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 Watching the group of devil clan disciples walk into the restaurant, all human race disciples quieted.

Despite the dissatisfaction they felt toward those devil clan disciples arrogance, no one spoke out. 

The devil clan disciples haughtily swaggered in until they reached a table next to the window, one of them gesturing to the person occupying it to scram.

That person could do nothing but swallow his anger, obediently give up his table, and find another seating far away.

The several devil clan disciples sat down around the table without any embarrassment.

From the way they acted, they seemed to be regular patrons of this restaurant.

Just as they sat down, a waiter was already scurrying towards them with a tray of dishes and wine.

“I don\'t know what kind of dog-** luck that **ty Huang Xiaolong stepped into for him to win the Highgod Advancement Tournaments first place! Had he run into our Devil Son, I bet he wouldn\'t even dare fart in front of him.” One of the devil clan disciples grumbled loudly.

“Thats right! If that Huang Xiaolong dared to come challenge the Hellion Tower, the best he could do is passing the eighth floor.” Another ancient devil clan disciple harrumphed.

“The eighth floor In my opinion, it would already be a miracle if he could reach the seventh floor.” Another devil clan disciple snickered with disdain, “The fourth-placed Mu Qi from the Mu Clan tried challenging the Hellion Tower before the Highgod Advancement Tournament, but he only managed to pass the fourth floor.

Wangu Yanhuis talent is slightly higher, he could probably pass the fifth floor, and if that Fang Chu was still alive, I say the highest he could reach is the sixth floor.

Thats why I said that Huang Xiaolong could at most reach the seventh floor.

Im already giving him a very high evaluation.”

“Huang Xiaolong could merely reach the seventh floor, while our Devil Son will definitely pass the tenth floor, the gap between them is a million miles.

That Huang Xiaolong is not qualified to be mentioned in the same breath as our Devil Son.”

That group of devil clan disciples felt even more disgruntled as they grumbled on.

In their words, Huang Xiaolong was nothing more than an average genius who had a little bit more luck, and their Devil Son was the irrefutable peerless genius.

Before their Devil Son Mo Su, Huang Xiaolong was mere leftovers.

The other patrons inside the restaurant grew increasingly dissatisfied listening to the devil clan disciples grumbling, but all of them endured, no one said anything.

Whereas Huang Xiaolong was inwardly sneering as their words entered his ears.

At this point, a patter of footsteps sounded as another group of people entered the restaurant.

A group of ancient clan disciples clad in law enforcer robes rushed in, exactly three hundred of them.

The leader of the group was an ancient devil clan Elder, an Eighth Order Highgod Realm master.

Watching this group rushing into the restaurant all of a sudden, everyone inside was bewildered.

The ancient devil clan Elder spoke, “Everyone, don\'t be nervous.

Were only performing a routine inspection, everyone just needs to lightly display your godforce.”

After the Devil Bead was lost, the whole City of Devils was locked down while they rounded up every person who had light or Buddhism energy godforce, or even fire element godforce, regardless of identity.

The three hundred ancient devil clan disciples spread out to different corners of the restaurant and began the inspection.

Very soon, several of them reached Huang Xiaolongs table, instructing him to display his godforce.

Streaks of lightning suddenly wrapped around Huang Xiaolongs body as his lightning element godforce surged for a brief second.

Confirming this, the several law enforcer disciples no longer bothered with him, moving on to the next person.

A short while later, the law enforcement group left, bringing with them two cultivators possessing fire element godforce.

Despite their vehement resistance, their struggle was futile.

Huang Xiaolong spent a little more time in the restaurant before leaving, renting an independent courtyard at one of the many inns in the square.

He then started cultivating quietly in his room, waiting for three days to pass so he could enter the Hellion Tower.

He didn\'t go inquiring about the usage of the Devil Bead in case it attracted the attention of the ancient devil clan.

It wasnt an urgent matter, after all, he could look into it after coming out from the Hellion Tower.

The next three days were uneventful, gone in a blink.

