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Flawless skin that shone smoothly, reminiscent of porcelain—Yura, who was on the battlefield, first captured peoples attention with her appearance. However, people forgot about her appearance when talking about her. They were busy praising her and admiring her. 


The jade-colored magic power stretched out in a straight line and turned all the demonic creatures in its path to ashes.

It was an artillery shell with a large strike range and penetration attributes.

She naturally targeted the weaknesses of the demonic creatures and overpowered Judars protection. 

A small number of demons avoided the attack, but they still died in the end due to the wave of jade-colored magic power that dug into their eyes. Yuras combat style of moving at the same time as shooting and settling things with swordsmanship was very different from the past. She used Hell Leap very quickly and aggressively.

The speed that resulted from it reminded people of Shunpo. 

“Youve worked hard! Leave the rear to us!” 

It was also thanks to efficient role allocation that Yura could maintain her best condition. The wave of demonic creatures repeated at regular intervals. Additionally, each wave had different types of demonic creatures. 

The Overgeared members reduced each others burden by choosing battles favorable to them. It was a strategy made by the blood and sweat of the strategist group, who finally established the formula for predicting the interval between waves and the emergence of demonic creatures, and the countless people who conveyed a lot of information to them. 

It was safe to say that the allies were of one heart and one mind.

They moved in unison to defend the continent. It was possible because there was Grid. A person with absolute force and trust suppressed the division of humanity. It was crazy from the position of hell. 

“Since ancient times, humanity has been the incarnation of desire and distrust.

It is easy for them to get caught up in temptation, but that trick isnt working these days... Croak,” Chepardea muttered to himself with an unbearable expression. 

The remaining war period was only 11 days. In the next 11 days, the magic power of the Abyss would begin to recover. The space where Sword Demon Zepar had cut would be restored, and hell and earth would become independent again.

The portals connecting the two worlds were scheduled to close. 

It seemed impossible to achieve the goal of killing and weakening the Overgeared God in that time. The fundamental problem was the difference in power. The military force of the humans was too strong.

It was vastly different from what was expected. 

The son of Beriache, and Zik of the seven malignant saints—they defended the main bases and were particularly troublesome. 

“She is making trouble even when dead.

She is truly a persistent and disgusting woman. Croak.” 

Beriache was Baals nemesis. Unlike Amoract, who initially agreed with Baals plan, she opposed and interfered with it from the beginning to end. The essence of hell and so on. 

‘A fool who clings to meaningless things. 

“It seems impossible to capture that place.” 

Chepardea, who had been lost in thought and swearing to himself, suddenly came to his senses as he heard the voice. 

Dantalions legacy—the transparent crystal castle was reflecting light in all directions. It was a phenomenon caused by the sunlight cast in hell in the aftermath of the worlds mixing together, and the crystals that were originally black and then were purified.

He involuntarily frowned. 

“Croak. It seems impossible for such a low-level thing like you.” 

Chepardeas sarcastic expression was cold.

He revealed his contemptuous eyes without hiding it. It was completely different from the days when he showed favor even when he tackled Agnus every time. 

Chepardea loathed Agnus. It was natural. He didnt play an active role in the war despite Baals direct intervention in giving him support. Agnus was the worst and most failed Baals Contractor ever. It was worse than Betty, who was abandoned after Baal completely lost interest. The fact that he was given some of Marbas power was a matter of great regret. 

“Then Im glad,” Agnus responded nonchalantly.

He regarded Chepardeas changed attitude as insignificant.

No, he accepted it comfortably. It was because he was accustomed to the contempt. He also understood how Chepardea felt. 

It was immediately after the start of the war. Agnus plan to quickly regain his levels by sweeping through the cities and battlefields was disrupted. The reason was that he was killed by Faker, who followed him like a ghost the moment he came to the human world.

The same situation was repeated several times afterwards.

He had to suspect if there was a location tracker attached to his body. Due to this, Agnus didnt grow properly.

He often received the penalty of being unable to connect due to consecutive deaths. 

He wasnt really angry. 

‘If I am weak, then I should be trampled on. 

It was a truth he realized from an early age. All the humiliation he was experiencing now was a matter of course. It was just retribution for the malice spread when he wandered as a maniac obsessed with the impossible resurrection of his lover.

He had no power to resist it.

That was all. 

In the midst of the moment of silence... 

“Im ready.” 

A demon crawled out of the small mirror in Chepardeas hand. 

An oruol—it was a well-known demon to Agnus. Its typical feature was that it crossed space throughthings that reflected light, so it was called the mirror demon. 


If we borrow this demons strength, we might be able to infiltrate the black crystal castle. 

Currently, Leraje had fled to the black crystal castle. The great demon who swallowed half of hells land while the demons were at war—she was only 10th in the ranking, but she was famous for not knowing defeat.

