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Chapter 1735

A bombardment required mathematics.

No matter how good the performance of the cannon, it was useless if the correct coordinate values werent calculated.

This was one of the reasons why Lost Justice chose to be an artilleryman.

She ran a clothing shop and made tens of thousands of clothes.

This meant she was a master of aligning angles.

Based on her experience of doing it thousands of times a day, she measured the angle of the bombardment in an amazing manner.

She often heard people asking if she would rather become a tailor if she wanted to use her specialty, but this was the insensitive meddling of people who knew nothing.

Doing what she did in real life in Satisfy as well Would she still be able to enjoy Satisfy Not at all.

Rather, she wouldve felt it was a second workplace and quit from the stress.

It has been a while since Ive had a chance to play an active role in front of Grid.

The Overgeared Artillerymen—it was ever since becoming the head of a guild with the name of Overgeared.

Lost Justice had been trying to repay Grid for believing in her and entrusting her with this heavy duty.

She was often more faithful to Satisfy than her main job, and gained level and experience.

It was an effort to use the Overgeared Cannons better than anyone else.

She was originally talented, so this effort paid off.

She was proud of her one hundred hits in a hundred shots.

Now she was able to bring out the full potential of the weapon: the cannon.

It was especially so when it was the Overgeared Cannon that she treated like her own body.

Lost Justice was proud of being in a realm where she wasone with the object. This was even though she wasnt a legend or transcendent.

Originally, a craftsman was like a sword that had been forged with time and experience.

The years of growing with the divine object, the Overgeared Cannon, were Lost Justices skill and pride.

-We cant make any mistakes and must do well!


Tomb of the Gods—the members of the Overgeared Artillerymen aboard the super large flying ship were initially very nervous.

Some were overwhelmed by the enormous size of the flying ship, while others were worried about whether they could quickly adapt to the divine object.

However, the cannon they saw when sitting in the artillery seat was familiar.

It was the Overgeared Cannon they had been using.

The only difference was that it was created by Greed.

-Eh Isnt this something that we cant control


The material is Greed…

-Isnt it just auto-firing Do we just need to calculate the coordinates from the side

-Greed cant speak or communicate.

How can we calculate the coordinates


Lost Justice calmed the bewildered crew and laid her hand on the Overgeared Cannon.

[The Tomb of the Gods has recognized the playerLost Justice.]

[You have permission to use the weapon.]

[All functions of the Overgeared Cannon are activated.]

It was the permission of Grid.

Permission to permeate a part of him.

It was the best reward for Lost Justice and the artillerymen.

It was proof that they had gained the trust of Grid, whom they had long admired.

-From now on, we are Grids cannons!


The artillerymen, who had been active in all types of battles, were more powerful and enthusiastic than ever.


[The effect of Greed has causedDisintegrate to occur.]

[The effect of Greed has causedMeteor to occur.]

[The effect of Greed has causedMeteor to…]



It was the unimaginable power of the Overgeared Cannons made by Greed.

The moment they fired it, spears of light flashed and meteorites fell one after another.

It was a spectacular sight that couldnt be seen even in the Great Human and Demon War.

It retained a transcendence as strong as the power shown by the gods who served Zeratul when they first confronted Grids apostles.

Naturally, it was proportional to its power.

The endless procession of meteorites had the power to threaten even their allies on the ground, so Lost Justice and the artillerymen were forced to feel worried.

They couldnt believe that the historic moment when the Tomb of the Gods first set sail would be decorated with a team kill… their faces turned white.

“”What is this… did that being called Braham invent magic that could divide into tens or hundreds””

“”That sounds absurd.””

On the ground…

The speculation of the Specters Sword as he witnessed the bombardment of meteorites from the sky touched the heart of the Specters Staff.

Multiplying himself into tens or hundreds and casting hundreds of great magic spells at once It was nonsense.

It was impossible even if Braham was the God of Magic.

It was because this wasnt in the realm of magic itself.

