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Chapter 90: Wrath of the Nether King


Night arrived.

By the time Huang Xiaolong stopped running Asura Tactics, it was already late into the night.

Moonlight shone down and created a hazy screen on the land, and occasionally, thin clouds veiled the moon.

Huang Xiaolong came out to the small yard from his room.

Standing in the middle of the yard, he bent his knees and lowered his body, his right hand forming a fist and punched forward slowly, while his left hand circled behind his back and adjusted his breathing according to the Fifth Stage of the Body Metamorphosis Scripture.

Spiritual energy from the surrounding started to surge towards Huang Xiaolong instantly.

Since he left Huang Clan Manor one year ago, Huang Xiaolong’s practice of Body Metamorphosis Scripture had advanced to the Fifth Stage with the Power to Pull Nine Bulls as One, and he had reached the peak form that could advance into the Sixth Stage at any moment.

Now, Huang Xiaolong’s internal force was sturdy and continued to improve every day.

While he breathed, white mist can be seen going in and out of his nostrils.

If he was still on Earth in his previous life, the current Huang Xiaolong can be called an internal force master.


The darkness of the night was gradually replaced by the impending dawn, and Huang Xiaolong finally stopped the Body Metamorphosis Scripture.

After that, he called out the Blades of Asura.

He leaped up into the air, and swung the Blades of Asura; instantly, countless blades lights flew out, turning into tiny drops of rain, condensing into a violent rainstorm that enveloped all directions.

But, at this moment, the violent rainstorm suddenly changed into a drizzle, tender and gentle, barely discernable.

From within the minuscule rain blades came the sounds of cries and wails that lasted for a long time. 

A while later, Huang Xiaolong stopped and took a deep breath; it has taken more than a year’s time, and now, he finally reached major completion in the Asura Sword Skill’s second style, Tears of Asura.

He had perfect comprehension for the mood and intent for this move, but the only lacking point was how long his battle qi could support it.

In the future, this move would grow more powerful as his battle qi became stronger.

“Then, the next step is the third style!” Huang Xiaolong thought in his mind and took out the diagrams from the Asura Ring, fully concentrating of the third move.

Asura Sword Skill Third Move: Wrath of the Nether King.


Studying the illustrated movements and the route of running his battle qi, he etched them into his mind before returning the diagram back to the ring.

He stood in the same spot for some time, when all of a sudden, his body shot forward a few meters like a burning meteor as the Blades of Asura slashed in front of him.

Two fire red blade lights materialized in the air, rushing forward without any signs of stopping just like the wrath of the Nether King, crushing everything before it. 

After the first try, Huang Xiaolong stood still a few meters away, recalling his launching of the attack with the feelings and the movements before comparing them to what was written on the diagrams.

Thirty minutes later, Huang Xiaolong moved again.

His body shot forward like a meteor as he slashed to the front with the blades.

Two angry, fire-red lights broke out like a volcanic eruption, swirling forward with the fixation of destroying everything in its path.

The attack lost its momentum and vanished one hundred meters away.

After the second try, he stood still again, repeating the previous process.

Another thirty minutes passed and Huang Xiaolong made his third attempt.

Huang Xiaolong repeated the same process again and again, like when he practiced Tempest of Hell and Tears of Asura for the first time.

Continuous attempts as he tried to comprehend the intent of the move.

Written along with the third move’s illustration, when the Wrath of the Nether King reaches major completion, a swing of the blades is like the eruption of a millennium volcano, like the stampede of a million demonic beasts.

And its momentum broke out in an instant at an unbelievable speed, giving the enemy no time to react and to only die under the Wrath of the Nether King.


Three days passed quickly in practice.

During these three days, other than the usual practice of Asura Tactics, and the Body Metamorphosis Scripture, he concentrated on Wrath of the Nether King.

Occasionally, Huang Xiaolong would spend some time on the Earth rank battle skill he was rewarded with from the Cosmic Star Academy competition, Collapsing Fist.

