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Chapter 352


Dust rose as Grid crashed into the ground.

Grid was relatively fine.

No, his health wasnt very good, but he was relatively rosy.

The wounds on his body were fairly recovered.

It was thanks to recovering 13,000 health after wearing Dorans Ring as well as utilizing the option effect of the Holy Light Armor the moment he got kicked at close range.

But Grid wasnt satisfied.

“It wouldve been better if I took advantage of it when it was a sword attack, not a kick.”

His health wouldve been three times higher than it was now.

“Isnt that right Yakult.”


Iyarugt was silent despite being called Yakult.

He felt bad that he couldnt read Kraugels sword orbit and caused Grid to fall into an awful position.

“It was the same when I fought Piaro and Chucksley.

You seem to have no use.”

[That…! Its because most of my original abilities are sealed! If I could really demonstrate my abilities, these guys would be nothing!]

“Well, lets say that is true.”

In fact, Iyarugts rating was unique.

It would be more help once the rating was increased to legendary.

The center of the depressed ground.


Grid, who was deeply embedded in it, slowly raised his body.

It wasnt meant to be, but this break away from the battle was very important.

Grids head calmed and prevailed over his frustration.

He suppressed his extreme idea of relying on his immortality.

Grid would use this incident to further strengthen himself.

‘Did I use Blackening too soon

Blackening consumed 50% of his maximum health to increase his damage, magic power and agility by 20%.

It was a double edged sword because he could suffer catastrophic damage if hit by the enemy.

Just like before.

‘If I used it when things were more conclusive… No, its better to use it than to save it.

I wouldnt be able to threaten him if I didnt use Blackening.

The difference in skills was too great.

Kraugel could avoid most non-targeted skill and find the perfect opportunity to counterattack.

‘Based on his attack speed and attack power, there surprisingly isnt much difference between our stats.

This was the part he was most curious about.

Grid had went through the minus levels, received all types of titles, and steadily raised his stats through making items.

It was right that he would have more stats than anyone else.

However, Kraugels stats were also unbelievable.

‘Isnt it natural

The 1st ranked Kraugel.

He was ahead of everyone else, and gained a lot of advantages from this.

He gobbled up the useful quests and titles, so his stats were likely to have significant growth.

He probably also did separate training.

‘When I was level 80…

Yes, it was before he became Pagmas Descendant.

‘At that time, Kraugel had already crossed level 240.

It was correct that there was a gap between both of them that couldnt be narrowed yet.

‘At least, I think hes ahead of me in combat related skills.

Kraugel was equipped with the appropriate items.

His defense wasnt great, but his weapon was enormous.

It was comparable to the legendary weapons produced by Grid.

“…In many ways, I still have a long way to go.”

Was he going to lose The moment that thought ran through his head.


Grids face distorted in a frightening manner.

In the past, he had lived as a loser due to his lacking talent.

‘Lets stop losing now.

Didnt he overcome a lacking talent with effort Some people might think it was ridiculous, but Grid was most aware of it.

He was able to become Pagmas Descendant due to his own efforts.

‘I want to win.


He was praised as the sky above the sky, and an object of envy for rankers.

Grid wanted to wash away the stigma of the past and start a new stage by winning against him.

He wanted to be recognized as a true talent.

In order to do that, he needed to put in more effort.

As much as possible.

“This is the second round.”

[Grids Boots have been removed.

Movement speed and evasion rate have been restored to normal.]

This was his first mistake.

Grids Boots were designed to boost the power of a greatsword, but it was poison when used with the one-handed Iyarugt.

The slowness and lowered evasion rate werent taken into consideration.

[Brahams Boots have been equipped.

Movement speed has increased by 10%.

Skill cooldown time will be reduced by 20%.]

Brahams Boots were limited in defense, but they had excellent options.

Indeed, it was an item from a legendary great magician.

Grid didnt sell them and used them steadily for a reason.

[The spellFly has been used.]


Grid flew up.

The lightness wasnt comparable to before.


“Pant… Pant… What”

At the top of the pit in the training ground.

Kraugel was gasping for breath when his eyes widened.

It was because he saw through the smoke, Grid flying up while looking fine.

‘Is he a human

He had to question it.

‘Sword Saint Candidate Stage 5,Virtuous Man of the West Continent,Pandeas Hero,Person who Creates Miracles,First…,First…,First…,First…

The value of all the titles that Kraugel obtained couldnt be converted into money.

His attack power was unmatched and users couldnt endure it.

But Grid endured it again and again.

Now his health had recovered like a lie, and his momentum had risen even more.

In Kraugels eyes, Grid was like a boss monster.

‘He was once a subject of ridicule, but hes truly a legend.

Kraugel also had eyes and ears.

The owner of a legendary class with poor control skills.

A coward who overcame his shortcomings with items and his class.

Now he was an overgeared person with some ability.

