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“Go search! Find out who that bastard is!!” The Ghost Refining Sect Master roared at the present Ghost Refining Sect masters.

Everyone quivered in fear at his wrath.

Soon, an Enforcement Hall Grand Elder discovered that someone broke into the ghost prison! More importantly, only the Ascending Moon Old Man was missing!

Subsequently, another Grand Elder discovered that, amongst the group of Ancestors and Patriarchsinvited over, only the Spiriting Demon Gates Patriarch and Ancestor were missing.

“The Ascending Moon Old Man is missing”

“The Spiriting Demon Gates Patriarch and Ancestor are also missing…”

Hearing the reports coming in, the Ghost Refining Sect Masters eyes gleamed with piercing coldness.

“Sect Master, could it be that Huang Xiaolong He disguised himself as the Spiriting Demon Gates Ancestor, infiltrated into our Ghost Refining Sect, and saved his Master!” A Ghost Refining Sect Grand Elder speculated.

“Huang-Xiao-long!” The Ghost Refining Sect Master suddenly jumped to his feet, issuing a command to the present Ghost Refining Sect masters, “Pass my command, have the sects outside send masters to extirpate the Spiriting Demon Gates!”

“Im going to chase after Huang Xiaolong, I dont believe hes capable of leaving the Nightmare Forest while carrying two people!”

In the midst of the Ghost Refining Sect masters loud compliance, the Sect Master turned into a streak of electrifying black light.

When he appeared again, he was already at the edge of the Nightmare Forest.

The Ghost Refining Sect Master didnt stop at all, flashing straight into the forest.

Inside the Nightmare Forest, his speed wasn\'t impeded in the slightest, being actually faster than Huang Xiaolong who had already transformed into a primordial divine dragon!

At his speed, catching up to Huang Xiaolong was only a matter of time!

Huang Xiaolong sped through the path he obtained from the young lords memories without any rest.

Soon, night fell over the Nightmare Forest.

The poisonous miasma thickened, while the frigid cold qi spread, one could barely see their fingers.

“Little Huang brat, why dont we stop and rest for a while” The Ascending Moon Old Man suggested.

But Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “The Ghost Refining Sect Master must have found out we had fled and is chasing behind us right now.

We cannot stop!” With that said, Huang Xiaolong pushed himself further, accelerating forward.

Every time his godforce was depleted, Huang Xiaolong would swallow a Myriad Cure Holy Pill.

Supported by his Instant Recovery, his depleted godforce recovered swiftly.

What really annoyed Huang Xiaolong was the thick poisonous miasma and frigid qi floating in the forest.

Even though they couldn\'t him harm, they did affect his speed somewhat.

At last, they survived the night.

As rays of light shone into the forest, the thick poisonous miasma and frigid cold qi dissipated significantly, which was a good thing for Huang Xiaolong.

However, before he could breath out in relief, some distance behind him, a voice like rumbling thunder resounded, “Huang Xiaolong, you cannot escape! Be captured obediently and submit to this Sect Master, then I will spare your life!” His voice carried a penetrating soul attack.

Huang Xiaolongs face stretched tautly—the Ghost Refining Sect Master! He hadn\'t expected the Ghost Refining Sect Master to catch up to him in such a short time.

Judging from the echoes of his rumbling voice, he was within twenty thousand li, maybe even less!

Affected by the Ghost Refining Sect Masters soul attack, both the Ascending Moon Old Man and Fan Yuxiao screamed in pain, clutching their heads.

Huang Xiaolong was pulled to the moment by their screams, quickly circulating his godforce to form a protective barrier over them.

“Little runt, I know youre just up ahead! In less than ten minutes, Im going to catch up to you; at that time, youre dead! Theres still time for you to submit to this Sect Master! Else, Ill kill you first then head to the Divine Dan City to kill your entire family!” The Ghost Refining Sect Masters enticing voice sounded again, veiled with threat.

Huang Xiaolongs expression hardened, ignoring everything as he continued to push his three supreme godheads to the limit, increasing his speed.

