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Shake shake!

She raised both arms at the start of the duel.

The impact that followed the collision wasnt fully absorbed.

For a short moment, Leraje was mesmerized.

She couldnt believe the reality when she saw the sword marks on both arms.

If she was the only person here, she wouldve stared blankly at her arms for a few minutes.

“...Wait, lets do it again.”

Leraje was conscious of the gazes of the thousands of demons in the great hall as she politely requested it.

At the same time, she concealed her arms using her wide sleeves.

Transparent mucus oozed over the pale pink skin.

The sticky mucus covered and erased the wounds.

Grid caught a glimpse of Lerajes healing ability through the gaps in her fluttering sleeves and grasped the truth.

‘This is the reason why the power of the sword dance is halved.

The wavelength created by the first part of Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.

Grid hadnt been flustered when the mental image of Kill didnt have any effect on Leraje.

The 10th great demon, Leraje—it was normal for the 10th ranked great demon to have a good body.

It wasnt strange if she was several times stronger than Hell Gao, who lost his body, was weakened and came to the human world.

It wasnt surprising that she exerted a mental power or momentum that overwhelmed the mental image of Transcended Link Kill.

...It was just very shocking to see her blocking Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle with her bare arms.

She used the back of her soft hands that werent even wearing gauntlets to block the dozens of blades from Link, the wavelengths of sword energy created by Transcend and Wave were blocked with her thin wrists, and she grabbed and twisted Kill with her bare hands...

It was amazing to see her read the trajectory of Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle and react to it, but the sight of her dealing with it using her bare body was even more incredible.

Now he was convinced.

Leraje released mucus from the skin and her characteristic seemed to be to half and block physical force.

‘This is usually a characteristic of amphibians.


She is an opponent who needs to be attacked using fire magic.

Yura had told him that the demons must abide by their agreements.

At the very least, Leraje couldnt harm Grid while the quest was active.

However, she was a great demon and he would have to risk his life fighting her one day.

He had to collect as much information as possible.

Characteristics and skills were the basics.

It was better to understand the personality.

Even if they had the same stats, they showed different battle patterns depending on their personality.

He should talk a lot with her.

“Do it again Your words...” Grid was trying to speak when he shut his mouth.

[The questConfrontation with Leraje has been cleared.]

[Lerajes Pledge has been acquired as a reward for clearing the quest.]

[Lerajes Pledge]

[The 10th Great Demon, Leraje, hates defeat.

Even if she loses the fight, she hopes it will be known that she won.

If you pledge never to say you have won against Leraje, she will reward you with a gift of gratitude.

Weight: 0.1]

It was a piece of paper asking him not to disclose the results of the duel to the outside world.

The blank signature line required Grids signature.


Grid confirmed the contents of the pledge and fully grasped Lerajes personality.

Hundreds of years ago, on the Behen Archipelago, Leraje was defeated by Madra and it was even Death Knight Madra.

However, Leraje concealed the truth.

She didnt tell the demons that Madra was a death knight and she also concealed her defeat, calling it a draw.

At first, Grid thought she had dementia.

Now it turned out to just be serious bluffing.

‘...It would be better to sign this.

The main reason Grid accepted Lerajes duel was because he coveted the quest rewards.

It was difficult to refuse because he had to sign it in order to get a reward.

The moment he refused, it would be meaningless to perform the quest.

‘There is nothing to lose if I go along with the bluff.

Grid calculated the maximum benefits and signed his name on the pledge without hesitation.

[You have made the pledge with Leraje.]

[The gag order is triggered due to the contract with a great demon.

If you leak the result of your fight with Leraje to others, you will be severely punished by the contract.]

[The right to terminate the contract belongs only to Leraje.]

Leraje confirmed Grid signed the pledge and spoke with a stiff expression, “Undefeated Kings successor.

You dont understand the nature of this confrontation.”


The atmosphere in the hall was cold.

There was doubt and confusion in the eyes of the thousands of demons staring at Leraje on the throne.

They were great demon candidates who saw great demons as competitors.The reason they looked up to and respected Leraje was because they were attracted by Lerajes saga of always winning.

However, now they witnessed Lerajes defeat.

They were stunned by Leraje using both arms straight away when she said she would only use one arm.

They started to doubt Lerajes strength.

She was in danger of losing her Supreme King status, which was maintained only by victory.

Leraje was anxious and hurriedly continued, “My—ugh.”

She bit her tongue and her skin turned red with shame.

Yet Leraje tried not to show it and kept insisting.

“...The reason I applied for a confrontation with you was to conclude my fight against the Undefeated King.

I assumed you were the successor of the Undefeated King, not anyone else, when participating in the fight.

However, you were cowardly and used a technique other than the Undefeated Kings Swordsmanship to destroy the essence of the confrontation.”

Leraje raised both arms.

The thin forearms that had been hidden by the wide sleeves appeared in front of the demons.

There wasnt even the smallest scratch on them.


The demons admired it.

The sword technique used a moment ago by the human contained an incredibly strong power.

They were sure that it would be hard for them to survive if they were targeted by the sword technique.

Meanwhile, Leraje wasnt hurt at all after confronting the sword technique.

Therefore, Lerajes strength really deserved its reputation.

The doubts they felt disappeared and respect rose again.

“Undefeated Kings successor.

I, Supreme King Leraje, couldve grabbed your neck and killed you instantly.

I showed mercy due to the fight I didnt win.

Be thankful for the circumstances and lets fight again with the right attitude.”

