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The types of people were very diverse. The more people that were gathered, the more likely it was that there would be conflicts and events. Thats why it was difficult to manage large cities.

For small cities with small populations, increasing the facilities made the people satisfied, which in turn maintained public sentiment and policies.

However, large cities already had everything, often causing public sentiment and public security to worsen for odd reasons. The lords of large cities had to constantly devise policies which could satisfy more people, and the implementation of policies consumed taxes.

Consequently, the expenditure of taxes caused a decline in public sentiment and security.

“This is a headache.

There are a group of people who are constantly instigating trouble.” 

“There is no policy that satisfies everyone.

Even if the majority is satisfied, the minority will lose money.

This means it is virtually impossible to maintain public sentiment and security perfectly.”

“Didnt Chris manage it well when he was a lord”

“Chris had many helpers.

His colleagues have been with him since the days of the Giant Guild.”

“His skills must be superior to mine.”


“Dont worry about it.

Chris—he was a real monster.”

In Reidan, the second capital of the Overgeared Kingdom...

Zednos, who became Chris successor, found this task very hard.

He found it daunting just to maintain the current status, let alone develop the city.

The citys economy was in crisis due to falling public sentiment and the resulting process. Every time he sat down with the nobles to read and discuss documents, he wondered if he was playing a game or going to work.

It was also hard to maintain his ranking as his time for hunting decreased.

He was tired.

It was hard, and it wasnt fun. These were Zednos honest feelings. He realized how great Chris was for having maintained his number one ranking for several years while leading Reidans progress.

‘He is a man of great skill who is much better than me.

Grid, who made such a monster look shabby, is almost like a god.

Chris—the incredible genius Zednos admired—couldnt narrow the growing gap with Grid. At the very least, if he didnt want to just grab onto Grids ankles, he would have to invest all of his time, leaving his work and the Overgeared Kingdom.

‘I didnt know it when he was here.

It is regretful.

Zednos was greatly affected by the absence of Chris and the other members of the 10 meritorious retainers.

At least dozens of people were needed to fill in the gap of the 10 meritorious retainers, making him feel there was a shortage of manpower in various fields.

The good news was that the city was peaceful. He wouldve felt the absence of the 10 meritorious retainers even more desperately if there was foreign aggression.

Fortunately, no foreign powers threatened the Overgeared Kingdom. It was no wonder since the empire was behind them.

Didnt even the elves, who were occupying the forests all over the continent, hide in the forest of the world tree when they were suppressed by the empire The imperial power was still absolute, and the Overgeared Kingdom was the greatest beneficiary.

“Sigh, Im going to get some air.”

Zednos left behind the nobles in the office and took to the streets. These days, his only pleasure was food. His goal was to sample all the famous dishes on the streets of Reidan, where there was a lot of delicious food.

‘It is great because I dont gain weight here no matter how much I eat.

For those who were fond of food, Satisfys release wouldve been a blessing. Satisfy provided the perfect taste for players.

“Yum yum.”

Zednos headed to the nearest street stall and chose Noe Bread as an appetizer. As the name suggested, it was bread made in the shape of Noe. Noe was popular as the mascot of the Overgeared Kingdom. The surface was crisp, the bread was moist, and the inside was filled with sweet and soft corn.

‘In Reinhardt, I was eating Idans food and didnt want to eat at all.

Zednos was happy to eat delicious food. It felt like the stress of work was relieved instantly.


Noes front paw… No, Zednos—who had been eating the front paws of the Noe Bread—suddenly became as stiff as a statue. It was because a woman was approaching him. The funny thing was that the woman had a turban wrapped around her face, covering it.

Thats right. The only part of the woman that was exposed were her eyes and part of her nose. Nevertheless, Zednos felt she was more beautiful than anyone he had ever seen. This was despite the fact that he saw world-class beauties like Yura, Jishuka, Irene, Sua, and Mercedes every day.

The woman said to him, “You are the strongest human in this city.”

“Ah...” Zednos face reddened.

His heart thumped like he had sprinted hundreds of meters. He was fascinated by the womans glamorous voice. It was the first time in Zednos life that he had heard such a voice. Zednos dazed face was projected on the womans large red eyes, which seemed to contain the sun-filled universe.

