally twitched and made the first move.

Huang Xiaolong raised a fist, his punch flying at the old man.

His punch was silent, windless, and calm.

Although the Ascending Moon Old Man demanded he used his full strength, Huang Xiaolong did not use any godforce.

Hence, this punch was purely his physical strength.

However, when his fist was about to land on the old mans body, Huang Xiaolong reduced half of its power.

Looking at Huang Xiaolongs less than spirited attack, the Ascending Moon Old Man snapped: “Your grandmas bear, you call that a punch!”

He had just spoken, and in the next second, he was knocked into the air by Huang Xiaolongs quiet and calm punch, slamming against the barrier.

Invisible energy rippled in the air.

The old man laid there for a while, not moving a finger.

Huang Xiaolong watched the old man just lying there, not moving at all.

He spoke first, “Say, old man, are you dead If not, lets continue.”

As if Huang Xiaolongs words played a role, the old mans small finger moved, then his body, and finally legs.

It took the old man some time to get to his feet.

Looking at Huang Xiaolong this time, there was no longer an excited light in his eyes, no longer that feverish look resembling a predator that found a prey.

Instead, the Ascending Moon Old Man looked like he was staring at the most fearsome living being under the heavens, his eyes wide with incredulity.

Huang Xiaolong smiled, “Old man, one more time.”

The old ma resolutely shook his head.

“Ill limit my strength down to one-tenth.” Huang Xiaolong compromised.

The old man hesitated, “Really”

“Really.” Huang Xiaolong solemnly nodded.

Without warning, powerful godforce rushed out from the Ascending Moon Old Mans body, containing both fire and water element godforce at the same time.

A swift palm strike roared toward Huang Xiaolong: “Sissy fudges, you brat! Do you think one-tenth of your strength can win against your Master!”

“Ascending Moon Godly Palm!”

A giant palm imprint cut through space.

At the same time, bursts of silver light rippled out from the old mans body, gathering, expanding, and finally forming a surreal silver moon behind him.

As if he was resonating with the silver moon, the force of the old mans palm suddenly increased.

Huang Xiaolong raised his right palm and struck forward in counter, causing the two palms to collide in midair.

The Ascending Moon Godly Palm crumbled like sand on the beach, whereas the Ascending Moon Old Man himself was heavily knocked into the barrier, just like the last time.

He slid down to the ground, raising a curtain of dust.

A long time passed before the old man managed to get on his feet again.

“Old man, lets go again.” Huang Xiaolong smiled as he added, “This time, I wont move.”

But the Ascending Moon Old Man suddenly erased the barrier and disappeared in a trail of dust, nowhere to be seen.

This time, no matter what that brat said, he wouldn\'t come again. 

He could see clearly now; if he continued to spar with Huang Xiaolong, the next time around, there was a chance he wouldn\'t be able to get up.

Shi Xiaofei just walked into the yard to call for Huang Xiaolong when she saw the old man running out from the yard in a hurry.

Baffled, she asked the only other person in the yard, “Big brother Huang, what happened to Senior Ascending Moon”

“Nothing.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head, reaching for Shi Xiaofeis hands as both sat down.

Soon, five days passed.

On this day, Su Yan and Huang Peng were sitting in the hall discussing about Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofeis wedding plans when Huang Xiaohai ran into the hall like a madman, shouting intelligibly, “Father, Mother! Big brother, he really got the first place!”

By now, news of Huang Xiaolong obtaining the first place in the Highgod Advancement Tournament had reached the four galaxies.

But Huang Peng and Su Yan failed to understand what Huang Xiaohai was referring to.

“WhatBig brother really got the first place” Su Yan asked.

“The Highgod Advancement Tournament! Big brother won the first place! It\'s the first place, truly the first place!!” Huang Xiaohai was gesticulating in the air.

Huang Peng and Su Yan were shocked, their faces turning red as if they were injected with chicken blood.


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