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Chapter 104


Through continuous engagements, the speed of the Gale Spear was maximized.

Pons current attack speed couldnt be followed by human eyes.

It felt like a dozen spears were thrusting at the same time.

Zirkan followed it well, but he eventually reached his limit.

The moment he saw a gap, Pon flew through the air without missing this opportunity.

“True Illusion!”


The spear poured forward like a shower.

The magnificent golden armor around Zirkans body was instantly turned into rags.



It was an incredible sight.

The first ranked swordsman, also known as the strongest person who led the five captains of the Giant Guild, fell to his knees.

Pon pointed a spear at his heart and said, “Pant pant… Youre still strong.

Originally, I wouldve lost.”

Pon was just as seriously injured as Zirkan.

He had been completely overwhelmed at the beginning of the battle.

But as the battle continued, he became stronger due to the option of the Gale Spear and was able to reverse the situation.

“That spear…” Zirkan smiled bitterly as he examined the splendid appearance of the blue and silver spear.

“It is a really amazing spear.

Is it an item produced by the unknown craftsman”

He was defeated by that spear.

Pon calmly confirmed it.

“Thats correct.

Ive discovered the true power of items thanks to this spear made by him.”

“Huh…” Pons coolly accepting attitude meant that all of Zirkans bluster went away.

Zirkan dropped his head, “End it.”

“Thank you for the hard work.”


The Gale Spear pierced Zirkans heart.

Pon warned Zirkan who was slowly changing into light.

“If you are going to threaten our guild again, tell Chris to prepare a larger force.”

After that, Pon headed straight to Khans smithy.


The power of skills! The power of stats! The power of items!

Grid currently had a perfect trinity, increasing his attack power to that of top rankers.

Even Maksevun, who was considered one of the top five rankers in the guild, was forced to fall in front of Grid.

What would happen if Grid, now more powerful than ever, used an AoE skill that dealt 1.5 times his current attack power

‘Pagmas Swordsmanship.

It was a disaster.



Unleash a violent sword dance like a high wave.

Inflicts 155% of your attack power to all enemies within 1m, as well as reducing their speed.

The moment that Grid took action! Blue waves emerged from Grids sword and spread all over the place.

Syuok! Syu syu syu syu syuk!

The sharp waves occurred dozens of times.

The Giant Guild instinctively sensed danger and quickly escaped.



The Giant Guild scattered in all directions.

They wanted to get away from the waves that had a fierce momentum.

However, each wave launched by Grid chased after them, as if they had their own will.

It was virtually impossible to escape because the speed of the attack skill was so fast.

“What Is this a guided skill What is this fraudulent skill”

In the end, the Giant Guild stood at the crossroad of choice.

They took defensive stances or raised their weapons to protect themselves.

And then…

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!



The 10 Giant Guild members had been scattered all over the place.

They tried to defend and the result was devastating.

“This is impossible…”

Grids attack power was too strong.

Maksevun trembled as he witnessed what happened to his colleagues.

‘An AOE skill can be so powerful…

AOE skills could attack multiple enemies at the same time, but there was an inherent limitation in the weak attack power.

Generally, a first advancement class AOE skills dealt 50~70% of their attack power or magic attack power.

Then there was the second advancement class.

In other words, the AOE skills of rankers above level 200 were capable of dealing 70~90% of their attack power or magic attack power.

However, Grids skill seemed to exert more than 100% of his attack power.

Maksevun wondered.

‘Maybe its a rare skill

Rare skill! Rare skills could be acquired by completing special quests or achievements, acquiring a title and so on.

For example, this was the skill Yura acquired after becoming the Eighth Servant.

[Divine Punishment]

Summons a lightning bolt that deals 15,000~23,000 damage within 10 meters.

Range of Damage: 3m radius around the target.

* If you use this skill to kill an enemy, your faith will rise by 50 points for each enemy.

Mana Consumption: 4,000

Skill Cooldown Time: 1,200 seconds

Thus, the destructive value of rare skills wasnt proportional to the attack power of the caster, but to a fixed amount of damage.

Their power and function were the strongest in existence.

However, there were limits to skills with fixed damage values.

Once the levels and items of the users increased, and once their health climbed higher, the power of the fixed damage skills would decrease.

But Pagmas Swordsmanship was different.

Was Pagmas Swordsmanship a rare skill No.

It was a legendary skill.

The stronger Grid got, the stronger Pagmas Swordsmanship would become.

In the future, it would evolve into the best skill.

Right now, Maksevun and others on the street were witnessing the glory of one of Satisfys best skills.

Ibellin was among them.

‘What on earth is Grids class

The Tzedakah Guild knew that Grid had a hidden class.

In other words, Grid was predicted to be one of the three known epic classes.