“Are you in charge of this city due to your strength” The unidentified woman—she was having a lot of fun.

“Use your authority to give me a carriage.

It is good to have a carriage with curtains that block out the sun.

Then lead me to the nearest forest.”

“...Ah.” Zednos was unaware that he was in abewitched state. He didnt realize that it was dangerous. The bewitchment was a powerful condition that clouded the spirit of the target and caused them to lose their sense of reason.

Once bewitched, it was impossible to become sober.

Zednos nodded. “I understand.”

Zednos was eager...

He wanted to know the name of the woman. He wanted to see her face. He wanted to serve her. Had he not been born into this world just to meet her at this moment Zednos earnestly returned to the castle with the woman and instructed the soldiers to prepare a carriage.

Then he woke up after hearing a cry.

“Virtuous Light!”

It was a recovery skill that could only be used by the senior priests of the Rebecca Church. This was what surrounded Zednos body. 

“Zednos, wake up!”

A while ago, the Overgeared members of Reidans security unit obtained a sudden quest.

[An unidentified woman has appeared and deceived the people.

Work with the priests of the Rebecca Church to calm the confusion.]

Had Zednos stumbled onto the quest and ended up accompanying the main culprit of the turmoil

“Hey! Steady your mind!” The Overgeared members once again shouted at Zednos, who was dazed for a while after being surrounded by a clean light.

“Fly!” Zednos rose into the sky first, deciding that he should distance himself from the unidentified woman. He was confused.

‘What is this womans identity

Creating an abnormal state without giving a person time to be aware of it... He hadnt heard of such a thing before. She could not be an ordinary woman. The actions of Zednos and the Overgeared members were swift.

He urgently called out to the soldiers, who surrounded the woman along with the priests.

At this moment, a bombardment came from high above. The entire Reidan Castle shook like it had been hit by a meteorite, and Zednos and the Overgeared members vision became dizzy.


Everyone turned their attention to the site of the bombardment that caused a cloud of dust to rise. There was a man standing there, not a meteorite. The name above his head was Fenrir. It was a name that the Overgeared members were familiar with.

“A direct descendant...”

Among the children of Shizo Beriache, Fenrir was a marquise and second in the vampire ranks. Unlike the other family members who inherited only one power from Beriache, he was said to have inherited three.

“You were here,” Fenrir said to the beauty, showing no interest in the Overgeared members.

His blond hair fell to his shoulders as he gazed at the unidentified woman in a turban. “I was waiting for you to wake up.

Now, lets go to my city.

There is a lot of work to discuss.”


The eyes of the Overgeared members were also focused on the woman.

They could infer the womans identity through Fenrirs attitude. They couldnt believe it but her identity was...

“...Marie Rose”

According to Braham, Shizo Beriache was originally a great demon. She was even one of the highest ranking demons in thesingle-digit sequence. The last person she gave birth to was Marie Rose, the vampire duke.

“Fenrir, youre still not afraid of the sun.”

“Only weak vampires are afraid of the sun.

It just stings a bit.

Marie Rose, you should be fine.”

“I also experience stinging.

I hate this feeling.”

The red-painted nails at the ends of her white and delicate hands were impressive. The woman took off her turban in one motion, revealing her perfect face and her name. At the same time...

[You have encountered Vampire Duke Marie Rose.]

[Marie Roses evil influence makes your magic power turbid.

All types of spells and skills arent available.]

[A vampires gaze will subdue lower species.

You will lose your willpower and control over your body.]

[Marie Rose\'s attraction is absolute.

Her charm is so high that there are even high odds of both genders being attracted.]

The priests of the Rebecca Church who were strong against evil beings, as well as Zednos and the Overgeared members, all stiffened in place like statues.

Black hair that waved like silk... Marie Rose swept back her hair that fell to her buttocks and stared at Zednos. It was a coexistence of purity and decadence. Marie Roses face that had a variety of charms arrowed straight at Zednos heart.

“You, the strongest human in this city.”


“I had a separate reason for speaking to you.

I smelled something nostalgic from you.”


Smelled Zednos sniffed his body. It was covered with the smell of the sweet Noe Bread.

Marie Rose ordered Fenrir, “As I said, I hate the sun.

Drive the carriage.

First, lets go to the nearest forest.

Ive always wanted to see the elves.”

