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Chapter 1737

“A thousand years It hasnt even been ten years, let alone a thousand years…”


The words that Skunk blurted out in a flustered manner—Fenrir noticed that the words werent false and was shocked.

It was to the point where he got the illusion that his stopped heart was thumping.

It was excitement in a positive sense.

He looked at Grid.

A man who had, in a few years, completed a status that even famous people needed a thousand years to accumulate—Muller and Chreshlers names seemed ridiculous compared to Grid.

Fenrir, who was half mesmerized, managed to straighten his expression and bowed his head.

“I respect you.

Even the Blood King, who has the fate of the family, is just a small role for you.”

He didnt expect there would come a day when treated someone other than his mother with respect.

Fenrir was surprised by this attitude but didnt feel shame.

His head bowed naturally out of respect, not fear.

It wasnt something to be ashamed of.

It wasnt because of Marie Rose that he didnt mate with her.

It was because he refused.

Fenrir was delighted when thinking about Marie Rose, who wouldve had felt great shame.

He didnt hate her like Braham, but he had no reason to like her.

“In any case, I wont disobey you as long as the wordsBlood King means you.”

The reason why Fenrir had been at odds with Beriache, Marie Rose, and Braham was because he refused to get revenge for his mother.

He wasnt convinced about his familys lives being devoted to an unwinnable battle.

But this was no longer the case.

He saw a chance of winning through Grid.

There was no reason to confront Grid.

[The vampire marquis,Fenrir, has recognized your skills and has taken back his hostility.

He has abandoned his past grudges before the cause and will cooperate with you as much as possible in the future.]

The situation that Grid had been expecting arrived.

He made Fenrir his companion with a few words.

However, Grid hesitated a bit.

It is a pity to end it like this.

A flashing notification window on one side of his field of view attracted Grids attention.

[Do you want to designate the previous action as a skill]

[Extreme Blood Destruction]

[If you are targeted by blood magic, immediately draw the Falling Moon Sword and use 200,000 Army Crushing Sword.

It will crush the blood magic and decapitate the target.

*Shares the cooldown of the Falling Moon Sword and 200,000 Army Crushing Sword.]

This was one of the characteristics of an Absolute.

Actions could be specified as skills.

The power of the existing movements didnt increase just because it became a skill, but it had the advantage of maximizing convenience.

The process of taking out the weapon and using the skill was executed immediately with one command value, and there was no need to manually link it.

It meant he could relieve the fatigue caused by battle.

It seems theresult is stored as well…

It was the result of crushing the blood magic and decapitating the target.

Grid pondered on the skill description and felt the need to experiment a bit more.

Fenrir happened to be a very strong target.

“Your manner of talking is annoying.”


“Wont you end up disobeying me It is as if you are being generous.”

In the first place, Fenrir was a vampire with a fighting nature.

If he didnt educate Fenrir clearly, then he would surely rebel one day.

Of course, Fenrir felt it was unfair.

“It is a misunderstanding.

You know that I have no reason to disrespect you, right”

“The way you call meyou is disrespectful from the start.”


Fenrir was looking for a way to refute it, only to hurriedly step back.

The God Hands that Grid extended in all directions were destroying the strange rocks in this unknown cave.

It was an opportunity to reveal the exact shape of Grids divinity.

A yellow dragon—a dragon that resembled a dragon from the east floated behind Grids back.

It repeatedly stretched and twisted its body as if responding to Grids movements.

It gave off a formidable threat when it opened its mouth.


What was the difference between this and a dragons energy The horrified Fenrir was actually weighed down by Dragon Fear.

It was the aftermath of the hundreds of God Hands flying according to Grids will causing Dragon Fear, which had a30% chance of occurring when attacking.

If I designate this result as a skill, can I use Dragon Fear whenever I want

Turning a probability skill into a definitive skill—would it be possible Grid seriously thought about it.

He didnt think he was being shameless.

Designate Skill was the authority of an Absolute.

It was natural to perform miracles beyond common sense.

[Do you want to designate the previous action as a skill]

[God Hands Random Strike]

[Move 310 God Hands to unexpectedly strike from all directions.

Dragon Fear is generated as an additional effect.

*The additional effect doesnt occur when the Dragon Fear skill is in cooldown.]

In fact, the probability of Dragon Fear occurring was as high as 30%.

It was correct to say that if he attacked 310 times with the God Hands, it would almost unconditionally occur.

Still, probability was probability.

There could be no such thing as 100%.

Yet based on the description of God Hands Random Strike, the occurrence of Dragon Fear was confirmed.

If it is like this…

After designating God Hands Random Strike as a skill, Grid held an auxiliary weapon that was for a God Hand and performed a single sword dance.

He slowed it down enough so that Fenrir could react.

Even then, Fenrir barely reacted and couldnt fully handle it, but he endured it anyway.

The sword that Grid wielded wasnt made of Greed, but ordinary black iron.

He didnt have to suffer being targeted by Meteor or Disintegrate, so he survived relatively easily.

