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The past 1,000 years. 

There were countless legends and myths buried on the great mountain, Grenier. The traces were surprisingly easy to find, such as the hundreds of thousands of sword marks carved all over the rock walls. Greniers Mountain King always reflected on the traces of the invaders. Every day, he studied the marks on the rocks, restored them, and developed them. 

Mountain Appearance and Flowing Streams—it was the origin of the myth rated skill obtained by Grid. It contained a thousand years of history, the willpower of the Mountain King to protect Grenier, and the legends and myths swallowed by the willpower of the Mountain King. Perhaps the best interpretation was all the skills in the world merging together.

It was a history itself that proved the struggle of various beings. 

[Mountain Appearance and Flowing Streams] 


Swordsmanship that embodies the mountain and streams. 

Towering mountain peaks, sheer cliffs, streams of water flowing along the mountain, rocks weathered by waterfalls, and pine trees standing alone—a sword depicting the landscape that someone has been protecting for a lifetime. 

★ The willpower stat will double when a sword type weapon is equipped. 

★ Additional effects will occur depending on the type of swordsmanship. 

★ The penalty of dual wielding is removed. 

★ When using dual wielding, two swordsmanship-related skills can be used simultaneously.

However, the cooldown time for the skill reuse is slightly increased. 

★ Enhance the passive skills if all swordsmanship-related skills cant be used.

Additional effects will occur depending on the form of the swordsmanship or regular attack.

However, it is limited to when a sword-type weapon is equipped.] 

A passive skill. The only condition was to equip a sword-type weapon or use swordsmanship-related skills. This meant that the skill was practically always applied to Grid. The performance was extraordinary. 

‘First of all, the power of skills affected by the willpower stat, including Storm of the Fire God, have been greatly strengthened.


Grid activated Storm of the Fire God as an experiment and took a step.

It was a light movement, but the shape of the sword was like a beam of light. It was the usage of Kill. 

“......!” Grids eyes widened. It was because the shockwave generated over time was split into three times instead of one. It was like the waterfall that weathered the rocks. A multi-hit effect was added to thestabbing type of skill. 


Grid got a chill and summoned the Overgeared Skeletons. It was necessary for him to closely observe the changes. Of course, he was reluctant. The Overgeared Skeletons might not know pain, but who would want to cut a precious pet However, it couldnt be helped. There were no scarecrows for training that could withstand the amount of damage that Grid dealt.

Rabbit would collapse. It was also impossible to use the God Hands whichdidnt receive damage as an output meter. 


A single sword strike pierced Overgeared Skeleton One three times. Assuming that Kill dealt 100 damage, this didnt mean that all three attacks dealt 100 damage each.

Following the 100 damage, the subsequent two attacks were reduced by 50% and 80% respectively. Still, it should be noted that this wasnt an active skill, but a passive skill that was always applied. In other words, it easily caused additional damage in the tens of percent. It was even applied as a multi-hit. Multi-hits were very useful because they could be used to consume the enemys defense skills.

Depending on the situation, it was much more effective than simply raising the base damage of the skill. 

‘Due to this, Im not satisfied with Zeratuls martial skill.

The dual wielding secret technique made by Zeratul was great enough. He disparaged it as a fake in front of Venice, but in his heart, he thought that Zeratul was the martial god for a reason. If he were to use dual swords with it, their attack power and attack speed would be greatly increased.

The pure power alone transcended the power of Mountain Appearance and Flowing Streams. It was obviously a myth rated skill. 

Honestly, he was afraid of Zeratuls power that allowed him to complete such a secret technique in a matter of days. If Zeratul decided to mass produce the secret techniques, it was questionable if Grid could handle the angels who acquired them and became stronger. 

However, Grid eventually chose the Mountain Kings secret technique. It wasnt due to personal feelings, but the disadvantages in Zeratuls secret technique. 

First, there were limitations to its sustainability. The increased attack power and attack speed were maintained when using two swords, but the more he used it, the more abnormal statuses that were induced. In particular, physical conditions such as fractures were highly likely to occur.

