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Chapter 892

[Blacksmith Hammer to Go Against the Gods]

[Rating: Myth

Durability: Infinite Attack Power: 870

* Moves to protect the master and kill enemies.

* All types of materials can be hammered without much difficulty.

* The probability of normal and rare rated items is fixed at 0%.

* There is a very low probability of making epic rated items.

* There is a very high probability of making unique rated items.

* Odds of Making a Legendary Rated Item: 5%

* Odds of Making a Myth Rated Item: 1%

-A hammer made by the legendary blacksmith Grid, who is becoming a myth beyond a legend, in preparation for a match against a god.

It is very compatible with Grid because it is designed with Grids physical conditions and habits in mind.

Blacksmiths other than Grid cant use it.

The ego of the pavranium used as a material in the hammer will help the owner use it more conveniently.

Conditions of Use: Grid.

Weight: 490]

[A myth rated item has been produced, permanently increasing all stats by 10!]

‘Crazy! Grid was shocked when he examined the golden hammer.

The 1st ranked blacksmith, Panmir, had said that his probability of making a legendary rated item was 0.01%.

It was small, but it contained his aspirations.

‘This hammer increases it by 5%...

Grids existing blacksmith hammer was also fraudulent.

It increased the probability of making legendary items by 1%, which was equivalent to denying the existence of regular blacksmith players.

However, the Blacksmith Hammer to Go Against the Gods had a 5% chance of making a legendary rated item! It was five times better than the hammer Grid was currently using.

No, it was greater than that.

It suppressed the creation of lower rated items such as normal and rare items and also increased the probability of making myth rated items by 1%.

This was much more than Grid had been hoping for.

While creating the new hammer, he had just wanted to increase his chances of making a myth rated item.

Still, there was just one thing that wasnt good.

‘It doesnt have the ability to move on its own and make an item.

Grid had been inwardly hoping for that.

He wanted the hammer—which was made of pavranium—to move by itself and help him when making items, increasing the efficiency of his item production.

However, the blacksmith hammer had the ability to protect its master and hit the enemy rather than help with blacksmithing.

‘It is natural.

In the days when the pavranium had been the God Hands, it had the dexterity stat which allowed it to help Grid.

The present pavranium was just a hammer and didnt have the skills or knowledge to help its master.

‘Im not a thief.

I shouldnt want too much!

He didnt want to experience hair loss again! Grid recalled the hair loss he had experienced in the past and raised his hands to his head out of habit.

It wasnt because he was missing hair though.

Grid had abundant hair.

Ttang! Ttang!

Hexetia had continued working through the process of Grid suffering from the heat, becoming calm thanks to Khan, and then finishing the hammer.

Grid couldnt help admiring the blue sword that was being completed under Hexetias hands.

‘It is perfect...!

It gave off an atmosphere that seemed to freeze the heat just by being present.

The ice-like, transparent sword was relatively short and thin like a womans arm, but it wasnt weak.

[Observing the target item with the legendary blacksmiths eyes.]

[The target item has gone beyond the area of a legend.

You have failed to observe the targeted item.]

‘It is naturally a myth rated item!

Once again, it wasnt surprising.

Hexetia was a god.

It was obvious that the items made by a god would have a myth rating.

Yes, the basic premise for winning this match was to create a myth rated item.

Grids expression twisted, and he started sweating nervously.

‘Now that I think about it, Im doomed.

Why was the new hammer that he made myth rated

‘What is the probability of making two myth rated items in a row

This was the end.

There was nothing infinite in this world.

There would definitely be a limit on luck, and his luck was likely to be lower than that of those in the general public.

The blacksmithing hammer shouldve been legendary.

Then the sword made with this hammer wouldve received a myth rating.

“...It is ruined! Shit!” Frustrated, Grid flopped onto the cloud field before jumping up again.

He hadexperience. Grid had made several myth rated items, so he now knew that the condition required to make a myth rated item wasnt just luck.

Thestory in the materials and production process played a major role.

‘Of course, having a story doesnt unconditionally mean that a myth rated item will appear. Luck was also needed, but there was no need to depend on good luck.

“...Sigh,” Grid took a deep breath.

His gaze was still on the sword that Hexetia was making.

Did this sword contain an exceptional artistry beyond anything Grid had produced before Was it enough to make him forget his work


Grids spirit was completely restored.

He looked at the sword to study it.

Thats right.

Grid was learning in real time.

He searched for the correlation between the smelting, forging, and tempering that Hexetia was doing.

‘Why is he minimizing the number of times he folds the metal\'

‘He is tempering it again

‘The shape of the cross-section is perfect like it was made by a machine...