“”If it isnt magic, then what is it””

“”I dont know.

I can only interpret it as the power of the great god, Grid.”

The ground was shaken by the bombardment.

The forest was no longer a forest.

The No Offspring Tomb, which gradually disguised itself as a mountain as the years passed, started to reveal its huge appearance to the world.

It was a disaster caused by the bombardment of that ignorantly large flying ship.

[TheNo Offspring Tomb has been revealed to the world.]

[It is a great achievement of theTomb of the Gods.]

The map of the world was updated along with these world messages.

In the middle of the southeast, the nameNo Offspring Tomb was engraved when it hadnt existed before.

It was as important as the lair of the Fire Dragon Trauka.


The bombardment, which seemed to never end, finally stopped.

After the hazy smoke was cleared and the entrance of the No Offspring Tomb exposed, the ground resembled the surface of the moon.

It was due to the craters that appeared everywhere.

The Specters Sword and the Specters Staff in the center were unharmed.

The magic shot by Greed was affected by the users stats.

The destructive power of Meteor that poured out from the Overgeared Cannons was practically just the power that came from its mass.

In fact, the power of Disintegrate, which was activated before Meteor, was poor.

This was a story of when the Specters Sword and the Specters Staff were targeted.

The dozens of death knights and liches that followed them were considerably damaged.

They couldnt fully handle the mass of Meteor.

“”That is really a flying No Offspring Tomb.

It is a disadvantage to face it head-on.””

The judgment of the Specters Sword and Staff were quick.

They turned their backs without hesitation and tried to escape inside the No Offspring Tomb.

They planned to use the place where the Tomb of the Gods wouldnt be able to enter.

“Cowards! Are you running away” Chris group barely survived and tried to provoke them, but failed.

Huroi was the only person in the world who could provoke a higher ranking transcendent with just a few words.

“They must be worried about their masters osteoporosis.” And there was Huroi.

He just dropped from the Tomb of the Gods.

It was while riding on a wyvern.

“There will be no cartilage left in the joints of the old one in the back room who has been hiding for a long time.

If there is no one to support it from the side, Im afraid that even movement will be difficult.”

“”…This guy, are you talking about our master right now””

The Specters Sword couldnt help stopping his movements and gritting his teeth.

The Staff advised him not to fall for these low-grade tricks, but he ignored it.

““How dare you talk about age and joints to a great god who is discussing eternity””

“Eternity Hasnt it just survived by fiercely disguising the tomb as a mountain I dont know if it is talking about eternity.”

“”You… I will kill you…””


The Specters Staff finally gave up persuasion.

He left the Specters Sword, who drew his sword in an agitated manner, and entered the No Offspring Tomb with his subordinates.


The Specters Sword blocked the entrance of the No Offspring Tomb and released purple aura in all directions.

It was aura that shattered like mirror shards and expanded the area further.

Hurent saw through the nature of the aura with the authority of an Aura Master and his heart sank.

“The nature of reflecting the enemys skills, while giving a buff to increase all attributes…”

Of course, Huroi was both a legend and transcendent.

He would be much stronger than Hurent.

However, strength was always relative.

Wouldnt it be hard for Huroi to go against that monstrous death knight It happened as Hurent was feeling concerned…


The wyvern carrying Huroi slowly flapped its wings.

It was a motion that gradually soared into the sky.


Why didnt he come down and instead soared up high Chriss group was wondering about this while the altitude of the wyvern carrying Huroi kept increasing.

It was about to fly to the Tomb of the Gods again.

It was only then that Chris group and the Specters Sword realized his intention.

Running away

“It isnt running away.

It is stepping down.”

It is my role to fight with my mouth, not my body.

Hurois hair fluttered as he added an explanation.

It was the traces of a certain air wave passing by him.

By the time that Chris and the others noticed this, the purple aura that the Specters Sword scattered was already crumbling helplessly.

“”Ahhh…”” the Specters Sword lamented.

The long sword in his hand was raised above his skull.