Thus, there was a possibility that he couldnt even use one sword, let alone two. 

Zeratuls personality was evident in it. It could be seen from the condition of the followers of the martial god that Zeratul didnt care about those who learned and used his martial arts. It didnt matter what side effects they suffered.

It was enough if they proved that his martial arts were the greatest in the world, even if they died. 

‘The downside isnt just that. 

Like other mastery skills, Mountain Appearance and Flowing Streams harmonized with Grids sword dances while Zeratuls secret technique wasnt in harmony. It was an omission caused by maximizing the effect of using two swords, but there was no advantage from Grids position. It was virtually meaningless to use two swords if the passive effect of the sword dances disappeared every time dual swords were used. 

‘It is a penalty that ordinary people will accept.

It could be asserted that Zeratuls dual wielding swordsmanship was the most powerful among the existing mastery skills. The average person wouldnt have any trouble abandoning their existing mastery skills. However, Grid couldnt take it. The damage was too great if the passive effect of the sword dance was given up. 

Based on this explanation, it might seem like Mountain Appearance and Flowing Streams was worse than Zeratuls secret technique, but this wasnt necessarily the case. 

The willpower stat increased, there were additional effects depending on the skills, two skills could be used at the same time, and the effect of passive skills were enhanced when skills werent available—the Mountain Kings secret technique had effects that werent available in Zeratuls secret technique. It was appropriate to interpret Mountain Appearance and Flowing Streams as a mastery optimized for auxiliary roles. 

‘I am certain at this point. 

The Mountain King had grasped his condition. He picked out secret techniques to meet what Grid lacked. It wasnt difficult when looking at the background of the Mountain King, who had encountered many legends and myths, and usurped them.

His insight couldnt be ordinary. 

‘In the first place, it was in the domain of the Mountain King. 

As expected, he might be equivalent to a high ranked dragon in his own territory. Lauel would disagree, but for now, it was right to guess like this. Grid highly appreciated the Mountain Kings power ofreducing the damage received. Unlike a dragons absolute defense, where damage could be dealt once the defense was penetrated, the Mountain Kings damage reduction was a passive skill that didnt have the concept of penetration.

\'...Still, is it too exaggerated to compare him to a high ranked dragon 

Could he be sure that he could actually deal significant damage after penetrating a dragons absolute defense No. Of course, Grid had met the evil dragon and gourmet dragon. It was just difficult to imagine the combat effectiveness since the gourmet dragon only enjoyed playing around.

On the other hand, the evil dragon was merely perceived as a disaster and he had no insight into it. Only the shocking stats were memorable.

He didnt have the opportunity to experience its skills, powers, etc. Above all, Grids level was too low at the time. 

‘It is likely to be a confusion caused by ignorance. 

The Grid who encountered the evil dragon was a completely different person from the current Grid. It wasnt an exaggeration to say that he was just a newborn baby when fighting the evil dragon. If he met the evil dragon again now...

there was a good chance that he would feel a completely different appreciation than before. 

‘It is said that an old dragon is comparable to the martial god. 

Of course, the martial god mentioned here might be Zeratul, not Chiyou. So could Grenier be equivalent to Zeratul 

‘Im not sure.

The Zeratul I saw was just the version that descended to the surface. 

Thedomain was the problem. Just as great demons were different in hell compared to the surface, and angels and gods were different in heaven compared to the surface, he was constantly confused due to the wide variation in power according to each individual domain. He might have a worse impression of the Mountain King if he had encountered the Mountain King in a place other than Grenier. 

‘Eventually, it is a fact that I will experience directly. 

He had to try not to be frustrated when that time came. 

“...Lets start again.” 

Clack clack! Clack clack clack! 

The Overgeared Skeletons forgot to speak today. They only moved their jaws despite being able to speak the human language.

It was an effort to swallow their screams. Thanks to their sublime sacrifice, Grid was able to identify and check all the detailed effects of Mountain Appearance and Flowing Streams. It was the same for the other three legendary skills. 