Even so, the Ghost Refining Sect Master steadily narrowed the distance between them.

If this continued, in less than ten minutes, the Ghost Refining Sect Master would indeed catch up to him.

The Ascending Moon Old Man and Fan Yuxiao were helplessly anxious feeling the overpowering danger that was closing in on them ever faster.

Huang Xiaolong was just as anxious; had it been him alone, he need not be afraid of that Ghost Refining Sect Master.

With his current strength, in his primordial divine dragon form, it was hard to say that he didn\'t have a fighting chance, but with two people that needed his protection while fending off the Ghost Refining Sect Masters attack, things didn\'t look good at all!

“Little Huang brat, put us down, you just go!” The Ascending Moon Old Man shouted, “Sissy fudges, this old man has lived for thousands of years, Ive lived long enough, us two can be master and disciple again in next life!”

Hearing the old mans words, Huang Xiaolong couldnt resist laughing.

This old man, even at this point, couldn\'t let go of his catchphrase.

“Enough already old man, we either leave together or stay together!” Huang Xiaolong went on, “When that Ghost Refining Sect Master catches up, I will try to delay him while the two of you make a run for it.

You two already know the method to leave the Nightmare Forest.

Well meet at the Blood Rain Valley if we get separated!”

“No!” The Ascending Moon Old Man flatly refused.

“Do as I say or all three of us will die here!” Huang Xiaolongs tone was irrefutable, “You two leave first.

Although the Ghost Refining Sect Master is powerful, he wont be able to kill me, but if you two stay, I cannot guarantee your safety!”

The old man fell into silence, but nodded in the end.

A few minutes later, sensing that the Ghost Refining Sect Master was still more than ten thousand li away from him, he gave a push to the Ascending Moon Old Man and Fan Yuxiao, sending them out several tens of thousands of li in a certain direction.

“Old man, you two leave first!” Huang Xiaolong shouted.

The Ascending Moon Old Mans eyes were red-rimmed looking at Huang Xiaolong for a second before turning around and leaving with the Spiriting Demon Gates Patriarch.

Huang Xiaolong stopped in midair.

About six to seven breaths later, consecutive bursts of air resounded as someone arrived from afar, appearing in his line of sight.

This figure was enshrouded in layers of black fog, exuding an awe-inspiring divine might.

Even the surrounding poisonous miasma and frigid qi split a path for him.

The person looked at Huang Xiaolong who had stopped fleeing, suddenly letting out a burst of manic laughter that shook the forest.

Huang Xiaolong had a solemn expression on his face.

The Ghost Refining Sect Master was stronger than he had imagined, just his voice alone could shake the surrounding space.

This Ghost Refining Sect Master was the most formidable person he had come across after his rebirth.

Naturally, this didn\'t take into account the Heavenly God Messenger that came to give out the Highgod Advancement Tournament rewards.

No doubt, this battle today would the hardest he had fought so far.

One thing to be thankful for was that the Ghost Refining Sect Master wasn\'t interested in pursuing the Ascending Moon Old Man and Fan Yuxiao.

“Body of a primordial divine dragon.” The Ghost Refining Sect Master finally stopped laughing and spoke, “Huang Xiaolong, your martial spirit is a primordial divine dragon, right More accurately, it is twin primordial divine dragon martial spirits!”

Huang Xiaolong was shocked, this Ghost Refining Sect Master actually knew about his martial spirits

“I bet you feel very shocked.” The Ghost Refining Sect Master smiled faintly, “In fact, I have spent some time in the Martial Spirit World in the past.” As he said this, the layers of black fog enshrouding him receded, revealing his appearance.

“Youre‒ the Ghost King!” Huang Xiaolong was greatly shocked when he saw the Ghost Refining Sect Masters face.

He was actually one of the past six great kings of Martial Spirit World, the Ghost King!

At that time, when Huang Xiaolong obtained the Ghost King Ring, he had seen a statue of him.


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