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Chapter 1721

The staff with a transparent blue color—the short staff that fit snugly in Eupheminas small hand was as beautiful as a piece of glasswork.

Wouldnt it be popular as an accessory in the real world sooner or later It had such an elegant appearance that it caught the heart of Euphemina, who liked pretty things.

There was one part that impressed Euphemina.

It was the effects of the item.


[Rating: Myth

Magic attack power: 8,990 Durability: 1,480/1,480

* Intelligence 1,000

* Double the maximum mana.

Perfect Memorial can be used up to two times.

Slightly increases the power of attack magic used.

Every time the resource consumed for the magic is changed, the power of the next magic will increase.

This can stack up to 5 times.

The effect is reset when the same type of resource is consumed continuously.

Slightly reduces the cooldown of defensive magic used.

Every time the resource consumed for the magic is changed, the cooldown of the next magic will reduce.

This can stack up to 5 times.

The effect is reset when the same type of resource is consumed continuously.

Slightly increase the duration of secondary magic used.

Every time the resource consumed for the magic is changed, the duration of the next magic will increase.

This can stack up to 5 times.

The effect is reset when the same type of resource is consumed continuously.]

Mana, black magic power, and divine power—these were the perfect item effects for Euphemina, who dealt with many types of resources.

Considerable proficiency was required to maximize the effectiveness of the options, but even that felt like trust from Grid.

Euphemina realized that Grid had always been watching her.

Grids melting eyes that were often seen by Irene, Mercedes, Yura, Jishuka, and Basara automatically appeared in her mind.

‘…You promised a long time ago not to do this.

Euphemina shook her head and tapped her cheeks that were protruding like a hamster with her small hands.

It was as if to shake off the blush that had appeared.

Then her face, which she struggled to restore, soon turned red again.

It was due to looking at the description under the item effects.

[A staff created by the Overgeared God Grid to honor the achievements of the great magician Euphemina.

He referred to Eupheminas performance and the advice of his apostle, Braham.]

This beautiful and powerful staff, which transformed to fit the users intentions, was Grid and Brahams tribute to Euphemina.


Euphemina casually tried to use magic.

The staff, which was as blue as her pure mana, seemed to glow.

Then it changed into a form that stretched out light like taffy.

The quality of the staff changed when she used magic with divine power as the medium.

The same was true when using black magic power.

‘I should pay more attention to the coordination.

It was a style coordinate that covered all the colors of the staff that changed in real time.

Euphemina was full of bright smiles as she had ordinary worries like a woman of her age.

A gift courtesy of Grid and Braham—she got theirtribute. Today had become one of the happiest moments since her birth.

At the same time, Eupheminas opponent appeared on the stage.

“You are the child who consumed the Fruit of Good and Evil.”

It was a god in the form of a woman.

She didnt have the qualities to enchant the viewers like Melory, the Goddess of Love, but her beauty remained unparalleled.

Of course, Eupheminas beauty wasnt bad even when facing her.

She was just lacking a bit with her height and chest.

She was a bit less developed.

‘In fact, it doesnt make much of a difference.

Womens underwear had been developing since the Middle Ages.

In modern times, womens underwear boasted so many different functions that it seemed to have created the wordovergeared. It meant the size of the chest and pelvis could be adjusted as much as they wanted.

In Eupheminas opinion, the difference between herself and the goddess was really meaningless…

“When talking about you… the angels trembled like they had seen a demon.

However, reality is quite different.

You are small and cute.”

“Am I small That is an unusual sentiment.” Eupheminas temples twitched.

The smile on her face was still maintained.

“How can I, a grown lady, be small Perhaps it is because a gods perspective is different from humans, or simply because you are older, but you dont have eyes to see at all.”

“We can understand humans even if we have a different perspective from humans.

Additionally, gods dont have the concept of age.

So my impressions would be general ones… Hmm, are you misunderstanding that I am ridiculing you I didnt mean to disparage you.

I hope this clears up the misunderstanding.”