“Yes! You cowardly human! Dont play tricks and fight fairly!”


The demons started booing Grid.

They called him cowardly or told him to fight fairly.

‘Is this something demons should say

Lerajes castle—it was decorated like a banquet hall for human nobles and the atmosphere here was quite different from other places in hell.

It was cheerful and free.

It felt like Lerajes unique bluffing and stubborn persistence subtly distracted from the evils of the demons.

‘...In any case.

Now was the time to focus on the situation.

Grid checked the quest window that reappeared.

[Confrontation with Leraje (2)]

[Difficulty: SSS

Fight against the 10th Great Demon, Leraje.

If you make Leraje rise from the throne or use both arms within five minutes, it will be your victory.

However, the attack skills that can be used are limited to the Undefeated Kings Swordsmanship.

Quest Clear Reward: Lerajes gift.]

[Would you like to accept the quest]

“I will give you another chance.


A small, slender body that didnt match the huge throne—Leraje tried to be stern as she clapped her hands.

The opportunity was obtained by him, but the target was trying to look her best.

Grid smiled at the absurdity and nodded.

“Im coming.”

[The quest has been accepted.]


Grid wasnt in a hurry.

The opponent declared that she would sit still on the throne.

There was no need for him to roll, run around, or catch her.

He could just focus on attacking.

Just one strike.

He recalled and implemented the essence of the Undefeated Kings Swordsmanship.

“100,000 Army.” Grids waist twisted to the limit.

On the forearm holding the sword, his veins bulged like they were going to explode.

“Blockade Sword.”

A sword technique that dealt 100% attack damage to all visible enemies and gave theblockade effect for three seconds.

The scariest thing about the Undefeated Kings Swordsmanship lay in the fact that it used the Blockade Sword as a starting point.

The blockaded targets couldnt use any skills or magic for three seconds.

The Enlightenment Sword and Fire Dragon Sword had been combined into one item.

The moment it moved in a half moon shape, the air was cut and an eerie sound occured.


The demons lined up on the left and right of Lerajes throne.

The bodies of the demons in Grids field of view slanted.

They were cut by the Blockade Sword.

On the other hand, Leraje stopped it.

She raised one arm in a leisurely manner.

Her arm cut by the sword energy was glistening with mucus.

‘Is it lacking

Grid was filled with a momentary anxiety.

The Undefeated Kings Swordsmanship was naturally an excellent skill, but its power was weak compared to the five fusion sword dances.

It would be difficult to make her use both arms as long as the Blockade Sword couldnt cut the mucus.

At this moment—

[The hidden passiveGod\'s Command has reset the cooldown of 100,000 Army Blockade Sword.

If reused within three seconds, no resources will be consumed.]

A light of hope shone on Grid.

“100,000 Army Blockade Sword.”


Doubt rose in Lerajes eyes as she sensed the energy of the Blockade Sword again.

Yet once again, she blocked it with one arm.

The mucus covering her skin wasnt cut at all.

‘It isnt magic seeing that Magic Contemplation isnt activated.

Is it an inherent ability, so it isnt cut It was tricky and annoying.

Grid clicked his tongue and linked to the next sword technique without delay.

“100,000 Army Massacre Sword.”

A sword technique that dealt damage equivalent to 3000% of his attack power to the target and all those within a radius of 30 meters.

The damage even increased by 100% every time a target died, so the power of the Massacre Sword was terrifying.



Some of the demons previously cut by the Blockade Sword were killed by the Massacre Sword.

Gradually, the stronger sword energy squeezed into Lerajes mucus.

A line of blood flowed down Lerajes forearm.

[The hidden passiveGod\'s Command has reset the cooldown of 100,000 Army Massacre Sword.

If reused within three seconds, no resources will be consumed.]

“100,000 Army Massacre Sword.”

Grid used the Massacre Sword again without any delay.


Lerajes expression stiffened.

Despair was on the face of some of the demons who barely survived the Blockade Sword and Massacre Sword.

The demons who survived the previous sword techniques died and the sword energy that had grown more powerful cut at Lerajes forearm.

Her bleeding increased even further.

“200,000 Army Crushing Sword.”

[The hidden passiveGod\'s Command has reset the cooldown of 200,000 Army Crushing Sword.

If reused within three seconds, no resources will be consumed.]

“200,000 Army...”



He was lucky.

The damn God\'s Command.

There was a 50% chance of triggering it, but he felt like it was actually only a 10% chance.

Now it burst out three times in a row.

The effect was great.

Leraje had blocked the previous attacks with one arm, but now she reflexively raised both arms.

In the midst of the demons silence—


you arent the successor of the Undefeated King.” Leraje stared at Grid.

Her shaking body looked very resentful.

“Even the Undefeated King cant use the same sword technique twice.


you arent his successor.

You are his teacher.

Yes, you deceived me from the start.”

Leraje was the demon of struggle who had to fight and win.

Her reputation was damaged when she lost and this was directly connected to a decline in status.

Moreover, losing to the same target twice in a row...

it was something that absolutely wasnt allowed to happen.

“Me...! Are you mocking me This confrontation is null and void! It is invalid!”



Leraje was wronged to the point of tears.

She tried to refute it, but there were too many witnesses.

It was impossible to deceive them twice.

[The questConfrontation with Leraje (2) has been cleared.]

[You are qualified to enter Lerajes treasure warehouse as a reward for clearing the quest.]

“...I was lucky.”

It was easy for a winner to be relaxed.

Grid was humble.

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