It was an attempt to prevent the sword attack that was like a natural disaster.

Unfortunately, it didnt pay off.

His skull was cracked apart.

“”I dared to fathom an Absolute being…”

The executive of the No Offspring Tomb, who had built up his transcendent status even after death, was disastrously destroyed.

The hungry beasts of the ruined forest fell toward the coveted bones.

Grid crushed him by trampling on him and turned his head to Chris and the others, who couldnt understand the situation.

“The level of the enemies was quite high.

I can see how much the four of you have struggled so far.”


Chris and the others belatedly questioned it.

Since when had Grid been standing in front of them

Their hair and clothes started to flutter wildly as they were speechless.

It was because the Tomb of the Gods slowly landed.

Apart from the artillerymen, all the Overgeared members jumped down one by one.

It was while using skills or magic.

It was to avoid crashing to the ground because the Tomb of the Gods was so huge.

Im going to have to build a staircase.

The Tomb of the Gods would become a city where merchants and people could come and go freely—Grid thought this with a pleased expression before summoning the Overgeared Skeletons, Noe, Randy, and the vampires.

He set the 10 meritorious retainers as the captains of each Overgeared unit.

“Go on a rampage and be enthusiastic.

I will move separately with Skunk.”

If the Tomb of the Gods was a moving city, then the No Offspring Tomb was an ancient city buried underground.

Many secrets were hiding there.

It was well worth investigating and it was necessary to find the owner of the tomb right away.

Isnt it possible that the body of that old being will move separately

The No Offspring Tomb had many things that bothered him and made his steps heavier, but… Grid moved forward without hesitation.

[TheSpecter of the No Offspring Tomb has woken up after noticing your visit.]

[The presence of the specter has greatly increased the level of the lifeless.

The increase is affected by the targets status.]

[The level of the steel jiangshi created by the Overgeared member,Bullet, has increased by 5 each.]

[The level of the poisonous jiangshi created by the Overgeared member,Bullet, has increased by 10 each.]

[The level of the blood jiangshi created by the Overgeared member,Bullet, has increased by 20 each.]

[The level of the black horse jiangshi created by the Overgeared member,Bullet, has increased by 50 each.]

[The level of the direct descendant vampire,Tiramet, has increased by 80.]

[The level of the direct descendant vampire,Latina, has increased by 80.]

[The level of the direct descendant vampire,Cray, has increased by 80.]

[The level of the direct descendant vampire,Yetima, has increased by 80.]

[The level of the direct descendant vampire,Elfin Stone, has increased by 120.]

[The level of Overgeared Skeleton One and Overgeared Skeleton Two has increased by 200 each.]

[This effect is maintained while theSpecter of the No Offspring Tomb is awake.]

“…Im sure it isnt normal.”

The reason why Meteor couldnt identify between allies and enemies was simple.

It was too strong.

Penalties were created for a minimum of balance.

The Specter of the No Offspring Tomb was the same.

Its buffs were so powerful that it couldnt distinguish between enemy and ally.

For Grid, it was quite tempting information.

Cant I convince it to be on the same side If its purpose is to simply build up divinity, then there is no reason why it would refuse to join me.

Of course, this was wishful thinking.

The reason why the Specter built up divinity was most likely because it was obsessed with the power to protect someone buried in the No Offspring Tomb.

Before that…

Grid activated the option of Fenrirs Cloak.

“Come out, Fenrir.”

Grid was going to solve the homework that he had put off for various reasons.

A large amount of blood seeped out from the cloak and formed a storm.

In the midst of it, the former vampire marquis took shape.

He looked exactly like his previous appearance.

“Maybe it is because I took a long break… I am full of strength.”

[The level of the direct descendant vampire,Fenrir, has increased by 200.]

Fenrir—the only vampire who hadnt submitted to Grid yet.

“It has been a long time, you damn newbie.”

He looked down at Grid with a very arrogant expression.

“Where is Braham Bring him into my sight right now.

I will give the two of you an early death together.”


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