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Huang Xiaolongs cold gaze turned sharp for a second.

All of a sudden, Huang Xiaolongs momentum shot up, violent and mad, earth-shaking.

In the next second, an intimidating giant black blade with a length of several hundred li appeared in his right hand.

Oppressive devil qi swirled out from the length of the black blade, deterring anyone from approaching.

A low bellow came from him as all three of his supreme godheads spun quickly, sending godforce into his body as the black blade in his hand slashed down toward Sun Yi.

Sun Yis expression changed greatly, letting out a roar as if he was trying to gather all the strength inside of him, swinging a punch at the incoming black blade.


A resounding boom was heard, followed by the collapse of the main terrace.

An appalling blade mark split the competition venue and main terrace into halves, whereas Sun Yi was struck into the air, crashing heavily on the ground.

Warm liquid rushed up his throat, his mouth spurted blood.

Everything happened too fast, too quick for anyone to react.

Only when everyone saw Sun Yi vomit blood did they realize what happened—Sun Yi, one of the Unions twelve Eminent Elders, a peak early Tenth Order Highgod Realm master, lost!

Huang Xiaolong withstanding all nine waves of tribulation lightning was less shocking than the scene in front of them.

Quite a few people were staring at the black blade in Huang Xiaolongs right hand.

‘That is…! 

“The Devil Blade!”

“A several hundred li long devil blade! How is that possible Ive seen Mu Qi who passed the fourth floor of the Hellion Tower, and the devil blade he condensed is only two to three meters! How could Huang Xiaolongs devil blade be this big, this long, this horrifying!”

“When did Huang Xiaolong clear the Hellion Towers fourth floor! Why does the devil blade he condensed have such length!”

All of a sudden, the atmosphere turned tumultuous.

Out of nowhere, a thought flashed through Mo Sus head, and his face turned a shade paler.

He subconsciously pointed at Huang Xiaolong with a trembling finger, stammering, “S-some, some time ago, the p-pe-person who climbed all the way up to, to the twelfth floor, was you! You actually didnt die inside!”

This matter was a hot topic even now, everyone was trying to guess who the person who had managed to reach the twelfth floor of the Hellion Tower was, which sect or family did that person hail from.

The burning question was, did he really die inside the tower

Mo Sus words attracted the crowds attention.

Hearing that the person who had stepped onto the Hellion Towers twelfth floor could have been Huang Xiaolong, they looked at him with incredulity, eyes widened as never before.

Wangu Biran, You Wushang, and other Eminent Elders directed their shocked gazes at Huang Xiaolong, waiting for him to admit or deny.

“Thats right, that person is me.” Huang Xiaolong admitted without any ripple of emotion on his face.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong didn\'t bother concealing the matter.

“What! It was really Huang Xiaolong!”

“Really, it was Huang Xiaolong, Huang Xiaolong cleared the twelfth floor of Hellion Tower!!”

“The Hellion Tower has been in existence for God knows how many millions, even billions of years.

No one has ever reached the twelfth floor, whats more clearing it.

Huang Xiaolong actually passed, how monstrous is his talent to achieve that!”

Hearing Huang Xiaolong admit that he was that mysterious person who passed the twelfth floor, the crowd was on the verge of losing control.

Everywhere in the crowd were exclamations of shock and amazement! Disbelief and excitement spread throughout the square!

Sun Yi was just getting up to his feet again when he heard Huang Xiaolongs words, the admission was like a great hammer smashing at his heart.

His legs quivered, forgetting to retaliate at that moment.

Facing these peoples shock, Huang Xiaolong appeared as indifferent as usual, but his gaze turned slightly cold when he looked at Sun Yi once more, “Since you said that I cant pass through the Sacred Dan Temple, then I will pass it for you to see.

Then, I will take your life!”

At the end of the day, Sun Yi was still an Eminent Elder, if Huang Xiaolong insisted on killing him here and now, he would end up as the common enemy of the entire Alchemist Grandmaster Union.