Kraugel was knowledgeable about Grid.

In fact, he watched the video of the pope candidate speeches.

But now he realized.

Everyone was always growing, and Grid was the same.

Grid had grown.

The proof was that he was one of the few players who managed to hurt Kraugel.

‘You arent slow-witted.

Grid put in more effort than other people.

‘In the first place, he wouldnt have become a legend if he didnt work hard.

Kraugel admitted it.

Grid was a great person.

He shouldnt be taunted by anyone.

“I will sincerely pay my respects to my opponent.

Meteor Sword.”

Kraugel used the skill that had been cancelled because of Blood Cry.

Qi energy filled the atmosphere like meteors.

“Pagmas Swordsmanship.”

Kraugel rose steadily while Grid started his sword dance.

It was as Kraugel expected.

Grid was a character with legendary items and skills, so he would be more confident in them than in anything else.

It was obvious that he would confront Meteor Sword head on.

‘Thats your mistake.

Meteor Sword was a multi-stage skill.

It cut several times in a short period and every time it hit, the damage increased.

This could cause terrible damage when facing it head on.

Kraugel was confident, but Grid made a choice that was contrary to Kraugels prediction.



The flow of air caused by Kraugels qi changed.

Grid absorbed the transcendent energy.

‘The second mistake.

It was trying to face someone with better control skills than him head on.

[Entering the transcendent mode.]

[Your attack power is doubled and your default attacks will turn into ranged attacks.

This effect will last for 30 seconds.]


Utilizing the advantage of Fly, Grid floated in the air and opened up a distance from Kraugel.

At the same time, the energy blades shot forward.

[You have suffered 10,700 damage.]


Meteor Swords course was simple.

This was the limit of a targeted skill, which resulted in a restriction of Kraugels control skills.

Kraugel was hit by a black energy blade and blood poured from his mouth.

‘Change the route…!


Kraugel fell to the ground and got straight up.

There were three energy blades already heading towards him.

Kraugel rolled on the ground and used a skill.


A white cloud spread from White Fang and covered the area.

It was a trick to hide Kraugels body.

But it was useless.

Grid had a combination of high insight and the Slaughterers Eye Patch.

He couldnt detect Kraugels sword, but he wasnt completely helpless.

Gridquickly grasped Kraugels location within the clouds.

It was proof of how high Grids present concentrating was.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Sharp energy blades flooded towards Kraugel every time Grid swung his sword.

Kraugel, who was hoping to avoid the incessant energy blades, allowed another attack.

‘Kuk… Is this different from the skill called Transcended Link

Grid didnt use Transcend in the two broadcasts Kraugel had watched.

The only ranged attack he used was Transcended Link.

The difference between the one-time Transcended Link and the persistent Transcend made Kraugel feel baffled.

Pepeng! Pepepepeng!

A heavy rain of energy blades poured down from the sky.

Kraugel used his power to avoid it and eventually regained his composure.

He was truly a genius who adapted to the speed and trajectory of the energy blades.

Shortly afterwards, the heavy rain of energy blades stopped.

‘The duration of the skill is over.

Kraugel determined and jump up towards Grid.

A wicked smile appeared on Grids face.



The duration of Transcend was 30 seconds.

There was still five seconds remaining.

Grid once again fired energy blades at Kraugel.

Unlike the ground, there was a limit to moving in the air, so Grid believed that Kraugel wouldnt be able to avoid the attack.

However, Kraugel changed the trajectory of his body using the back of White Fang.

It wasnt like Grids flying magic, but he seemed like he was flying through the sky.

‘Dodge it!

Grid felt shocked.


Kraugel moved through the air and reached Grid, swinging White Fang.


Grids chest was badly cut.

Kraugel heard Grid speak the moment he was able to link the next attack.

“The third mistake…”

God Hands.

He reproduced his hands, but so far he only used it for Magic Missile or wielding weapons.

Indeed, it was the worst mistake.



Kraugel got goosebumps.

The swordsmanship was pathetic, but the four golden hands had far superior movement speed.

They flew over and held onto his wrists and ankles.

He was easily caught by the hands.

Kraugel tried to quickly remove them, but a gap was shown.

Grid didnt miss that gap.

“Linked Kill.”

“Super Sensitivity!”

[The cooldown time of Super Sensitivity still isnt over.]



Puk puk puk!

Just as the excellent use of skills was recognized as part of ones abilities, making use of good items was also a part of their abilities.

Grid climbed the cliff persistently, despite being frustrated by his poor talent.

He defeated thesky above the sky that even famous rankers couldnt reach.

The Overgeared members, who belatedly arrived, witnessed the scene and couldnt close their mouths.

On the other hand, Lords eyes were shining like jewels as he was held in Rubys arms.

Lord Steim.

It was the moment when the perception thatFather is the best was stamped on the future absolute power.


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