With Huang Xiaolong’s current battle qi energy, his Collapsing Fist attack could shatter a ten-meter boulder dozen meters away into a pile of gravel.


Another three days passed.

Huang Xiaolong came out from his courtyard.

It was the beginning of a new term in Cosmic Star Academy, and Huang Xiaolong planned to go over and have a look.

When he came to the main hall, his Dad, Mom, and two younger siblings were already there.

“Big Brother!” Huang Min and Huang Xiaohai encircled Huang Xiaolong as soon as they saw him, calling out cheerfully.

The two little guys were each hanging on one side of his arms.

“Did you have fun these past few days” Huang Xiaolong smiled and asked.

“Big Brother, the Royal City is much too fun! There are many, many nice places!” Right after Huang Xiaolong’s question ended, Huang Xiaohai rushed to answer as if someone was competing with him, happily, he added: “I like it here very much!”

Huang Xiaolong smiled kindly; although he was training hard for the past three days, he still knew that these two little guys went out to play every day.

  And from the amount of outings they had, perhaps these two little guys who went to many places in the Royal City in just a few days’ time already knew more than him, who had been on the Royal City for one year so far.

“Playing around is okay, but you must also remember to practice hard.” Huang Xiaolong said.

Two little heads nodded obediently.

“Don’t worry Big Brother.

I definitely will practice hard so I can beat Huang Wei until he lies death on the floor!” Huang Min said with a serious expression on her face.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Until this moment, his little sister was not aware that Huang Wei, his father, and his elder brother were already dead under the sword of experts from the Big Sword Sect.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not say this out loud-- but having a target as a motivator is a good thing.

“Dad, Mom,” Huang Xiaolong came up to his parents and inquired if their days are well and comfortable in Tianxuan Mansion.

Huang Peng laughed: “Nothing is uncomfortable.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded gladly.

His father, Huang Peng, had taken the high Grade Four Spirit Dan, Xingyao Dan, whereas his mother, Su Yan, swallowed the high Grade Five Spirit Dan, the Qi Sea Dan; both of their cultivations had advanced by one order. 

Huang Peng was now a Seventh Order, close to peak early-Seventh Order, and Su Yan reached mid-Sixth Order.

“Oh right, Xiaolong, Miss Li Lu came to look for you yesterday.” At this time, Su Yana suddenly laughed and said, “But you were practicing at that time and Miss Li Lu was here for an hour and then she left.”

“Li Lu.” Huang Xiaolong was a little surprised.

Today was the Academy’s new term, so it was not surprising that Li Lu had returned to the Royal City from the Li Residence.

“Xiaolong, Li Lu is a good girl,” Su Yan added, “I think…”

“En, Mom, no need to say more.” Huang Xiaolong smiled bitterly with a trace of helplessness.

He knew what his mother wanted to say even though the two of them, him and Li Lu, were not even eleven.

“The Academy’s new term starts today so I’m going to have a look.” He quickly stood up before Su Yan could open her mouth to speak, and ran away from the main hall as if he was fleeing for his life.


Leaving the main hall, Huang Xiaolong did not stop until he came out of Tianxuan Mansion and headed in the direction of Cosmic Star Academy.

Reaching the Academy, when the students saw Huang Xiaolong they all retreated to give way; their eyes filled awe and admiration, some had elevated to idolization. 

Huang Xiaolong ignored the whispers along the way and walked all the way to this classroom.

The moment he stepped into the room, the noisy classroom became quiet immediately, and all the students stood up straight.

Including that Jiang Teng.

As Huang Xiaolong continued to walk in, Jiang Teng jumped out from his seat and retreated to the back of the classroom, trembling in fright.

“Huang Xiaolong, what do you want to do” Very obvious, he ate enough fists from Huang Xiaolong that he developed a traumatic fear towards Huang Xiaolong.


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