On the other hand, if he passed the Sacred Dan Temple trial, becoming the Alchemist Grandmaster Union Chief, he could kill Sun Yi without any scruples.

At that time, he would take care of the Fortune Gate as well, once and for all!

As Huang Xiaolong was leaving, none of the union enforcer team disciples dared to block his path, leaving the rest in a daze after they heard that he planned to challenge the Sacred Dan Temple.

Although, for the last million of years, no one has succeeded in passing all five sections of the trial, no one dared to utter a single sound of contempt.

No one thought Huang Xiaolong was bluffing.

After all, he was the person who had passed the twelfth floor of Hellion Tower!

Not long after Huang Xiaolong left the competition square, the news of him refining rank nine tribulation grade Myriad Cure Holy Pills, thus winning the first place of the Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition, spread at a terrifying speed.

Gasps of shock sounded in various galaxies!

Whether it was about Huang Xiaolong winning the first place in the grand competition or about him being the mysterious person who cleared the Hellion Towers twelfth floor, each piece of information was enough to send waves of shock through numerous galaxies, super forces and prominent sects jumping in agitation!

The City of Devils.

Inside the great hall of the ancient devil clan, Patriarch, Mo Dingtian was totally flabbergasted when he heard the report, “What! The person who passed the twelfth floor was Huang Xiaolong He didnt die inside! On top of that, he refined rank nine tribulation grade Myriad Cure Holy Pills, winning the first place in the Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition!”

The present Grand Elders were just as dumbfounded.

After what seemed like half a day, Mo Dingtian stared at the Elder who came in to report the matter, “What about our Devil Son What place did he get Is it the second place”

The devil clan Elder hesitated for a moment, eventually, he honestly reported.

“The fourth place! Wangu Ye is in the second place, while the Fortune Gates Li Lu took the third place!”

“Damnation! The fourth place!” Mo Dingtian jumped up from his seat, his face warped in fury, “Rubbish! Rubbish!” 

The present Grand Elders were stunned, their Devil Son actually got the fourth place

A few minutes later,  a Grand Elder stood up and carefully spoke, “Patriarch, if the person who passed the twelfth floor was really Huang Xiaolong, then could the person who snatched our Devil Bead be somehow related to him as well”

All these years, Patriarch Mo Dingtian had been investigating the whereabouts of the stolen Devil Bead.

Mo Dingtian and the other Grand Elders froze slightly at the possibility.

His solemn voice sounded, “Youre saying that the Devil Bead could be in Huang Xiaolongs hands”

That Grand Elder replied, “The time when our Devil Bead went missing coincides with the period when Huang Xiaolong entered the hellion Tower.

More importantly, when the Devil Son had a conflict with him during the grand competition, that palm Huang Xiaolong struck out with was a Buddhist palm technique, it was said to exude extremely pure Buddhism energy.”

At the spot where the Devil Bead went missing, amazingly pure Buddhism energy lingered in the air, which led the devil clan to suspect that someone from the Bodhisattva Faction stole it.

“Since Huang Xiaolong is planning to take the Sacred Dan Temple trial, he wont be leaving the Divine Dan City for the time being.” The same Grand Elder went on, “If we depart for the Divine Dan City right now and capture Huang Xiaolong, well know for sure after we interrogate him.”

Mo Dingtians expression hardened, a piercing glint flickered across his eyes, “Pass down my order, have Mo Zhenru keep his eyes on Huang Xiaolong at all times.

All of you, follow me to the Divine Dan City!”

“Yes, Patriarch!”

In less than a few minutes, the devil cultivators clan set off in an imposing manner, heading to the Divine Dan City.

At the same time, in the Fortune Gates headquarters, the Sect Chief also received a report from Sun Yi, leaving him stunned.

“This Huang Xiaolong has such devilish talent, we cannot allow him to grow further.

Otherwise, our Fortune Gate will…!” A Fortune Gate Grand Elder stressed with killing intent surging from his body, “What we should do now is head to the Divine Dan City while hes still there and eliminate him completely!”


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