Huang Xiaolong stepped out from his yard, heading straight to the hellion Tower square that was already crowded with people.

The square wasnt usually this crowded, but news of Devil Son Mo Su challenging the Hellion Tower this time has spread, attracting numerous cultivators.

Huang Xiaolong maneuvered through the crowd of people, holding the identity token in his hand.

When he reached the waiting area, there were already five to six hundred disciples waiting.

Glancing around, he spotted the Orthodox Yang Sects Lu Dongwei.

As he guessed earlier, this Lu Dongwei appearing in the City of Devils was also for the Hellion Tower.

At this time, apart from Lu Dongwei, Huang Xiaolong saw two more familiar faces.

One of them was the Zhou Clans Zhou Yao, while the other one was the Tempest Academys Jiang Xiaosu!

Seeing a woman like Jiang Xiaosu also coming to challenge the Hellion Tower, Huang Xiaolong was genuinely surprised.

Since he had already altered his physical appearance before entering the City of Devils, no one recognized him.

 Then, the crowd of people stirred with excitement.

“Its the Devil Son!”

“The devil clans Devil Son!”

The surrounding ancient devil clan disciples cheered in excitement.

Following the direction of the crowds gaze, Huang Xiaolong saw a young man clad in a black brocade robe surrounded by a group of ancient devil clan disciples, walking toward the waiting area.

As he approached, the crowd parted.

With spirited eyes like shining stars and domineering brows like sharp blades, he exuded a natural overbearing air.

This kind of overbearing air was different from Huang Xiaolong whose overbearing air was due to his fearlessness and confidence.

This Mo Sus overbearing air came from his desire to possess, to hold everything between heaven and earth in his palm.

“Devil Son, there are a few human race geniuses challenging the Hellion Tower this time as well.

Other than the Orthodox Yang Sects Lu Dongwei, the third-placed Zhou Yao, and the eighth-placed Jiang Xiaosu are here as well.” An ancient devil clan Elder following behind Mo Su informed him with a satirical smile.

Mo Su chuckled, “What human race geniuses In my eyes, theres no such thing as a genius among them.

Zhou Yao Merely a waste that grasped a sliver of the dao of slaughter dares to title himself a genius Jiang Xiaosu, however, I heard she has a few points of charm, perhaps she\'s qualified to be my little concubine.”

Mo Su did not lower his voice saying this, in fact, he amplified his voice with a trace of his godforce, reaching all corners of the square.

Zhou Yaos expression was extremely ugly, Jiang Xiaosu wasnt looking much better, turning red and green from anger.

“Pity that Huang Xiaolong didnt come.

If he did, I would let everyone know who the real peerless genius is, who the title of number one in the tens of thousands of galaxies truly belongs to!” Mo Su snickered.

A faint frown formed between Huang Xiaolongs eyebrows.

Although this Mo Su was too arrogant, he had the qualification to do so, Huang Xiaolong could see that his cultivation had already reached Eighth Order Highgod Realm!

This was truly startling.

From what he heard a few days ago, this Mo Sus bone-age didn\'t exceed two thousand.

In other words, he had been cultivating for less than two thousand years!

Such terrifying cultivation speed was enough for him to feel proud!

Shortly, accompanied by a group of people, Mo Su arrived at the waiting area.

“Devil Son, this here is Miss Jiang Xiaosu.” An ancient devil clan Elder pointed toward her, saying to Mo Su.

Mo Sus eyes lit up.

His lecherous gaze roamed over Jiang Xiaosus body and he nodded approvingly, “Still a virgin, higher than average face, totally qualified to be my little concubine.”

Jiang Xiaosu harrumphed coldly and turned away from Mo Su.

Mo Su laughed, unconcerned with her manners.

Led by the ancient devil clan Elder, Mo Su came at the front of the line, standing in front of the Hellion Tower entrance.

As the Devil Son of the ancient devil clan, Mo Su was naturally the first to enter the Hellion Tower.


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