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After shattering Pan Zhens bones and internal organs, Huang Xiaolong continued to rain punches on him, every punch sending more frigid Asura qi into his bloodied face.

Pan Zhens face was scrunched up in excruciating pain, yet Huang Xiaolongs punches went on even after his face became unrecognizable, only a pulp of bloodied meat, but he still did not intend to kill Pan Zhen just yet. 

Huang Xiaolong snapped his fingers, summoning a wisp of Asura flame that danced at the tip of his index finger.

With deliberate slowness, little by little, Huang Xiaolong let the flame burn Pan Zhens entire body.

At the end, the Asura flame wrapped around Pan Zhens soul within his godhead, slowly devouring it like a hunter playing with its food.

After ensuring that Pan Zhen had tasted the meaning ofbeing better dead than alive, Huang Xiaolong finally allowed him to die.

He looked coldly at Pan Zhens corpse before turning around to face Li Lu.

Obvious relief was seen on his face as he looked affectionately at her, his voice hoarse, “Li Lu, are you alright”

Hearing Huang Xiaolongs familiar voice calling her name tugged at her heartstrings.

She quickly shook her head she said, “Im alright, but if it wasnt for you this time, Im afraid…”

One could imagine the ending without further words.

Li Lus face was ashen just thinking of it. 

Huang Xiaolong suddenly took a large stride forward, his arms circling around her and pulling her into a tight embrace, whispering into her hair, “Luer, I wont let you leave me this time.”

Instinctively, she wanted to push Huang Xiaolong away, but hearing his words, a warm feeling bloomed in her heart and her actions halted halfway, allowing Huang Xiaolongs arms to wrap around her.

At first, Li Lu was fine, but as the time lengthened, she became more aware of the masculine scent she breathed in and his powerful arms around her… Li Lu felt heat rush to her face and body, and wriggled uncomfortably.

Similar feelings were happening to Huang Xiaolong; breathing in the faint scent of Li Lus body, feeling her soft and supple body in his arms, it was hard not to feel the stirrings of desire.

Thelittle guy below was rearing its mischievous head.

Li Lu stiffened as if she already knew what it was when she felt something hard momentarily poke at her navel.

Her face turned deep red like a ripe apple.

She quickly wriggled out from Huang Xiaolongs arms and put some distance between them.

The atmosphere turned awkward out of nowhere.

“You… why are you here in the Path to Hell” Huang Xiaolong took the initiative to speak, attempting to break the awkward atmosphere.

“I came here to find the Yin Yang Godly Water.” Li Lu honestly replied.

“Yin Yang Godly Water” Huang Xiaolong didnt know what to make of it.

Li Lu nodded, “The godhead I condensed is a little special, only the Yin Yang Godly Water can help maintain the yin and yang balance inside my godhead.”

Huang Xiaolong did not ask what was special about her godhead, instead, he asked, “Then, did you find the Yin Yang Godly Water”

Li Lu shook her head, “No, but I discovered that it\'s in the Sea of Hell.”

“The Sea of Hell!” Huang Xiaolong couldnt resist smiling, “Coincidentally, thats where I was planning to go, we can go together.”

From the Infernal Ghost Messengers memories, Huang Xiaolong found out that the ancient Devil Kings Palace was located in the depths of the Sea of Hell.

Adding the treasures from the Devil King Palace on top of his current strength would truly make him invincible in the lower realm!

Although he could now defeat the Ghost Refining Sect Master, Huang Xiaolong did not have a hundred percent confidence of killing him.

Li Lu hesitated, “That…”

“En, then it\'s settled.

Lets leave this place first.” Deciding the matter, Huang Xiaolong did not allow for further objections from Li Lu.

He held her hand and both flew away from the ravine.

Having her hand held by Huang Xiaolong was unfamiliar to Li Lu.

She wanted to pull her hand away, but Huang Xiaolong had a firm grip without hurting her.

Alas, she gave up.

