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Chapter 915: Kingdom of Devils

Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes, followed by a dragon roar erupting from his chest, reverberating throughout the fourth floor’s space.

He had finally broken through to Fifth Order Highgod Realm!

Compared to before, his power had increased by several times.

Before entering the Hellion Tower, Huang Xiaolong had no confidence to defeat that Devil Son Mo Su, but now, he was certain he could thoroughly defeat him.

Moreso after tempering his body through the hell wind and purgatory fire, Huang Xiaolong noticed that his True Dragon Divine Physique and three supreme godheads were even more solid than before.

He no longer spent an hour to adjust his condition, coming to his feet.

In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong’s figure appeared at the entrance of the fifth floor and flew in.

Outside, the Hellion Tower’s fifth floor walls immediately glimmered brilliantly,  the ancient devil race characters shone increasingly bright.

Watching this, the crowd outside broke out in another uproar, shocked as they could be.

“Oh mother, am I seeing things The Hellion Tower’s fifth floor actually lit up! Devil Son Mo Su actually passed through the fourth floor! Didn’t he just enter it not long ago He merely took a day’s time!”

“Passing through the Hellion Tower’s fourth floor in just a bit over a day!”

“What kind of peerless genius came out of the ancient devil clan! In the past, the Devil King took at least three months to pass through the fourth floor!”

The crowd outside felt as if their minds had jumped off the cliff of reason, deep amazement and shock etched onto their faces.

No one in the crowd ever imagined that Mo Su, who had passed the third floor less than two days ago, would pass the fourth floor so soon!

The ancient devil clan disciples around the Hellion Tower were cheering until their voices went hoarse, while Elder Mo Shirong and Cheng Bangyi’s faces were wrinkled with smiles.

At this moment, the devil clan Patriarch Mo Dingtian and group of Grand Elders finally arrived at the Hellion Tower.

Before, Elder Cheng Bangyi reported to Mo Dingtian that Mo Su merely used a little over four hours to pass the third floor, however, when Mo Dingtian and the group of Grand Elders arrived, they noticed that the fourth floor’s tower walls were dark and bleak.

Instead, the fifth floor was lit up!

Mo Dingtiang and the Grand Elders behind him stared with eyes rounded with surprise.

Elder Cheng Bangyi noticed their arrival and was hurrying towards them, smiling from ear to ear as he reported, “Patriarch, the Devil Son has succeeded again, passing the fourth floor.

In less than two days!”

Advanced again!

Mo Dingtian and the Grand Elders felt like as if a clap of thunder boomed in their minds.

Several seconds later, Mo Dingtian let out a mad whoop of laughter: “Good, good, good!! This is the Heaven’s blessing for our devil clan ah!”

“Congratulations, Patriarch! The Devil Son’s peerless talent will be talked about for a long time, surpassing the Devil King Ancestor, bringing our clan back to the pinnacle of glory!” Grand Elder Mo Zhenru laughed.

The other devil clan Grand Elders present quickly followed, singing congratulatory words and praises.

Mo Dingtian laughed heartily, “Pass down my order, have the disciples below prepare for a banquet.

When the Devil Son comes out, we’ll hold the biggest celebration banquet!”

The group of Grand Elders merrily acknowledged the order.

“Should we send out invitations to Patriarchs and Ancestors of other forces” Grand Elder Mo Zhenru suggested in the form of a question.

“Yes, of course, of course we must invite them!” Mo Dingtian waved his hands, breaking into another bout of laughter.

The news of Mo Su having succeeded in passing the fourth floor in a single day spread like wildfire through the world, reaching the ears of the higher echelon from various galaxies’ hegemon forces, leaving a sea of shocked cultivators everywhere.

Inside the Hellion Tower, after Huang Xiaolong entered the fifth floor, Mo Su was still on the third floor, killing the ninth wave of devils on the barren island.

On the fifth floor, that infernal scene was still present, but there was also a difference between the fourth and fifth floors.

