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Chapter 95: The Martial Ning Family


Huang Xiaolong rushed to the square and saw this bloody scene-- a strong fury erupted in his heart, and both of his fists clenched tightly as a sharp killing intent broke out from his eyes.

Subsequently, Chen Feirong, Lu Kai, Ye Yong, and the rest of the students arrived at the square, and all of them were equally furious at the picture before them.

When the big group arrived, the bandits on the other side that were immersed in the joy of slaughter suddenly stopped and turned around and looked at the new guests.

“The Cosmic Star Academy” A middle-aged bandit that wore an elongated black hat covering half his face walked out from the group; his eyes swept over the other side and when his gaze fell on Chen Feirong’s curvaceous body, the middle-aged bandit chuckled lecherously, “I just said there isn’t one decent woman in this little town, yet I didn’t expect they would send one here now!”

“Brothers, after this we can enjoy ourselves! After I am done, then it is your turn!”

"Thanks Head!”

In an instant, excited cheers broke out from the three hundred over bandits.

Chen Feirong delicate face was angered, turning green and red, and her beautiful eyes glowered at the other side.


Seeing this, the Bandit Head middle-aged man wearing the elongated black hat smiled even wider, “Little slut, in a moment us brothers will surely pleasure you, don’t look so anxious!” Finished saying that, two hands waved and the three hundred over bandits spread out and surrounded the small twenty people in the middle.

Huang Xiaolong’s cold gaze swept over the surrounding bandits.

At this time, the Bandit Head’s cold voice rang out, “Leave the women alive, kill all the men!” As the other side instructed, Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette moved at the same instant while gripping the Blades of Asura in his hands.

Screams sounded from the opposite side with a swing of his blades.

And Lu Kai, Ye Yong, as well as the others also started to attack.

Chen Feirong killed several bandits that rushed over with a hand print; she leaped up and her palm aimed to strike the Bandit Head.


Watching Chen Feirong coming at him, the Bandit Head snickered; one of his hand signaled his cronies: “Capture the little slut; remember, don’t hurt her.

Otherwise, I won’t be able to play to my heart’s content later.”

The bandit cronies acknowledged him in loud voices and swarmed towards Chen Feirong.

Although Chen Feirong was a Ninth Order warrior, a late-Ninth Order at that, the number of bandits besieging her was too many despite having no Ninth Order warrior amongst them.

Most of them were of the Seventh Order and a few were Eighth Order warriors.

These Eighth Order bandits attacked Chen Feirong together, making her flustered in confusion. 

Chen Feirong had an ugly expression on her delicate face as she had not expected to run into such a big group of bandits that had such strength.

In previous incidents, these kind of bandits that crossed the border from the Baolong Kingdom consisted of no more than a hundred men and at most, maybe one or two Eighth Order.

Sometimes, even Seventh Order bandits were rare and the average strength were just Sixth Orders.

Her silhouette dodged swiftly like a floating cloud, avoiding the dozen Eight Order bandits’ attacks.

Taking a quick glance around, she saw Lu Kai and Ye Yong.

In fact, all the students were sieged by a large number of bandits, and each of them was in an extremely dangerous situation.

But when her eyes found Huang Xiaolong, she was stunned as she saw Huang Xiaolong’s shadow flickering randomly amongst the bandits whilst swinging a pair of cold looking blades.

With every swing, there surely would have been two bandits screaming and falling to the ground, and every attack targeted a vital point, taking lives without needing a second attack.

There was no exception, even if the opponent was a mid or late-Seventh Order bandit.


Huang Xiaolong’s speed had reached a degree that dumbfounded people.

Chen Feirong looked wide-eyed at Huang Xiaolong with unspeakable shock in her heart; she could tell Huang Xiaolong’s speed far surpassed the average peak late-Seventh Order.

However, this was not the time for shock and she did not have the luxury of time to ponder why Huang Xiaolong had such an amazing speed.

She shouted, “Everyone release your martial spirits! Spare no effort and hold on for another five minutes!”

Hold on five minutes and the other two teams will arrive; five minutes and they would be safe!

Chen Feirong’s order reverberated and the students including Lu Kai and Ye Yong called out their martial spirits and soul transformed without delay.

However, the surrounding bandits followed their actions, calling out their martial spirits and soul transformed.

The Bandit Head sneered as he stood at one side watching the scene, and then, his sight focused on Huang Xiaolong. 

