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Chapter 1606

“The gap is too long.”

Nefelina was self-aware.

She knew she was a dragon.

Of course, it was true that she was just born.

She knew she was younger than the little children running around on the streets.

However, she was a dragon.

She was even the direct descendant of an old dragon.

She hadnt grown up yet and she would be classified as a hatchling for a thousand years.

Nefelina was clearly aware she was a great being.

She knew why Grid protected her and cared for her.

Potential—Grid respected Nefelina, who was destined to become an Absolute.

He waited for the future to come.

It was a future they would share together.

It was mutual reliance on each other.

Then what was this She hadnt seen Grid in over five months.

“Bah,” Nefelina snorted and put down her fork and knife.

She saw her reflection in the mirror.

A great being in human form, wearing human clothes, using human tableware, and consuming food in the human way.

This was her current self.

It was tailored for Grid.

She was looking forward to the future with Grid, so she endured the unwelcome present.

She understood and accepted human culture, sentiments, and emotions, even while abandoning her dignity as a great being.

It was an effort to get along with Grid.

However, Grid wasnt by her side.

He was originally a wanderer, but this was the first time there was such a long absence.

These days, the big dining table felt lonely.

“Does he have the will to be with me in the future when he isnt with me now Is this the fish he caught Is this handling me It is disgusting.”

Nefelina was young.

Furthermore, the side effects of learning about human emotions and sentiment meant she longed for parental affection.

Finally, she jumped up from her seat and raised her magic power.

She sucked the remaining dozens of servings of food into her mouth without touching them.

It couldnt be helped because she was growing up.

Putting aside her anger, she had to eat three meals a day…

“An apostle must be by the side of their god.”

The hatchlings words were beyond words.

She had tried to use Dragon Words before, but it was impossible.

The power of Dragon Words increased by fulfilling the covenant and accumulating status.

However, Nefelina was of the blood of an old dragon.

She might be the daughter of the insane dragon, but Nevartans madness wasnt acquired.

Nefelina didnt inherit the madness.

She inherited only the talent and qualifications.

She was clever enough to use a shortcut to pull out her potential.

She took advantage of the laws.

The beginning that went back into ancient times.

The laws established by the gods that existed from the beginning.

Gods had apostles and the apostles always followed the gods orders by the gods side.

Nefelina disappeared as soon as she added the weak Dragon Words to the laws that governed the world.

The triggering of Dragon Words was successful but incomplete.

At this moment, her position was close to the area where Gird was located.

She could be compared to a cow who entered the slaughterhouse on her own.


“Oh my.”

Sariel smiled softly when she felt Nefelinas presence disappear.

She felt peace at the sight of the young hatchling playing freely alone.

The peace that humans protected by defeating the demons who climbed up from hell—it was infinitely noble and lovable.

She was envious of the other free apostles.

Of course, Sariel wasnt shackled.

The Overgeared God guaranteed the freedom of his apostles.

However, Sariel was concerned about going berserk.

She had been imprisoned in the abyss and lived as a demon for a long time.

The demonic energy and madness that accumulated over the years when she forgot her origin were still wriggling inside her.

“Do you prefer warm tea” It was a question from Empress Irene.

She was worried about Sariel, who suddenly fell silent.

Sariel laughed as she was handed a cup of tea with ice floating in it.


Any kind gift is good.”

Currently, Sariel was a woman.

It was the result of learning from experience that the appearance of a woman was better when hanging out with Irene.

She understood human physiology like Nefelina.

“Sorry for being late.” Mercedes arrived one step late.

Her cheeks were slightly flushed.

Why was this the case when the ruler of knights wouldnt lose her breath even when racing around Reinhardt Irene was puzzled but she didnt show it as Mercedes sat next to her.

Irene, who was qualified to be the empress; Mercedes, who followed the chivalric code; and Sariel, who administered justice even to the gods—the three women with strong beliefs had a lot in common.

An emotional rapport was easily achieved.

They respected and admired each other and enjoyed being together.

This short tea time after breakfast was an extension of their friendship.

Sariel stared at Mercedes, who had a somewhat embarrassed expression, and opened her mouth, “Among the desires, sexual desire isnt a sin.

Rather, it is sacred because it allows for species to reproduce.”

“Pfft…!” Mercedes spat out the cold tea that she had taken a sip of.

The tea that was spat out failed to wet Sariel.

The light that spread around Sariel—every crystal of that light that was smaller than a grain of sand was Sariels magic power and divinity.

It operated as a barrier that couldnt be invaded using ordinary means.

Sariel cocked her head.

“Why are you embarrassed I was just advising you not to worry because you were making an expression like you are a sinner.

Do you really feel guilty for being late Huhut, you are so pure.

You arent late.

The empress and I just arrived earlier than agreed upon.”

“W-W-What were those words you said just now…”

Mercedes cheeks turned even redder.

Sexual desire Why all of a sudden The intentions of Sariel, who had an innocent look on her face, was hard to read even with Keen Insight.

“S-S-Sexual desire”

“Are you in denial It is strange.

The portraits in your bathroom should be a means of satisfying your sexual desires.

