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Chapter 1736

Fenrir remembered death—his own death.

It was on that day…

Braham, the lunatic who was exiled after the tragedy of killing his kin, joined forces with humans to invade the city.

Fenrir couldnt handle the man who did all sorts of despicable tricks, such as assassinating Hachika with a separate party () sent earlier.

Above all, the power of the Blood King Candidate Grid was outstanding.

…Yes, I am definitely dead.

There was a reason why it wasnt the past tense.

He could feel that his heart wasnt beating.

He had to tune the flow of blood purely with magic.

Currently, Fenrir relied on thesoul that doesnt perish to awaken the form of his body and consciousness.

If he had to compare it, he was close to a lich who looked alive.

The reason for his souls failure to perish was simple—it was an innate blessing.

The souls of those who directly inherited the blood of their mother, who was one of the Three Evils of the Beginning, were solid.

Even if they died, they could maintain their souls until they met the conditions for resurrection.

Like now.

“Wait… now that I see you, this newbie guy, you have woken up not only me, but all ofus.”

Fenrir calmed down his excitement and sensed it.

Ruson, Tiramet, Latina, Cray, Yetima, Elfin Stone… the souls of his siblings were felt in all directions.

Somehow, in this dark labyrinth, his siblings were moving in real time.

They were reduced to the same form as himself.

Fenrir seemed to open his eyes again just after being killed by the Blood King in front of him, who had an ominous aura wrapped around his body.

“Are you finally going to take my family into your hands and fulfill your duties as the Blood King Are you going to avenge my mother, who has nothing to do with you, and go on an expedition to hell, cutting off the veins of my family…!

Fenrir was the main culprit behind Beriache giving birth to Marie Rose.

He was born with the duty to become the Blood King and help avenge his mother, but he refused to do so even though he gained the strongest powers ofdomination andstruggle. He thought revenge was pointless.

Fenrir argued that it was right to look to the future rather than dwell on the past.

In Brahams words, it was a cowards excuse.

Braham didnt want to admit that the one who was sabotaging the present due to the Curse of Sloth dared to discuss the future.

He hated Fenrir and treated Fenrir like he was pathetic.

On the other hand, Grid understood Fenrirs position to some extent.

The moment his immediate family dedicated their lives to revenge—it just proved that Beriache had given birth to them purely to use them as a tool of revenge.

Maybe Fenrir didnt like this.

His care for his siblings seemed genuine.

Of course, his life was the most precious thing, but this was the same for most people.

“Hell is full of monsters.

The great demons you slayed on the surface arent even a problem.

Hell is full of great demons that are far more powerful than the great demons who have invaded the surface.

It also wouldnt be strange if the mutant called Baal secretly created monsters that are more than the great demons.

Invading a place like that would be suicide.”

Fenrir gritted his teeth.

It was an effort to stop the flood of words.

He was reminded of the fact that Grid was born human.

He thought calmly that he could move Grids heart if he persuaded this person well.

Thus, he calmed his agitation and chose his words.

“…Lets hit you first.

Dont make cowardly excuses later.

Hurry and call Braham.

It would be quicker to command the two of you after you have died rather than take time to persuade you.”

The problem was that the words he chose were influenced by the power of struggle.

Fenrirs patience often ran out quickly.

He easily showed his temperament to fight.

If Marie Rose had overcome the Curse of Sloth… if she seriously considered an expedition to hell, Fenrir wouldve also confronted Marie Rose.

In any case—

The odds of victory are sufficient.

Fenrir thought that he could overpower Grid with ease.

There were three pieces of evidence.

First—the reason he was defeated by Grid in the past was because he was outnumbered.

He was confident that he wouldve never been defeated if they fought one-on-one.

It was a perfectly reasonable guess.

It was impossible for him to be defeated by a human being when he was the second strongest of Beriaches children.

Second—he was much stronger now than he was in the past.

He didnt know why, but the quality of his magic power and blood had become several times more powerful.

Third—he couldnt feel any traces of Marie Rose on Grid.

It was proof that Grid hadnt been exploited by Marie Rose yet.

It was whether Grid refused to copulate for some reason, or Marie Rose rejected Grid.

He didnt know the circumstances before or after.

Maybe it is just that not much time has passed.

He had no memory of after he died.

He didnt know if this was years after he died or only a few hours.

In any case, it was good news for Fenrir that Grid didnt become Marie Roses servant.

It meant that Marie Rose wouldnt pop up when Grid was in danger.

In the current situation, there was only one thing Fenrir had to be wary of when facing Grid.

It was the unidentified orange aura.

It was something that aroused an instinctive rejection.

In a way, it was a divine power.

It was different from the divine power of the members of the churches of the three gods, so it must be the divinity of some miscellaneous god.

Did he sign a contract with a human god

Becoming an apostle of a god would allow the user of some of the gods power, so it was coveted.