Each and every word delivered by the goddess Ciara had a clear and beautiful melody.

It made people feel like they were listening to a song while they were just having a conversation.

It was because she was the Goddess of Melodies.

Euphemina suddenly felt calm.

She brushed off the anger she felt toward Ciara, who called hersmall. In the first place, the opponent was a god.

The mysterious appearance illuminated by the halo made her feel awe.

She took a step back on her own.

Perhaps the only ones who could treat a god the same as ordinary humans were Grid and Braham.

“Well, since you apologized… any misunderstandings will be cleared up.”

“Thank you.”

Ciara, the Goddess of Melodies, was basically favorable to humans.

She especially loved artists.

It was because she knew the pain of creation all too well.

She easily resonated with humans.

“I will play you a melody in return.”

The music that Ciara spread to humanity was a masterpiece she made with painstaking effort.

Her inspiration was gradually depleted and she was always in need of new inspiration.

This was why Ciara learned martial arts from Zeratul.

She succeeded in pioneering a new genre.

Martial arts—the skills acquired in order to hurt someone, protect someone, survive, or to honor someone.

The experience of vigorously using her body and embracingfighting spirit provided a fresh stimulus for Ciara.

At this moment, the music she expressed was as passionate as it had ever been.

The beginning of the performance was from the moment she took out the polearm and stabbed it into the ground.

The sound made by Ciaras hand gestures with the thick spear, the sound of the blade cutting the wind, the roar of the stage shaking, etc.

All the sounds accumulated melodies one by one and made music.

Euphemina felt it instinctively.

If Ciara used her power—

The moment her performance began, Euphemina would be in a big crisis.

Every single melody would act as a deadly attack.

Eupheminas vision shook in a dizzying manner.

It was because Ciara slashed through the air with the polearm that was taller than her and caused turbulence.

A huge wave tore apart the atmosphere and distorted the space itself.

It was hard to believe this was possible through sheer physical force…

Euphemina strengthened her agility and reflexes with secondary magic that was overlapped in an instant and cast shield magic.

Even so, she uncontrollably shed blood.

“The tune is violent and gloomy.

Is it a mourning song for Zeratul”

“Haha, even the same music sounds different depending on the listeners mind or situation.

You just have to accept it as you feel it.”

It was Ciara who responded kindly.

In fact, her heart was very complicated.

A god who had been born just a while ago—Braham, the God of Magic and Wisdom, happened to be a demonkin.

He was the son of one of the Three Evils of the Beginning, Beriache.

The lineage of a demon became a god.

It shouldve been impossible even if the myths and divinity of the gods were stolen.

It was a miracle that occurred because the large number of people gathered here worshiped Braham.

Consequentially, it meant that Zeratul contributed to it.

The great sin of making a demon a god—perhaps heaven right now was discussing how to punish Zeratul.

Those who participated in the incident were likely to be punished as well.

‘In this situation…

Ciara saw the staff held by the human girl in front of her.

It was a staff that suddenly had demonic energy.

It revealed the girls essence.

Good and evil that revised the laws of the world.

It meant that the sinner who ate the terrible fruit harbored an evil that was no different from Braham.

What if Ciara was defeated in this situation She feared that she would also commit the same mortal sin as Zeratul.

The moment Euphemina defeated a god, she was likely to become a god, just like Braham.

The group chanting Eupheminas name hinted at the possibility.

‘I must never lose.

It was at a time when the Seven Malignant Saints invaded Asgard—Ciara, who had shed tears and played a song to mourn them, felt full of killing intent at this moment.

It was the first time since she was born that she had the heart to harm a human.

Was it due to fear of being punished No, she simply wanted to prevent the swarm of theevil gods. It was a duty she took for granted as a heavenly god.

Ciara violently swung the polearm horizontally.

Her long finger holding the spear blade tapped on it.

In real time, she tapped it and generated sound waves.

It was a trick that was hard to see as being in the realm of power.