You always look at those portraits while soaking in the bathtub…”


Sariel spoke vulgar words that were difficult to accept with common sense without changing her expression.

Mercedes, who was staring at her in disbelief, belatedly came to her senses and shouted, “Stop! Shut up.”

When did you peek at my bathroom

Mercedes had a strong desire to argue, but she couldnt do so.

Archangel Sariel was the one who monitored all the sins of the world, even the sins of the gods.

Moreover, her mission was to protect Irene.

It was natural for Sariels gaze to reach every corner of Reinhardt.

The perception of angels also wasnt the same as humans.

She might not even know the concept of privacy.

It meant Mercedes would just lose if she argued with Sariel while talking about common sense.

“Ah…” Irene sighed as she silently listened to the conversation.

She finally learned the identity and usage of the transparent material that the alchemists of Reidan risked their lives to protect.

It was both surprising and embarrassing.

Mercedes couldnt raise her head…

Irene comforted her, who couldnt lift her head out of shame and guilt.

“Dont be too hard on yourself.

Isnt it because you love His Majesty”

“…Thats right.

Besides, I never dreamed that the alchemists would even risk their lives to protect it.”

It meant she had no intention of sacrificing the alchemists to satisfy her desires.

But… in any case, she was sorry and embarrassed.

Irene patted the shoulder of the speechless Mercedes again.

“It is an object that the alchemist risked their lives to protect, so you should cherish it even more and use it well… you have an obligation to do so.

No one blames you, so be proud.”

On the other hand, Sariel didnt comfort Mercedes.

“You shouldnt be like this as an apostle, but… dont resent the Overgeared God.

We shouldnt interpret it as your desire being aroused by loneliness because God neglected you.

It is sinful to doubt and resent God based on mere reasoning.

I think God is testing you, who has stronger desires than the average person, so you should try to overcome the ordeal with a reverent heart.”


What was she doing here Mercedes felt a sense of humiliation and hoped that this uncomfortable tea time would end soon…


The sixth apostle, Zik.

After hundreds of years of reigning as the grandmaster and meddling in the internal affairs of Saharan, he also had high political power.

He was literally an all-rounder and Lauel was obsessed with him.

It was to the point where Zik was placed in all types of positions, was supported and entrusted with duties.

“Did a traitor appear”

At the imperial palace…

Zik cocked his head as he sat in the office and looked at documents.

It was because he felt Mercedess dizzying energy coming from the direction of the Overgeared Temple.

It was a rare disturbance from the ruler of knights.

For a moment, killing intent and despair crossed, so it seemed like she had encountered quite a shocking incident.

‘Ill find out later.

It wasnt easy for secrets to exist between transcendents.

They had reached the level of seeing through all things and easily grasped each other and delved into secrets.

It was a desperate fact for Mercedes, but it was unavoidable.

There were so many monsters in Reinhardt.

Just then, a deafening sound was heard in the distance.

Ziks gaze shifted outside the window.

It was a gaze that crossed the vast agricultural fields beyond the city and reached the top of a mountain.

He secured his vision by adding the power of runes to the body of a half-god.

The figure of Braham was captured in the field of view that exceeded Barbatos Vision.

Among the monsters who inhabited Reinhardt, he was an expert who could compete for the top position.

He had been studying new magic for months and now his expression was serious.

He looked very unpleasant at the sudden uninvited visitor.

The identity of the intruder was Piaro.

The one who was obviously the weakest among the Overgeared Gods six apostles.

Piaros weakness was an unavoidable problem.

He was nothing more than an ordinary human being and couldnt match half-god Zik; Beriaches descendant, Braham; Archangel Sariel; the child of the insane dragon, Nefelina; and Mercedes, who had the power of Keen Insight.

‘It would be different if he was the Sword Saint.

Piaro was from Saharan.

Zik naturally knew Piaro.

Piaro might not know it, but Zik had been watching him since childhood when he hadnt yet become a knight.

He was slightly interested in humans with such capabilities because they were rare even throughout the eras.

In fact, Piaro grew wonderfully.

He became the leader of the Red Knights, became a great swordsman, and then a legendary farmer and apostle of the Overgeared God.

He mightve given up on the path of the Sword Saint, but it was clear that he was an outstanding human being.

He might be the weakest alongside Nefelina among the apostles, but he was at the level of pretending to be an absolute to the world.

Zik respected Piaro.

He seemed to have visited Braham for advice, so Zik cheered for him.

‘Operating nature is completely different from using magic, but… he must want to grab at any straw.

I hope he can cross the wall as soon as possible, even if he has to be wary of overdoing it.

Zik was thinking this when he suddenly stiffened.

He stopped the hand that was signing the paperwork.

It was because the golden agricultural fields surrounding Reinhardt shook all at once.

The trees and flowers of the imperial palaces garden also shook loudly.

They detected the existence of Piaro on the distant mountain and distributed energy to him.

It meant that the range of Natural State had expanded tremendously.


It had been a long time since Piaro came back, but it wasnt just trying to get advice.

A smile spread across Ziks face as he felt rare admiration.

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