There arent any errors.

But that is a god only technique...\'

‘Is he not grinding the blade No, the sharpness can be restored when repairing it.

So far, I have been grinding it more than necessary.\'

‘The pattern isnt just cool.

The intention of it is to prevent blood from clinging to the blade so that it doesnt become dull.

In fact, this wasnt anything special.

Many players had a chance to learn when they met a player who was better than they were.

For example, it would be easy for Kraugel to learn if lets suppose that Kraugel met Zeratul and had to compete in skills.

Kraugel would learn and evolve in real time while fighting his opponent.

Yes, it was natural for Grid to learn the skills of the blacksmith god, Hexetia.

Getting kidnapped was a great opportunity for Grid to learn from a god.

[You have seen the skills of the blacksmith god!]

[Your blacksmithing skill has evolved!]

[(Seeing the Gods Techniques) Legendary Blacksmiths Craftsmanship Skill has changed to (Fighting Against the Gods) Legendary Blacksmiths Craftsmanship Skill, and the probability of making top items has increased.]

[Blacksmiths Breath and Blacksmiths Patience have changed to passive skills, and they will always be maintained when making items.]

“Hat!” Thrilled, a smile appeared on Grids face.

His anxiety decreased, and his confidence rose.

“Good! Lets start the production!” Grid shouted energetically and pulled out various materials from his inventory.

They were the Black Tortoises Breath and Blue Dragons Breath which he had obtained from the 3rd National Competition, Great Demon Astaroths Horn, and the shell of the cave cricket that threatened the World Trees Forest.

They were rare materials that ordinary humans could never see in their lifetime.

“Huh” Hexetia stopped hammering.

He looked at the materials with very surprised eyes.

‘How did a mere human...


‘He has the courage to use all these materials in a single sword

It was difficult for Hexetia to understand.

In particular, it was hard for the Blue Dragons Breath to coexist with the Black Tortoises Breath.

This was a rule which couldnt be overcome using technique.

‘Grid, you...!

Was Grid saying that he was more skilled than a god Hexetias surprise was beyond admiration.


Lets use this next time.” While Grid was squatting in front of the furnace, he put the Black Tortoises Breath back in his inventory.

He thought it wasnt right to use both the Blue Dragons Breath and Black Tortoises Breath for a single item.

“...” Was this a joke Hexetia stared at Grid wide-eyed.

“Shouldnt you be more vigilant” Grid gave him a warning.

Finally, the mithril being hit by the Sword of Light was reaching its final stage.

Grid first strengthened the Blue Dragons Breath.

He put the blue bead into the furnace, burning it with Hexetias flames before taking it out and starting the hammering.

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

“...!!” Hexetias eyebrows rose.

He noticed that the functionality of Grids new hammer was several times better than his previous hammer.

It was comparable to Hexetias own hammer which had been made with divine stone.

The Blue Dragons Breath emitted lightning every time it was hit by Grids hammer.

Grid sometimes coughed up blood when he was hit by the lightning, but his hammering didnt stop.

He was compelled to finish the strengthening, even if his body became ashes.



Even if it takes a long time...

Just wait...

Hiik!!” Grid was hit with another lightning strike while trying to speak.

To think that he was enduring great pain and devoting himself to blacksmithing despite the cost to his life...

“You are a fool...!” Hexetia frowned.

Grid looked stupid to him.

However, Grid was proud of his actions.

“Blacksmithing is my thing.

Arent you the same Hik! Hiiiiik!”


Blacksmithing was his thing Hexetias eyes shook.

At this moment, he realized the reason for his existence.

‘Yes, I am the blacksmith god...

I was born just for the sake of blacksmithing.

He didnt have to look elsewhere for the meaning of his existence.

So what if he was alone He just needed the hammer and the anvil.

Hexetia was able to do blacksmithing anytime and anywhere.

When he was working as a blacksmith, he was able to prove why he existed in this world.

Yes, blacksmithing was his thing.

All he needed to do was blacksmithing.

He didnt need to worry about the eyes of others.

He could just do his job as a blacksmith.

He didnt need to worry or be jealous when someones blacksmithing skill was beyond his.

Hexetia just needed to focus on blacksmithing.

There was no one who could deny his existence when he worked as a blacksmith.

Yes, this was it.

The wicked feelings inside Hexetia were dying.

He shouted at Grid who was being shocked, “Endure it, Grid! You shouldnt fall down until this match ends!”

It was a blessing.

[The blacksmith god has used his power.]

[The power of the god has given you 100% electric shock resistance!]



The meeting gazes of the two men were passionate.

They started to complete the masterpieces which couldnt be seen in any legends.


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