Among the three classes, Agnus and Katz were known to have two.

Therefore, it was reasonable to assume that Grid was the still unidentified epic class.

But at this moment, Ibellin changed his way of thinking.

“Grid… Perhaps he has a unique hidden class”

As Ibellin murmured, the Giant Guild members were trembling with fear after being torn to rags from one wide area skill.

‘This is the equivalent of the five captains… No, maybe more than that.

Where did the Tzedakah Guild find and obtain a monster like this

It was obvious that the man with the bizarre skull helmet would become a great danger to the Giant Guild later on.

They had to grasp his capabilities to help the guild.

The determined Grey Bear entered the party chat.

The Giant Guild members lying in various places starting getting up one by one.

Then they prepared to fight.

The spectators on the street were excited.

“Ohh! The Giant Guild is finally going to unleash their skills!”

“Go! Show the skills that defeated Ibellin!”

Satisfy had a video recording function.

The Giant Guild VS the Tzedakah Guild! The onlookers in the street were recording the battle between the strongest guilds and relaying it to the Internet.

Various broadcasting stations also dispatched people.

Right now, hundreds of millions of people around the world were watching Grid and the Giant Guild through the Internet and TV.

But Grid wasnt aware of this fact.

If he was aware that he was on air for the first time in his life…

Grid would pose and say wonderful lines like the protagonist of movies that he dreamed of being.

“These damn people… Why are you suddenly splitting up Am I funny Ah, right.

From the beginning, I didnt like scum like you.

You shouldnt have upset me… Kuk kuk! Okay! I will tear off your limbs and kill you as brutally as I can!”

“Charge of Anger!”

“Spirit Control!”

“Chain Binding!”

The Giant Guild wasnt confident about facing Grid in a simple power struggle.

Therefore, they focused on skills that would cause status conditions.

Their battle plan was to attack every time Grid was affected by the status condition.

But what was this

Kwajak! Puchak! Peok!

It was truly a one-sided slaughter.

The black greatsword was turned red.

Over the past few years.

When Grid was weak, he met many strong people who ignored him or laughed at him.

Now the Giant Guild members in front of him were like those strong people.

The feeling of trampling on them caused a pleasure beyond imagination.


The person in the skull helmet brutally slaughtering the Giant Guild looked like a monster from a horror movie.

The screen filled with blood, and the frightened screams of the Giant Guild members resounded, causing the mainstream stations to eventually stop broadcasting.

Thanks to that, the ratings of the cable broadcasting stations increased dramatically, causing a festive atmosphere.

That day.

Headlines about theHuman Butcher appeared in various media around the world.

In addition, Grids classmates, who were harassed by Grid at Kesan Canyon, shivered from fear in front of the TV.

“Its that bastard… I knew he was a psychopath…”

“Wow, he really is crazy.

Acting like this in the middle of a city… What a scary guy…”

For the next few days, the media had an in-depth discussion onSatisfys psychopaths, can we neglect them In addition, the position of the Tzedakah Guild rose further.

They were able to block the 300-strong army from the Giant Guild with less than 20 people.


Chris released all his anger by hunting.

There were no monsters left in the hunting grounds he was present at.

“Shit! Shit! Shitttt!”

The unknown craftsman was taken away by the Tzedakah Guild and he was publicly humiliated, so Chris was running wild with anger.

He wanted to take revenge immediately.

But the mysterious person had joined the Tzedakah Guild…

In addition, that skull helmet was stuck in his mind and he couldnt move.

‘The AOE skill showed on the air is proof that he has a hidden class above epic.

Who is he Perhaps… Agnus

Agnus obtained the second epic class and was seventh on the unified rankings.

He disguised himself and enjoyed causing all types of incidents throughout the continent.

Chris couldnt rule out the possibility that Agnus was involved in this.

‘Jishuka is definitely giving me a headache.

Chris made a guild announcement after a few days of thinking.

“All external activities shall be prohibited! Just focus on leveling up! Let the anger in your hearts erupt when hunting.

Become stronger! Become stronger and pay back this disgrace someday!”

As the Giant Guild decided to strengthen themselves, winds of change were also blowing in the Tzedakah Guild.

Through this incident, top rankers became aware of the Tzedakah Guilds true strength and visited.

Satisfy was different from L.T.S.

There was a limit to what 18 people could do.

The Tzedakah Guild, who had been considering the expansion of forces, conducted various tests and accepted new guild members.

But there was a problem.

Most of the people who passed the test werent normal.

“Um… A crazy person attracts other crazy people.”

This was Vantners opinion.

People were attracted to Grids madness and came rushing to join the guild.

The Tzedakah Guild gained seven new powerful colleagues, but they felt more anxious than pleased.

And Grid was ready to attend his reunion.


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