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Common sense was usually an immutable truth.

Common sense was born from the knowledge and experience of predecessors and it was never easily reversed.


The low-grade warrior Kube had common sense.

In his common sense, the senior warriors were the best talents representing the half-draconians.

They developed at the moment of crisis, were never easily defeated, and could create reversals in bad situations.

The senior warriors seemed like those who monopolized all the blessings in the world.


Kube couldnt believe it despite witnessing the senior warrior Caspar being slaughtered like livestock.

Reality started to feel like a dream.

“H-Hahaha...! I see! I was dreaming!”

When had this dream started Was it from when Praba had been defeated by an unknown knight of this city on the outskirts Was it from the moment Jad died Or was it when he was caught as a slave to humans No, unfortunately, these things were reality.

The beginning of the dream obviously started recently.

The dream mustve started from when the people walking behind him were three people only to suddenly increase to 16.

From the moment he saw the sanju being killed, his sense of reality was completely gone.

Yes, it was a dream.

If it wasnt a dream then a great senior warrior wouldnt have been killed in a single magic blow.


Kube grabbed his belly and started laughing.

He struggled to wake up from this dream.

Yet no matter how loudly he laughed or how hard he slapped his cheeks, he couldnt wake up from his dream.

Soon after, Grids group gathered in one place while ignoring Kube who had collapsed with despair.

“I broke my arm.”

Vantner had blood staining his red forehead and stuck out his arms.

He pointed to his colleagues, who had both big and small wounds, and questioned Braham, “Are you crazy Why would you summon people in the air We cant fly like you or Grid! We cant fly! Do I have to tell you a few times for you to understand”

“It is pathetic to see you bragging about your incompetence.”

“This bull**...! Im not a magician.

I cant do it!”

“Grid isnt a magician.”

“It is the power of items!”

“Yes, then you can solve it with items.”

“How is it easy to get such items”

“Then learn magic.”


Among the 10 meritorious retainers...

Vantner, who was famous for his baldness in the Overgeared Guild, wasnt picky about people.

He gave them the same respect regardless of their status, age, gender, or race.

If the other party didnt respect him then he would curse them.

He was equal to everyone and was honest about his feelings without any pretenses.

Surprisingly, Braham liked him.

Everyone else in the Overgeared Guild distanced themselves from him out of fear or respect.

Meanwhile, Vantner screamed at him like a fearless puppy and he found it cute.

Braham felt a sense of trust because Vantners personality meant he wouldnt deceive anyone.

“C-Can I learn magic”

“The enhanced magic is hard but normal low-grade magic is easy to learn as long as it is supported by intelligence.

Of course, you need me to be your teacher.”

Braham was a genius among geniuses and had gone beyond a legend to reach the realm of pursuing becoming a myth.

He had the confidence to teach magic without caring about classes.

His words were shocking.

Vantner and the other members of the 10 meritorious retainers were excited when they imagined the Overgeared members using magic in the future.

There was just one problem: According to Brahams standards, most of the people in the world were idiots.

Braham had to know—it was a fact that Grids intelligence (stat) belonged to the very high side.

“...You cant even understand this formula” Braham questioned.


Vantner was flustered by Brahams question after understanding after only one minute.

He didnt hide his eyes that wonderedIs this person crazy.

Braham sighed, left him behind, and approached Grid.

Grid was checking the condition of the leather left behind by the sanju.

His expression didnt look very good.

“This is also cursed.”

Satisfy often had cursed items.

In the case of cursed equipment, if they were worn then they couldnt be removed again.

Meanwhile, cursed consumables caused a disease.

Finally, the cursed materials couldnt be used as material items so they were actually trash.

However, the sanju only dropped cursed items.

If it was a good equipment item then it could be sold to someone who would use it for their lifetime.

However, the sanju only dropped worthless material items.

“Ill keep it in my warehouse.”

Grid collected the sanjus cursed leather and put it in his inventory.

It seemed like the half-draconian Caspar hadnt dropped any items but no one was arguing about it.

It was a long tradition when hunting with Grid that the Overgeared members would let Grid take all the loot.

“What experience percentage did you get”

The 10 meritorious retainers only cared about their level.

The members of the 10 meritorious retainers answered Jishukas question sequentially.

“I got 1.8%.”

“I got 1.74.”

Vantner and Huroi were only in their late 380s and they gained nearly 2% experience.

“I got 0.78%.”

“I am around the same.”

Pon, Regas, Jishuka, and Faker were around level 390 and they got an average of 0.8% experience.

“I am 0.5%.”

“Im the same.”

“Me too.”

Katz, Euphemina, and Yura were in the mid 399s and they gained exactly 0.5%.

“I got 0.2%.

This was Chris answer.

It was an unprecedented achievement.

