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Chapter 245

“Come out!”

Earl Zebra ran into his great hall and shouted.

Then nine assassins showed up.

Earl Zebra absolutely believed in the Black Arrows group.

The assassination ability of those who served Earl Zebras family for generations was unmatched.

There was no history of failed assassinations.

Earl Zebra ordered.

“Kill the guy who was here a little while ago! Get me the Black Quartz Earrings back!”


The assassins suddenly disappeared.

Earl Zebra was facing them, and even he wasnt sure when they disappeared.

Earl Zebra felt relieved by their excellent skills and smiled evilly.

‘It doesnt matter what a monster that guy is.

What opponents couldnt those assassins kill Earl Zebra imagined the situation where that person would die and was very satisfied.

The moment he was humming.


A small cat entered the great war.

It was a cat with smooth black fur.

Only the end of his four feet and tail were white as snow.


Earl Zebra thought as he watched the cat.

The cats charm was so absolute that even a crazy human was captivated by it.

Earl Zebra was deceived for a moment.

He felt a desire to keep that cat around him for the rest of his life.

But it was only for a moment.

Earl Zebra barely managed to regain his spirit.

“What are the guards doing Why cant the guards keep a beast out of here Do you really want to die”

“I-Im really sorry.”

The soldiers who rushed over at the noise were pale.

They had obviously been standing guard fiercely.

It was impossible for even an ant to enter.

How was a cat able to get in

“Why are you just standing there”

The soldiers tried to get rid of the cat.

However, the cat was very agile, despite its chubbiness.

It jumped around the great hall like it was its own home.


Earl Zebra and the soldiers eyes widened.

They witnessed small wings appearing on the cats back.

They looked closely and saw a small horn on his forehead.


Earl Zebra belatedly grasped the identity of the cat and shook his hands.

But his dull hands couldnt prevent the aggressive cats dash.


Papat! Pa pa pa pat!

The short paws of the cat swung at lightning speed.

Earl Zebra was filled with a terrible pain.

He felt a burning sensation from his face.


A sharp scream rang out.

Earl Zebras face was bloody like it was mangled.


The soldiers were terrified.

It was obvious that Earl Zebras anger would fall on them, who couldnt prevent the monster from entering.

‘He is going to torture us terribly!

‘W-What should we do

‘Why did this happen

The soldiers fixed their eyes on their spears as they talked.

Then they crept towards Earl Zebra, who was filled with a lot of agony and pain.

“Y-You guys…!”

Earl Zebra lived a life that wasnt filled with suffering, simply because he was born of a noble lineage.

Today was his first time experiencing a major injury since he was born.

It was also because of his subordinates.

“How dare you try to harm your master! Dont you know that this is a felony Your limbs will be cut off and you will all die!”

Earl Zebra cried out.

But the threat didnt vanish.

The soldiers raised their spears.

Earl Zebra wanted to avoid this and quickly changed his attitude.

“If you put down your spears now, I will forgive you and give you a great reward! So please calm down!”

He tried to negotiate, but it didnt work.

“Do you think that well believe your words We know that you tell dozens of lies to those you torture!”

“We hated you from the beginning! You human butcher! Its better to get rid of a guy like you!”

“One of the girls you framed and killed was my relative! She was only 15 years old! You son of a bitch.”

The anger that had been suppressed was being expressed.

If they didnt kill the earl, they would die anyway.

The soldiers were well aware that there was no turning back.

They stabbed Earl Zebra with their spears.

Puk! Puk puk puk!

“Y-You…! You guys! Kuheook!”

It was the end of the human who was more cruel and wicked than a demon.


The cat, who was the culprit of this situation, slowly escaped from the great hall.


“Was this what you aimed for”

On the outer walls.

Kiki had reported the situation in the castle after she used her Hawk Eyes skill.

Veradin shook his head.


I just wanted to obtain the bones of the Slaughterer.”

Veradin couldnt know why Grid, a duke of the Eternal Kingdom, came to visit Earl Zebra.

But he could roughly guess the reason why.

The Slaughterer was a bounty monster for many rankers.

Maybe Grid came here to raid this place He predicted Grids presence and didnt report it to Earl Zebra.

As a result, Grid raided the Slaughterer.

Thus far, it was as planned.

But he had no idea Earl Zebra would be killed.

In fact, it was the soldiers who killed Earl Zebra, but the black cat that caused the incident obviously belonged to Grid.

“Its surprising.”

Was Grid acting for the people of another kingdom that werent related to him A strange smile appeared on Veradins face.

Kiki questioned him, “What should we do There will be an uproar.”