The devil qi here was denser and the environment harsher.

Other than bones piled up high on the black earth, streams of blood flowed into a river while endless bone devils became the stars of this floor.

These devils were formed from bones that had been contaminated for long by the environment’s devil qi, slowly evolving, giving birth to consciousness.

Their strength ranged from Second Order, Third Order, up until Fourth Order Highgod Realm.

There were also a few of Fifth Order Highgod Realm devils!

The strongest bone devils actually reached late-Fifth Order Highgod Realm.

Huang Xiaolong directly slashed out with a devil blade to deal with these bone devils, crushing his way forward. 

Any person who successfully passed through the fourth floor, refined the devil core, and comprehended the devils’ darkness origin force could condense such a devil blade.

Mu Qi, who previously passed the fourth floor, could do this as well.

The more devil cores one refined, the stronger the devil blade they could condense.

The devil blade Mu Qi could condense was about the size of a common blade, about two to three meters in length, whereas Huang Xiaolong’s devil blade exceeded several hundred li!

Other than these bone devils, the hell wind and purgatory fire on the fifth floor were more intense than before.

Just like he did on the fourth floor, Huang Xiaolong used the hell wind and purgatory fire to temper his body and three supreme godheads.

The devils on the fifth floor attacked again and again, there was no end to the killing.

Even though these devils didn't pose any danger to Huang Xiaolong, dealing with this many was depleting his godforce.

If he didn’t have his Instant Recovery ability, allowing him to recover his godforce in the shortest time, passing the fifth floor would take much more effort.

Even so, Huang Xiaolong reached the end of the fifth floor in five days’ time, and the reward comprised of Devil God Pills.

A whole lot of them!

These Devil God Pills resembled devil cores in appearance, falling from the void above, swallowed by Huang Xiaolong.

“The sixth floor! The sixth floor is shining!!”

“Five days! He passed the fifth floor in five days! Didn’t the ancient Devil King spend close to a year’s time!”

When Huang Xiaolong appeared on the sixth floor, the outside wall emitted a mesmerizing light.

The crowd that had been paying attention to the slightest changes on the Hellion Tower was once again submerged in shock.

Patriarch Mo Dingtian watched the shining sixth floor and commented to Elder Cheng Bangyi beside him with a wide smile, “Record the time the Devil Son used to pass every floor.

It is to be kept in our ancient devil clan’s sacred temple so the later generations can look at it.”

Elder Cheng Bangyi acknowledged with a wide smile on his face.

“Patriarch, the Eternal Galaxy’s Zhou Clan Patriarch, Zhou Yuan, has just sent over a pair of twin sisters, hoping they could be the Devil Son’s concubines, what do you think” At this time, Grand Elder Mo Zhenru interjected.

Mo Dingtian chuckled, “This is a good thing, receive it on behalf of the Devil Son.”

Inside the Hellion Tower, Mo Su finally passed through the third floor, entering the fourth.

Outside, the fourth floor walls of Hellion Tower glimmered again. 

This change attracted everyone’s attention.

Watching this, Mo Dingtian smiled, “I didn’t expect that Zhou Yao to reach the fourth floor so fast, it looks like there’s also a rising genius in the Zhou Clan.”

Soon, half a month flew by.

During this time, Huang Xiaolong had completed the sixth floor, entering the seventh.

For passing the sixth floor, his reward was four-million-years-old blood ganoderma, covering the entire surface of the black earth.

After refining those stalks of blood ganoderma, his cultivation rose to mid-Fifth Order Highgod Realm!

On the seventh floor, it was no longer the devil inferno.

“This is the Kingdom of Devils!” Huang Xiaolong stood high in the air, looking at the tall buildings in the city in front of him, his brows furrowed.

This Kingdom of Devils was precisely the challenge of the seventh to tenth floors.

To pass each floor, one had to locate the entrance to the next floor, which was hidden.

But, in order to do that, the participant had to first find the key.


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