Even Chepardea was reluctant to deal with her. However, now things had changed. 

Leraje lost her reputation when raiding Gamigins soul vault.

It was an event that would directly lead to damage to her status. She didnt have the power to escape Chepardeas retribution. 

“Dont delay the time.

Immediately enter, kill Leraje, and seize her power and territory. Croak.” 

Chepardea sent a glance and the oruol nodded before using its power. Agnus felt the sensation of being sucked in somewhere. Once he came to his senses, he was in the interior of a building that he had never seen before. He easily infiltrated the black crystal castle which had been called an impregnable fortress. The power of the oruol, respected by Baals subordinate, was a near unreasonable force.

There was no exaggeration in the reputation. 

“You...” Leraje woke up from where she was lying on the bed.

Her eyes widened and she clearly looked flustered. The momentum of the supreme king was nowhere to be seen. It was the moment when the speculation that she was weakened had become a reality. 

“You didnt know who you were going against when I was away and made trouble. Croak. Leraje, you crossed the line.” 

“The line Do you have your own twisted line It is ridiculous.

The subordinates of Baal, who distorted hell in the name of abolishing the old laws to create new laws...” 

Lerajes words stopped halfway.

It was because Chepardeas long tongue grabbed her neck.

It was a cleanup with no room for resistance. 


one day, Baal...” 

Lerajes pink skin turned blue.

She could barely express these few words before her breathing faded. Nevertheless, she was smiling.

She seemed very pleased with Chepardeas stiff expression. 

Agnus was summoning his army. The huge room wasnt enough for the undead procession and it continued to line up outside the window. Just then, the tightly closed door was broken as a sign that something was approaching. A red-skinned demon and succubi pushed in. 

A questioning look appeared on Agnus face as he placed the death knights at the forefront to confront them. It was because the name of the succubi was preceded by the wordGrids succubus. 

‘Tamed monsters 

He was a talented guy.

How big was Grids domain Agnus couldnt guess any longer. 

You are weak.” The oruol looked at Agnus in a puzzled manner. It was because it confirmed the undead who died to the red-skinned demon and the succubi. 

Agnus snorted. 

“This is nothing sudden or unexpected.” 

The oruol was rushing at the red-skinned demon only to be crushed by something dark and collapsed. A death god was standing on its back as it stretched out on the ground like a dead frog. 


Did Faker chase him to hell to kill him Something wet and unpleasant passed by Agnus cheek as he laughed in an absurd manner. It was Chepardeas tongue. Faker moved from his spot to avoid the tongue that shot like a spear. 

At the same time, the oruol jumped up with its eyes full of anger. “I have been feeling your eyes for a while.

Have you been tracking me You dare to do that”


Faker didnt answer and silently observed the situation. He was flustered because he chased the mirror demon only to face an entirely unexpected situation.

Of course, his expression on the surface was calm.

He wasnt at a level where he would make the mistake of blurring his judgment due to agitation. 

-Kasim, first of all, I think we need to rescue Leraje. 

Leraje was an obvious ally. It was all thanks to her help that the members of the hell expedition survived Eligos, and it was the same when it came to Yura and Kraugels performance in hell. The Overgeared Guild appreciated Lerajes favor and value. 

Kasim replied from Fakers shadow. 

-I understand. 

The targets of the two assassins changed. They passed by the mirror demon and reached Chepardeas shadow. Then their daggers emerged over time to stab Chepardeas elongated tongue that was imprisoning Lerajes neck. The problem started from there. The mucus from Chepardeas tongue caused the daggers to slip. Then the mirror demon furiously attacked the two assassins that were trying to maintain a mental state that was as clear as a mirror. 

Faker and Kasim were hurt after failing to completely avoid the attack and had a gut feeling. 

‘It is dangerous.

The location really wasnt good. 

They finally found the path of the mirror demon and followed it.

Unexpectedly, they fell to hell. They even encountered Baals subordinate.

It was like facing a disaster.

It was hard to even talk about the odds of winning. 

It happened as the two of them were considering the worst result... 

“Human! You are too late!” the red-skinned demon, Glant shouted.

His excited expression was clearly revealed. 


Quiet footsteps followed.

It rang from the corridor beyond the broken door. The attention of Chepardea, the oruol, Faker, Kasim, and Agnus naturally headed that way.Then Chepardeas tongue was cut off. The army of undead filling the room lost their upper bodies as a group and tilted. Agnus entered the immortality state. 

“Didnt you ask me to protect the first floor” His breathing was calm despite releasing a tsunami of sword energy. It was Sword Saint Kraugel, who responded in a voice with no ups and downs. 