He had noticed the situation around Huang Xiaolong, watching bandits fall one by one under Huang Xiaolong’s blades, and a sharp cruel light shone in his eyes.

Suddenly, the Bandit Head leaped out, aiming a palm print at Huang Xiaolong’s back.

“Destruction Qi Palm!”

“Little bastard, go die for me!”

A big palm print whistled across space; in the middle of the palm print was a concentration of violent destructive qi like the eye of a hurricane.

“Huang Xiaolong, watch out!” Noticing this, Lu Kai, Ye Yong, and some of the students shouted in warning.


Chen Feirong’s expression worsened seeing this.

She was well aware of Huang Xiaolong’s importance; it could be said, in this task to kill bandits, mishaps are allowed to happen to all of them except for Huang Xiaolong.

“Roll away!” Chen Feirong was blocked by ten or so Eighth Order bandits, and seeing that violent palm print that was about to hit Huang Xiaolong, she roared with fury.

A white coruscating light flashed and at the same time, something like pillows of cloud appeared, but its color was an icy transparent blue.

When the pillow of clouds emerged, the surrounding temperature dropped to freezing, akin to an arctic winter.

This is Chen Feirong’s martial spirit, Ice Cloud!

It falls into the same category as Fei Hou’s martial spirit, one that derives from nature.

Calling out her martial spirit, Chen Feirong’s palms struck the void in four directions.

“Ice-Sealed World!”

Where the palm hit, the airflow actually froze and condensed into numerous icicles; the dozen Eighth Order bandits that were ganging up on her immediately retreated in haste.

Even though Chen Feirong successfully forced these bandits to retreat, there wasn’t enough time for her to rescue Huang Xiaolong; watching as the Bandit Head’s palm print was about to hit Huang Xiaolong’s back, Lu Kai, Chen Feirong, and the other students’ heart tightened, but Huang Xiaolong suddenly vanished.

 The attack fell on empty air, flipping the little town residents’ corpses off the square ground.


The smile on the Bandit Head stiffened.

While everyone was stupefied at the result, a sudden anguish scream pulled everyone back.

Turning towards the direction of the scream, they saw Huang Xiaolong ten meters away from his original spot and another two bandits fell under Huang Xiaolong’s blades.

Ignoring the surprised expression directed at him, Huang Xiaolong’s blades continued to draw blade without calling out his martial spirit.

“Kill! Kill that punk!” After a few more bandits died, the Bandit Head finally regained his focus, and his face ugly as he pointed a finger at Huang Xiaolong while thundering his orders.

He flashed and disappeared, once again targeting Huang Xiaolong with a second palm strike.

Unfortunately, when he got close enough to Huang Xiaolong, a silhouette rushed out of nowhere and hit the Bandit Head, causing him to tumble away and crash severely on the ground.

That person was one of the Tenth Order Cosmic Star Academy teachers who rushed over after seeing the signal Ye Yong released to the sky.

Seeing that reinforcement had arrived, Chen Feirong finally relaxed a little.

At this point, the rest of the other teams’ students and the other Tenth Order teacher had also reached the square.

With the two Tenth Order warriors entering the scene, the Eighth Order bandits laying siege on Chen Feirong were easily dealt with, and a short while later, over three hundred bandits were ‘solved’ by Huang Xiaolong and the students.

In the end, only the Bandit Head remained.

Chen Feirong slowly stepped towards the Bandit Head with her sword in her hand and an icy expression on her face.

“I am from the Baolong Kingdom’s Martial Ning Family and my Big Brother is Martial Ning Family’s Patriarch; little slut, you dare to kill me” The Bandit Head howled when he saw Chen Feirong coming towards him with a sword in hand.


Martial Ning Family Everyone present was startled.

This Martial Ning Family was the first family of the Baolong Empire; this group of bandits was actually supported by the Martial Ning Family No wonder their average strength was so high, incomparable to those previous bandit groups.

Before anyone could react, the Blades of Asura in Huang Xiaolong’s hands slashed across his throat, and the Bandit Head grasped at his own throat while looking at Huang Xiaolong with disbelief.

“I am Cosmic Star Academy’s Huang Xiaolong.” Huang Xiaolong ‘introduced’ himself.

Baolong Kingdom’s Martial Ning Family So what



A martial family (very likely) meant the family has a long heritage and expansive martial arts foundation, making their family/clan a strong force of the kingdom.


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