In just four hours, the 10 meritorious retainers had gained a lot of experience.

On the first ridge, the majority of monsters were below level 200 so the hunting only officially started from the third ridge.

Considering the long time it took to cross the mountains, the actual hunting time was very small.

It meant the Chaos Mountains were a better hunting ground than the Galgunos Temple.

Brahams care also helped.

The fact that Braham was over level 500 meant he got no experience from the monsters on the third ridge.

Thus, he used magic to trap the monsters and allowed the 10 meritorious retainers to kill them.

This was the secret behind the hunting speed of the 10 meritorious retainers doubling.

“Youngwoo-ssi” Yura asked carefully.

Grid was partying with the 10 meritorious retainers despite being level 408.

He also took a lot of time to repair the items of his companions.

Yura was worried that Grid alone would fall behind while trying to help his companions.

Grid replied as he checked the contents of the titleMyth Usurper that he gained from killing the sanju.

“I got 2.3%.”



There was a moment of silence.

Grid explained to the 10 meritorious retainers who doubted their ears.

“Ah, it is thanks to the enlightenment effect.

My experience increases when repairing items and it also increases in the process of raiding the boss.

Therefore, my growth rate has increased significantly.”

“Enlightenment Is it similar to the Enlightenment Sword”

The Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires—it was the sword that Grid had favored for many years and it had the skillEnlightenment attached to it.

It increased character experience and skill experience acquisition by 10%, and accuracy and evasion by 20%.

Grid nodded.

“It is one of the reasons for the increase in experience.

However, the enlightenment Im talking about is different.”

Grid started to describe the fourth advancement (awakening) public system.

The 10 meritorious retainers were greatly impacted by the realization that they could gain experience through continuous combat or activities related to their class.

“So the conclusion is that you will grow faster starting from level 400.

In particular, levels 397 to 399 is hell so you have to be prepared.”

An average player would enjoy enlightenment as soon as they reached level 400 while Grid only enjoyed it after reaching level 408.

It was really disgusting for Grid.

However, Grid didnt tell this hidden story.

He didnt want to seem stupid in front of Yura and Jishuka.

Now Grid was very conscious of the two people.

They were two of the most beautiful people in the world, regardless of whether it was in game or in reality.

It was natural for him to be conscious of it.

Thanks to this, the 10 meritorious retainers were greatly mistaken.

‘It is because of enlightenment that Grid grew rapidly on the East Continent.

‘I thought the beginning of true hell was level 400 but it is actually the beginning of spring.

‘The level 300s is a gateway process.

It is a trial to be a true ranker.

In fact, Grid wouldve been above level 420 by now if he visited the Tower of Wisdom before the East Continent.

The only person in the world who knew the sad truth was Grid.

‘...No, the operators also know.

Grid blushed at the thought of the operators laughing while monitoring his foolishness.

His enthusiasm was fueled by great anger.

“We should move on to the next ridge.”



[Myth Usurper]

[* You have defeated the sanju, who has taken part in a myth, and engraved your name onto the myth the sanju appeared in.

(the mythical sanju has the formulalater beaten by Grid.)

* Attack power and magical attack power will significantly increase during battles with mythical monsters.

* If you encounter a mythical presence, there is a normal probability of overwhelming them.]

Myth Usurper—it was a title that Grid, Grids knights, and the 10 meritorious retainers gained from killing the sanju.

It was the same title as Brahams Myth Usurper but the details and effects were different.

The main difference was:

[* You are qualified to upgrade your class rating tomyth.

* The special statDeity is opened.]

It was that these two special effects were excluded.

The sanju was only part ofone myth while the hydra was part ofmany myths.

The sanju might be mythical beings like the hydra but their influence was different.

It was very disappointing from Grids position.

How good would it have been if Piaro, Mercedes, Asmophel, Jude, and the 10 meritorious retainers were qualified to become myths Still, the 10 meritorious retainers didnt know the details and were just excited about gaining a new title.

Grid had no intention of wrecking this atmosphere.

‘I should think positively.

Myth Usurper had enough value in its present state alone.

It was one of the few titles that could threaten mythical existences.

If they could use this title to defeat a myth on the level of the hydra or a real god, they might one day qualify to become a myth.

Grid soothed his heart and ordered the dazed Kube, “Lead the way.”


Kube felt it since the first time he saw this human but it was a really strong sense of pressure.

Kube gulped and walked in a hurry.

This time, he didnt dare invade the area of the sanju.

He had learned that the sanju couldnt hurt them.

Originally, the plan was to laugh and enjoy as these humans were eaten by the sanju but instead, the sanju was eaten...

Now that he learned the senior warriors were no match for them, Kube had only one person he could rely on: Helena, the half-draconian princess who shouldve originally been the lord.

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