After leaving the ravine, Huang Xiaolong assessed the direction, then flew toward the Blood Rain Valley with Li Lu.

That was where he and the Ascending Moon Old Man had agreed to convene.

Two days later, when Huang Xiaolong reached the Blood Rain Valley, he was relieved to find the old man and the Spiriting Demon Gates Patriarch unharmed.

However, the old man reacted dramatically when he spotted Li Lu, half-complaining at his disciple, “I was wondering why you brat still hadnt shown up to pick up your Master after so long.

So you went chasing skirts, finding a great beauty at that, no wonder!”

Huang Xiaolong was used to the Ascending Moon Old Mans antics, ignoring the old man most of the time; Li Lu, on the other hand, looked slightly embarrassed, but following Huang Xiaolongs example, she greeted the Ascending Moon Old Man as Master in her soft voice.

The old mans wrinkled face split into a big grin, “Good, good, good! This is the first time were meeting and Master doesnt have many good things to give you.

This alchemy manual is my lifetimes insights in pill concocting, I shall give it to you now.” The Ascending Moon Old Man took out a book made of unknown materials.

Li Lu wanted to refuse, however, after seeing Huang Xiaolong nodding, she accepted and gave her thanks to the Ascending Moon Old Man.

“Old man, we want to go to the Sea of Hell, you should come with us too.” Huang Xiaolong spoke, after all, it wasnt safe for his Master to remain in the Blood Rain Valley.

However, he wouldn\'t be at ease if the old man left the Path to Hell by himself as there were currently Ghost Refining Sect masters searching for him everywhere.

The Ascending Moon Old Man too was aware of this point, thus he nodded, agreeing to go with Huang Xiaolong to the Sea of Hell.

A short while later, four figures flew away from the Blood Rain Valley.

On the way, Huang Xiaolong inquired about the Sects situation from the Spiriting Demon Gates Patriarch.

A sharp light gleamed in Huang Xiaolongs eyes when he heard that only a handful of people escaped from the calamity, all of the Spiriting Demon Gates several hundred thousands were massacred.

Despite his anger, deep down, Huang Xiaolong understood that it couldn\'t be helped.

Based on his previous strength, he was powerless to stop the Ghost Refining Sect.

While their group was heading to the Sea of Hell, within the Ghost Refining Sect headquarters main hall, the Sect Master was roaring in fury at the trembling masters below, “Useless garbage! All of you! Half a years time has passed, but you cant even find a person! Continue searching! If you lot still cannot find Huang Xiaolong in one month, all of you will be buried together with the young lord!”

The Ghost Refining Sect masters quivering intensified.

“Sect Master,” One of the Ghost Refining Sect Grand Elder called out, cautiously taking a step forward.

“Speak!” The Ghost Refining Sect Master snapped icily.

“This subordinates dared speculate… If that Huang Xiaolong has the Devil Bead, could he have gone to the Devil King Palace” The Grand Elder quickly uttered his thoughts.

“The Sea of Hells Devil King Palace!” The Ghost Refining Sect Masters eyes lit up, letting out a loud laugh, “I actually didnt think of this! Youre absolutely right, its very likely that Huang Xiaolong had gone to the Sea of Hell!” He then ordered all the Ghost Refining Sects masters to continue searching for Huang Xiaolong whereas he headed to the Sea of Hell.

The moment he finished giving the order, he was already out from the Ghost refining City in a flicker.

Half a month later, Huang Xiaolongs group of four reached the shoreline of the Sea of Hell.

The sea water in front of them was so blue that it gave a feeling of being other-worldly, a foreboding unease.

This was the Sea of Hell!

The breeze here carried a faint stench of blood, and faint cries could be heard rising and falling following the undulating waves.

“Let us go, remember to follow me closely.” Huang Xiaolong said to the other three people with him as he led them into Sea of Hell.

Barely a moment passed after Huang Xiaolongs group entered the sea when a giant black shadow split the water surface from below, leaping up to the sky.

Its ferocious mouth stretched wide open to swallow the four people.


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