[Calm Before the Storm] 

[Instantly has a 50% damage reduction effect the moment it is used. 

Enter a state ofno action for at least 3 seconds up to 10 seconds.

Obtain 10 rage per second. 

If the rage level becomes higher than 20, all enemies within a radius of 5 meters will have their actions slow down. 

The higher the rage, the greater the influence range and deceleration effect.

Once it is released,all reduced damage will be returned to all targets within the influence range.

There will be an additional 2 seconds of stun. 

The probability of stunning is in proportional to the rage value.

If 100 rage is accumulated then there is a 100% chance.

Ignores the stun resistance of the target at this time. 

Skill Cooldown Time: 30 minutes. 

Skill Mana Cost: 25,300] 

First, he got a new field skill. The constraints were large and the conditions were difficult, but it was very suitable for a reversal. It could easily reverse the situation depending on how it was used. However, there was a very big drawback. 

“Are you qualified to bear my rage” 

...He needed a starter phrase to activate the skill. 

“Regret it.” 

It was even whenever his rage was charged. 


Lines were added. 


Unlike his willpower, his mouth opened against his will. It was the force of the system. It seemed to be an effect based on the skill structure of suppressing the enemys momentum with anger. 

‘Which evil eye crawled all the way to Grenier He had no choice but to doubt the origin of the skill. 

Grid sighed, but he soon controlled his emotions. Thanks to the evil eyes who were active at the Abyss during the great human and demon war, peoples perception of chuunibyous gradually improved. 

‘...No, it isnt comforting at all 

In any case, there were still two skills left.

[Darkness Sword] 

[When activating the skill, each attack has a 30% chance of generating additional attacks proportional to 60% of the magic attack power. 

The additional attacks will occur at the targets feet and cant be defended against with physical force. 

Skill Cooldown Time: None. 

Skill Mana Cost when Activated: 10,000. 

Mana Cost When Skill is Active: 500 per second.

*An additional 2,500 mana is consumed every time the skill is activated.] 

A skill that could only be defended against by using evasion or mana-related skills. The chance of triggering it wasnt high at 30%, but it was difficult to be disappointed when thinking about Grids attack speed. If he used Link against Overgeared Skeleton One, there were more than 10 dark blades that rose from the feet of Overgeared Skeleton One. 

‘The mana consumption is crazy. 

Grid was enjoying the effect of the Ring of Absurdity and other items. The mana consumed when using a skill was less than half of the requirements. Nevertheless, mana was constantly sucked out. This was caused by his very high attack speed. Still, it was definitely a good skill. It was powerful and versatile enough to be coveted by everyone. It was also cool. Once more than 10 blades soared up at the same time, it gave people the illusion that their position completely blackened and disappeared. 

‘It is all good.

All good... 

The last skill was the problem. 

[King of the Mountain] 


If your health falls below 30%, you will be protected by the Mountain King. 

All speeds will increase significantly and you will enter a fluidization state which can penetrate materials. 

Every time the attack target is penetrated, the damage caused to the target is doubled.

It is up to 20 times.

However, only up to four times the skill damage is applied. 

★ In the King of the Mountain state, evasion rate will increase by 51%. 

* The skill will remain until health is restored to above 30%.

Up to one hour. 

Skill Cooldown Time: 1 hour and 5 minutes. 

Skill Mana Cost: None.] 

The stacking of effects wasnt a problem for Grid who could use Shunpo. The moment he set the target of the attack and used Shunpo, he could start stacking up the effects. He was excited about the harmony with Lightning God. However, it was difficult to keep his health below 30%. 

If he attacked the target while wearing the lifestealing items, his health would increase to more than 30%.

Even if the lifestealing items were removed, he would quickly reach 30% health due to his natural recovery speed. It was inefficient because turning off Storm of the Fire God to suppress his healing power would weaken him as a result. 

‘It would be nice if a great demon chased me around and used Doom. 

Grid had strange and absurd thoughts due to his regret. However, there was a smile that spread on his face. He was extremely happy because of his new skills.


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