“Bah.” Fenrir grabbed the neck of a terrified priest and placed him in the drivers seat of the carriage. He said he would leave it to a human because he couldnt drive a wagon. Fenrir had an angry attitude.


Suddenly, Blood Thorn—the special move shown by Vampire Earl Elfin Stone in the past—was used. Blood thorns of an overwhelming size were created in the air like spider webs, turning Fenrir into a hedgehog. Fenrir coughed up blood with swollen eyes while Marie Rose warned him with a casual expression, “Dont disobey me.”

“...” Fenrir nodded, not daring to do so. He suddenly remembered that Marie Roses power transcended their mothers. Marie Rose could also give birth to a new direct line. She could always create someone who could replace him.

Unlike her mother who was a great demon, it wouldnt be hard for Marie Rose on her own since she had been given agender.

“Lets depart.”


Marie Rose climbed onto the carriage, and Fenrir—who recovered from his wounds in an instant—sat in the drivers seat.

The priest, already in the drivers seat, trembled without knowing what to do.

However, Fenrir didnt care about him and hit the horses butt with a whip. It was at this moment that...

“Stop!” A group of people appeared and blocked the way of the carriage.

“Marie Rose! I rushed over as soon as I received the divine message that you woke up!” A man shouted from the front of the group. He was dressed in the greatest symbol of the continent—a white garment with a sacred pattern in gold thread. It was the popes outfit.

Three women appeared beside Pope Damian and shouted, “We cant allow you to make your appearance!”

Lifaels Spear, Michaels Sword, and Everiels Shield—the women were armed with the three divine artifacts that helped seal Marie Rose a long time ago. The ultimate divine power that shone more brilliantly than the sun dominated the area, healing the status of the Overgeared members and causing Fenrir to frown. Damian was already in full-buff state.

“Go back to your coffin for the peace of humanity!” He shouted again.

Having received the hidden questSeal Marie Rose from the divine message, Damian thought this quest had a high success rate. The divine artifacts of the church had been given to the church directly by Goddess Rebecca and had a history of sealing Marie Rose once before. Marie Rose might be the strongest vampire, but he believed she had no chance against them.

“Keok!” However, Damian stood on the threshold of death before even confronting Marie Rose. Fenrir alone overpowered the Rebeccas Daughters and threw a blood spear, critically damaging Damian.

“Pope, you are crazy.

Dont you know that Chreshler was exceptionally special” Fenrir said this, but he was wary of the Rebecca Churchs power which had sealed Marie Rose previously.

Thats why he wasnt careless and targeted the pope, the head of the Rebecca Church.

After several blows, he smashed through Isabel, blocked Rins sword, and broke through Lunas shield to grab Damian by the neck.

“Dont kill him,” Marie Roses voice could be heard from the carriage.

It had a rather amused tone. “A nostalgic smell is coming from him. Huhut, I dont want to be hated, so keep him alive.”


Not a single person could interpret Marie Roses words.

Even Fenrir found it hard to understand.

Still, he didnt ask any questions and left Damian alone.

The Rebeccas Daughters couldnt restrain Fenrir as he returned to the drivers seat. It was because of the horror created by the terribly beautiful Marie Roses voice.

Her strength exceeded the predictions of Rebeccas Daughters.



The carriage carrying Marie Rose passed by. Damian, Rebeccas Daughters, Zednos, and the Overgeared members—all of them simply watched the carriage leave.


[(Breaking News) Vampire Dukes appearance!]

[The pope and Rebeccas Daughters were overwhelmed...]

There were witnesses of the incident. Footage of Fenrir and Damians battle at Reidan Castle quickly spread on the Internet. The strong power of Vampire Marquis Fenrir alarmed people. However, unlike with the appearance of the great demon or the orc lord, people didnt express much anxiety.

Since it was an event in the Overgeared Kingdom, they thought that Grid would resolve the problem again.

Rather, they had a good feeling from Fenrirs appearance and Marie Roses tone. Marie Roses and Fenrirs fan cafes were already booming. As a society that was biased toward appearance, people argued that unity should be achieved between vampires and humans.

Additionally, all two billion players wondered what Marie Rose meant by thenostalgic smell.

“Sniff sniff.” Grid developed the habit of smelling his armpits.


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