The empire wouldnt stay silent after a noble was killed.

A large scale investigation team would be sent and the atmosphere would become bloody for a while.

That wasnt the only problem.

The son of Earl Zebra was still young.

In addition, he grew up watching his crazy father and was emotionally unstable.

In short, he was easily manipulated.

It was doubtful that the other nobles would give a territory to a lacking boy.

It was expected that a bloody faction strife over the territory would occur.

“Veradin What are you thinking Wouldnt it be better to report Grid right now”



Kiki couldnt believe it.

Grid was an enemy.

Now only did he hurt their guild, he damaged Earl Zebras territory, the home of their guild.

Yet Veradin was intending to let Grid go

Veradin explained the plan.

“We will arrest the soldiers who killed Earl Zebra and get a huge achievement.

Then we can increase our influence and make the son of Earl Zebra a lord.”

He was drawing a big picture.

“This is an opportunity to go further.”

Veradin believed that this work would allow him to devour Earl Zebras territory in the future.

He would give this estate to his master, Agnus.


The outskirts of Earl Zebras castle.

Grid was waiting for Noe.

‘I wanted to kill him myself.

Earl Zebra was a wicked man who shouldnt be saved.

Grid had gone through many adventures, but it was the first time he saw such a brutal person.

But it was too dangerous to kill the earl himself.

It would be difficult to access Asmophel if the empire was chasing him, and it would also put the Eternal Kingdom in a difficult position.

If he knew that Veradin was a noble of the empire, Grid wouldnt have touched the White Wolf Guild either.

But Grid didnt know the truth about Veradin, so he couldnt feel glad that Veradin didnt report him.

“Grid is a good person Then you punished a bad person”

Randy started questioning the division between good and evil.

Grid was satisfied at the friend who grew up everyday and replied.

“Im not good.”

Thats right.

Grid wasnt a good man.

He wouldnt sacrifice his life unless it was for his colleagues.

But he had the minimum of conscience.

He couldnt turn away from those who were in fear from Earl Zebra.

If he lacked strength, he mightve turned away for his own comfort.

‘Im no longer a weakling.

He was willing to help someone if he could help.

But that story was based on the assumption that he would come to no harm.

This was Grids evolution.

It wasnt quite justice.

However, he wasnt really reprehensible.


Grid sensed uninvited people approaching their hiding spot.

It wasnt difficult to detect them because he had over 1,400 insight.

“These guys, they were sent by Zebra.”

The criteria that Grid used to judge the skills of an assassin was Faker.

These assassins werent a match for Faker.

In other words, Grid didnt acknowledge most of the assassins in the world.

It wasnt just arrogance.

His position was right.

An assassins weapons were their secrecy and swiftness, but it was virtually impossible for them to threaten Grid with his high insight and unreasonable defense.

They needed to have at least Fakers skills to threaten him.


The assassins were unaware that they would be detected.

After steadily narrowing down the distance, they aimed their daggers at Grids neck.

At that moment.


Golden blades flew and blocked the assassins daggers.

“Arent you using cute tricks”


The assassins expressions didnt change.

But they were incredibly surprised.

‘He noticed our surprise attack It couldnt be.

They tried stabbing again, but it was useless.



The golden blades were thrown by someone unknown and flew again, sticking into the assassins thigh.

A notification window appeared in front of Grid.


[You have dealt 1,590 damage to the target.]

‘There is only this much damage, even if its a critical attack.

Pavranium was the strongest mineral.

If he made a weapon using pavranium, the attack power would be beyond Failure.

But right now, the blades made from pavranium couldnt exert their full strength.

They were made with only a small amount of pavranium, so the attack power wasnt very good.

‘Minor must find the western labyrinths quickly.

He wanted to secure more pavranium.

Minor had a lot of responsibility.

As Grid was thinking this, the assassins became wary.

‘This person has a companion!

Grid was obviously alone when he came to the castle.

But now he had a girl with him, as well as a hidden guard.

They had to find the guard hiding somewhere that was throwing the golden blades.

But they couldnt detect the person.

Grid smiled like they were funny and pointed towards the sky.



At that moment.

The assassins looked up at the sky and witnessed the golden blades moving alone.


The astonished assassins looked back at Grid.



Three of the assassins were skewered with a blue greatsword.

“What is this”

This was too absurd!

“Are we being hunted”

The past Grid and current Grid had something in common.

He showed no mercy to his enemies.

“Dont waste your time and die obediently.”

An iron mask that covered half the face.

At first glance, it seemed to be crying, but now it was smiling.

The assassins experienced the greatest horror since they were born.


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