It was the utilization of divinity.


Euphemina grasped this and once again used defensive magic.

She never saw a chance to fight back even with all types of secondary magic on her body.

Ciaras offensive was so fast and powerful that there was no room to disperse her attention.

It was literally the majesty of a god.

Ciara was a different being from anyone Euphemina had ever fought.

How did Kraugel, let alone the apostles, fight and win over these monsters She was facing this great sense of doubt and showing a dark expression when she became aware of the staff that she was carrying in her hand.

The reason why Kraugel was able to cut a god—it wasnt just because his skills were strong.

Grids items helped.

Her current self was also being helped by Grids items.

‘…It isnt a question of whether I can win or not.

She had to win.

That was her duty as someone who received Gridstribute. Euphemina thought of thePerfect Memorial option attached to Tribute and attempted triple casting.

Her mana was used to maintain the defense magic while she chanted different spells within her mind and with her mouth.


Ciaras eyes widened slightly as she easily tore down the defensive wall that Euphemina had built.

It was because Eupheminas staff shone blue, black, and white at the same time.

She was naturally vigilant.

“It is like this.”

Zeratuls voice echoed in Ciaras mind.

Old memories came to mind.

The technique of cutting through with a huge polearm.

It was more the concept of hitting than cutting, so it was difficult to learn.

However, the memory that came to her at this moment allowed her to master the technique perfectly.

The blade of the polearm that fell quickly tore apart Eupheminas layered defense wall in an instant.

The demonic energy, which was forming a darkness reminiscent of the universe, immediately rushed in and tried to build a new barrier, but it was stopped.

The polearm had already pierced Eupheminas inner defensive wall and cut Eupheminas clavicle.

Just in time, Eupheminas spell casting ended.

A galaxy started to embroider the stage, which was just wrapped in a dark background.

It was magic that only manifested when mana, black magic power, and divine power was used at the same time.

It was the precursor toStardust, which had given Euphemina a faint divinity due to magic that shouldnt have existed originally.

“Cough!” Euphemina spilled dark blood and laughed as she endured the dizzying pain.

She fired attack magic rather than attempting defense magic that would stop working right away.

She spread out Stardust without activating it and cast other magic.

Of course, the magic consumed different resources sequentially.

It was a process that maximized the power of Tribute.

[The immortality state will end in 5 seconds.]

[The immortality state will end in 4 seconds.]

[The immortality state will end in 3…]

[The immortality state will end in 2…]

Her vision flashed a soft red to warn her of the danger.

It was an urgent signal that time was running out.

It was a crisis that Euphemina wasnt a stranger to.

She wasnt disturbed by nervousness and maintained her composure.

She activated Stardust only after five spells were cast.

The galaxy struck Ciara.

“Um…!” Ciara had been preparing for it and responded appropriately.

She swung her polearm and spread the blue-green divinity.

It was a move that defeated the galaxy from all directions.

However, once wasnt enough.

A new galaxy was pouring in behind the receding galaxy.

[Perfect Memorial]

[Attribute the magic in its full form.

The magic attributed to Perfect Memorial will share a separate cooldown with the magic you use yourself.]

It was a joint attack that utilized the option of the staff.

It was a situation where she had to be prepared to die anyway.

Euphemina endured the worst condition calledMana Backflow while using her ultimate techniques in succession.

A great sense of weakness followed and her field of view turned foggy.

[The… immortality… ended…]

[You have… died…]

The notification windows that followed were so faint that she couldnt identify them properly.


This sensation.

She died.

‘I lost.

She felt sorry.

She felt more guilty about disappointing Grid and Braham rather than dying, only for a new notification to be renewed in her vision.

[God of Melodies… Cia… defeated…]


The content was long.

This was a problem because she couldnt really see it.

However, she clearly saw one sentence.

[Your modifier… Overgeared Magic…]

[Do you want to resurrect at the saved point]


Euphemina couldnt answeryes. She wanted to ignore reality for a moment.

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