It is insignificant if it is the power of a miscellaneous god.

Fenrir accelerated the operation of magic power.

He drew out the blood from his body and wrapped it around himself as armor, creating a magical omen.


The scene in front of Skunk was like a dream.

It was after entering the No Offspring Tomb.

The Overgeared Guild organized 10 squads with the 10 meritorious retainers as the captains and dispersed.

The labyrinth was so huge that there were many passages available.

Before they knew it, there were only two people left at the site, Grid and Skunk.

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The No Offspring Tomb—only the two of them were alone in a place the system determined was as dangerous as a dragons lair.

To be honest, he couldnt help being nervous even if he was with Grid.

In such a situation, a bigshot called Fenrir appeared.

The vampire who was the strongest out of the direct descendants except for Marie Rose.

Wouldnt Braham, who was greater than Fenrir now, look so skinny and sullen when he was alive

The aura around Fenrir, who resembled Braham to a certain extent, was extremely fierce.

He didnt shrink back against Only One God Grid, so there seemed to be something he believed in.

The landscape became dyed red.

It was the blood emitted by Fenrir.

There were inherent grudges, hatred, and murder in it.

Even those who didnt know the relationship between Fenrir and Grid could clearly recognize Fenrirs hostility toward Grid, expressing a thick emotional line through the medium of blood.

“In the end, you didnt call for Braham.

No, perhaps you cant call him It must have something to do with the reason why you didnt sleep with Marie Rose… well, it is fine.

Die while blaming your own incompetence.”

In the end, the blood that stained the entire area took the form of all types of weapons.

It was almost as if he generated all types of magic that could be used with blood magic.

Fenrir was actively using his power, which had somehow become stronger.

He didnt ignore Grid, so he didnt let down his guard at all.

It was a rush of weapons that easily broke through the speed of sound.

Indeed, Grid wasnt able to react hastily.

The magic creation and bombardment were so fast that he couldnt think of a countermeasure and stiffened.

Fenrir saw Grid unable to even draw his sword and felt assured of the unexpectedly empty victory.

Did I become too strong

Maybe he was born with a temperament where he got stronger as he died.

It would be his mothers arrangement.

She mustve given him a hidden power to overcome all the hardships he would face in hell and complete his revenge.

Im sorry, but I will never go to hell.

Fenrir renewed his commitment and turned around.

He was waiting for Grids screams that would soon be heard.

He planned to leave this unknown place and return to his haven.


Fenrirs eyes trembled slightly.

Grid, who shouldve died behind him, was standing right in front of him.

“Is it Shunpo… Yes, you are both a legend and transcendent.”

After all, Grid was the one who killed even, even if it was with the assistance of the despicable Braham.

A transcendent status must be the basics.

Fenrir shook his hand in Grids direction like he was annoyed and a torrent of blood followed.

It hit Grid from all directions.

It also meant his view was blocked.

It was to discourage the use of Shunpo.

Grids mouth curved upwards.

He has the best talent right after Marie Rose.

It was a talent far superior to the human gods he found and rescued recently.

Fenrir was a tremendous talent, even considering that he had received the Specters buff and gained 200 levels.

Grid definitely wanted to make him a subordinate.

However, Grid knew it wasnt easy.

Fenrir was a being born with the power of struggle and domination.

He fought with his mother and ended up causing Beriache to die.

He wasnt simply someone who could be subdued by force.

Grid had no choice but to wait for a good opportunity to come.

It happened today.

He finally got a chance.

Fenrir was sharply strengthened by the Specter of the No Offspring Tomb.

What if he overwhelmingly defeated Fenrir, who was filled with a confidence he never had before


A cutting sound of an unknown origin entered Fenrirs ears.

The bloody light that filled his slightly enlarged eyes was belatedly split in half.


A question lingered in his mind.

Against his will, Fenrirs tilted field of view was falling sharply.

It was until he could see the Falling Moon Sword in Grids hand.


Fenrir belatedly realized the situation and hurriedly usedShedding. The headless body was split in half and a new body pulled out from within it.

It was a complete body.


Fenrir backed away after recovering.

He didnt dare resist Grid, who was approaching with leisurely steps.

He was afraid of the fluttering divinity.

Grid slowly opened his mouth, “If it is the expedition to hell, you dont have to worry.

It is going pretty smoothly, regardless of Beriaches revenge.”


Fenrirs heart sank.

It was due to the sight that appeared in his mind.

It was the sight of Grid cutting down Baal.

It was drawn naturally without any basis.

No, there was a basis.

It was Grids power that he just experienced.

“A thousand years… has it been around a thousand years” Fenrir murmured to himself.

A human being had grown into a monster like this.

Hundreds of years werent enough.

Therefore, Fenrir mentioned a thousand years.

It was while respecting Grid who endured these long years with a mere human body.


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