Lauel had decided there would be no crisis on the surface for the time being and sent Kraugel to hell to be Lerajes guard.

This made Kraugel feel something strange. It felt like he was unknowingly being treated as an Overgeared member. 

‘Well, it isnt bad.

Kraugels White Tiger Sword let out a low cry as he used the Matchless Swordsmanship.

The colorless sword energy cut at all concepts passing by. The growth-type weapon, which evolved to suit the ability of the Sword Saint, made explosive progress thanks to being innovated by the Overgeared God. 

Apart from that, there was also a huge build up in proficiency. A year of fighting against the yangban, Mir, in the east. The accumulated experience was flooding in the wake of the great human and demon war. It was the precursor to the birth of a new divine sword made by the Overgeared God and the Sword Saint. 


Wealth, honor, and wonderful and precious relationships—Grid had obtained everything.

Now his remaining goals were distinct and clear: Peace and stability. 

He longed for the strength to keep what he had accomplished. It was also a power to achieve more things. Right now, he had to save Pagmas soul and Hexetia.

He also had to stop the reset of the world that would happen at an unknown time in the future. 

Therefore, he came to Grenier. A myth usurper—it was the biggest target that Grid could aim for right away.

The class change book of an ancient legend was the final reward. 

‘Randy fights better than I expected. 

Grid had gained a lot of information in the last few hours. Tzudans memories recovered little by little as he climbed the mountain. This gave him a pre-understanding of the existence of the guardians.

He discovered that he would only be able to meet the Mountain King when he was acknowledged by them.

‘I can save my strength until I meet the Mountain King 

Considering the setting that they were born from the first chiefs and the Mountain King, it was right to classify the guardians as half-gods. He speculated they would be at least the same level as the yangbans and determined he would have to consume some strength before meeting the Mountain King. 

However, the development was different from what was expected.

Randy was unmatched. One reason was that the guardians were only at the level ofaverage yangban and they were inferior to Garam, but another reason was that Randys fighting power was outstanding. 

Randy was significantly restricted due to Skill Duplication. This was Randys limit, but he was overcoming it on his own. Even after consuming a few skills, he was good at handling the attacks of the guardians. His ability and judgment to utilize his body, weapons, and the environment caused Grid to feel admiration. This was the power of the intelligence stat.

Randys combat intelligence clearly went beyond the realm of an expert. 

‘Just looking at the control, he is better than me when Im not using the artificial senses.

[Tzudan is explaining that you can meet the Mountain King if youre acknowledged by the guardians.] 

[Tzudan is explaining that you can meet the Mountain King if youre acknowledged by the guardians.] 

Tzudan kept saying the same thing. Grid cocked his head and replied that he hadnt forgotten, but Tzudan repeated it over and over. 

[Tzudan is explaining that you can meet the Mountain King if youre acknowledged by the guardians.] 

“I already know that Ah.” Grid belatedly noticed the reason why Tzudan was making a fuss. It was because the health gauges of the guardians were reaching the bottom.

Before he knew it, they were on the verge of death. “...Isnt killing them naturally being acknowledged by them” 

[Tzudan feels dizzy.] 

[Haksen says that it is a good idea to postpone taking the lives of the guardians.] 

“Um...” Indeed, it was important to consider that the guardians might be the only connection to meeting the Mountain King. Grid was convinced and glanced at Randy. It was only then that the violence stopped. Randy might be seriously injured, but he was standing upright on both feet while the guardians were all knocked down in the conflict with Randy. 

The natives were unable to escape from the shock, while the guardians looked mortified. There were some self-reviews that the margin was paper-thin. The attitude was brazen, but it was understandable. 

Randy didnt completely overwhelm them. They fought for over 30 minutes, but no one was killed. Randy had half of Grids stats and his body was covered with dedicated items that Grid worked hard on. Even so, it was difficult to kill four half-gods who had been living and breathing for over a thousand years. Of course, this was enough. 


it is hard for us to handle you, so we will lead you directly to the Mountain King.

Follow us.” 

A way to meet the Mountain King was opened. Additionally— 

[Your pet \'Randy\' has entered an unidentified development period.

The exact details are still unknown.] 

Was it due to the ridiculous achievement of fighting and winning against half-gods when he was born as a monster Something was about to change for Randy. 

Grid quietly followed behind Randy. He was disguised as Irene using the skin mask. It was an effort to go unnoticed.

In order to avoid the mishap of consuming extra mental energy before meeting the Mountain King, he pretended to be an ordinary () person.

The guardians walking in front were exchanging cunning looks. 

‘Although we lost by a paper-thin margin— 

‘It was because we didnt grasp the opponents power properly.

The odds are high if we fight again. 

‘Finally, we can taste divinity.

No one knew that Randy was just a subordinate...


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