“What grudge do you have against me to act so cruelly…”

Fenrir used Blood Transfusion and immediately regenerated his left arm, which had been severed by Kill.

He had no idea that Grid was actually showing his mercy.

Grid was a bit disappointed, but he concentrated without showing it.

The single sword dances of Pinnacle, Link, Wave, Restraint, and Serve were slowly used.

This was done repeatedly until Gods Commands occurred.

It was by the time Fenrir finally used the ultimate skillResurrection Blood Transfusion…

[Do you want to designate the previous action as a skill]

[Do you want to designate the previous action…]

[Do you want to designate…]


[Pinnacle-Gods Command]

[Grids Sword DancePinnacle is used.

Gods Command will occur as an additional effect.]

[Link-Gods Command]

[Grids Sword DanceLink is used.

Gods Command will occur as an additional effect.]


Grid achieved the desired result.

It was only for the single sword dance, but he could use Gods Command 100% of the time.

He could intentionally enjoy the effect that originally could only be enjoyed by taking a penalty and obtaining the title the 4th Evil.

This really works.

Grid inwardly felt joy, but there was no end to human greed.

I want to secure a combination of the fusion sword dance and Gods Command.

The Specter of the No Offspring Tomb was clearly a strong enemy.

Grid wanted to designate as many skills as possible before meeting the Specter.

Grid looked at the quivering Fenrir.

Thanks to Resurrection Blood Transfusion, his appearance was fine, but his eyes were half dead.

His contemplative appearance looked like he was on the verge of going half mad.

I might break him if I do more here.

From Fenrirs perspective, he was being abused without knowing the reason.

This was even though he left his grudge behind and showed respect and goodwill to the man who killed him in the past.

He had been pushed to the limit.

In the end, Grid controlled his disappointment and put away his sword.

“Take a rest now.

Ill call you again soon.”

“Why… why are you like this…”

“I think your words are getting shorter and shorter.”


Fenrir closed his mouth while convulsing and returned to a blood state.

It quickly permeated into the cloak that Grid was wearing.

Please rest well until the cooldown time of Resurrection Blood Transfusion returns.

Grid saw Fenrir off, only to suddenly make eye contact with Skunk.

Skunks eyes looked like he had seen a ghost.

His face was blue and it was as if he encountered a real beast.

There was a worry that his butt would smell bad.

“Dont misunderstand.

I was just experimenting with something for a while, not maliciously harassing him.

You know my personality, right”

“Yes, I naturally know.

I know it well…”

I dont think he knows.

It was just as he thought he needed to clear the atmosphere.

[Only One God Grid…]

[Your great myth will be buried in this grave…]

A tremor occurred and troops approached from the other side of the cave.

They were soldiers that reached two meters tall.

Their bodies made of baked clay looked solid.

It gave a feeling of fullness.

They have thecant be harmed by the sword passive installed.

Grid recalled the information that Agnus gave him and took the lead.

“Lets go in.”


Skunk was bewildered.

It was because Grid never drew his weapon as he strode toward the troops.

Skunk naturally believed in Grid, but Grids power lay in his items.

The Grid without weapons would be inevitably weakened.

Skunk couldnt understand why he was taking that risk…


Skunks doubts melted away.

Hundreds of God Hands spread in all directions and smashed the troops.

It was as if he witnessed a living and moving Thousand Hands of Avalokitevara.

He is really like a god.

Skunk cast off his fears and hurried to catch up with Grid.

This is really convenient.

Grid repeatedly used God Hands Random Strike to wipe out the earthen soldiers and couldnt hide his satisfied expression.

God Hands Random Strike only utilized the God Hands, so it naturally had no cooldown time.

He was able to use it again and again.

The only drawback was that Disintegrate and Meteor didnt activate.

They were judged as Grids Hands, not the God Hands.

In other words, it was judged to be part of his body.

Grid wasnt disappointed at all.

If it was a matter of dropping magic, it was simply solved by giving weapons made of Greed to the God Hands.

He shouldnt weaponize the God Hands in the first place.

There were more than one or two advantages to the God Hands being judged as Grids hands.

The reason why the God Hands were capable of manual work such as handling objects and crafting items was purely because it was judged as Grids hands.


Grid and Skunk stopped walking.

In the middle of the labyrinth…

A strange sight was unfolding in the large space beneath the sheer cliff.

Something was hanging in the air.

At first, he thought they were huge troops, but they were the image of deities.

They were carved statues of human gods once worshiped by someone.

They were hung upside down and bound by thick wire.

By the way, they said that these guys left my statues upside down as well, right

What were they doing

Skunk cleared up Grids doubts.

He used skills derived from Explorers Eye and various knowledge to understand the situation.

“The reversal of divinity… it implies reversing the existing cause and effect.”

“Reversing cause and effect”

“It is changing the essence.

Simply put, it is a symbol of evil gods…”

Just then—


The statues hanging upside down opened their eyes.

It was with creepy, grotesque smiles on their faces.

The dark demonic energy that was released from the open mouths of the statues swallowed the entire area.

Skunks vision darkened and Grids divinity fluctuated dangerously like a lamp in the wind.

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