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Force swarmed into my fingertips.

I clenched my fists.

My heart leaped.

His words stirred my stomach.

“How… how do I look at you”

“Like this now.”

I had no idea what kind of eyes I looked at him with.

I felt naked that he was able to look at something I didn’t know. 

Since when Since when did he know something that I don’t know

My lips trembled.

It felt like my body and mind weren’t mine.

I couldn’t hold back anymore.

As I strode forward, I arrived before him with only a few steps.

I grabbed Yeon Woojeong’s collar and then pulled him to me.

Our lips clashed.

Yeon Woojeong faltered as he was unable to win against my force.

My lips rubbed his lips that met involuntarily.

His lips were rubbed harshly.

He stepped backward and then sat down on the table.

I propped one hand on the table and sucked on his closed lips.

There was a faint smell of coffee, and although there was no taste, it seemed to be sweet strangely.

I could not think.

The lips pressed against mine were soft.

They were delicate.

Even a little scratch likely would hurt them, but I also wanted to bite them off.

I didn’t think I could hold myself, so I scratched the table.

I sucked on the lower lip and moved as if biting the upper lip.

I have been wanting to do this.

However, it was not enough even though I was doing what I wanted.

I didn’t know how to do it.

It felt like falling into an endless pit.

I began to put more strength in my hand holding his collar.

Suddenly, a hand touched the back of my neck.

Yeon Woojeong wrapped his arm around my neck, and as soon as I opened my eyes, I met his eyes.

His eyes narrowed down.

He opened his lips, and pushed his tongue inside my mouth.

I closed my eyes again.

I had thought that Yeon Woojeong’s tongue was like a snake.

My opinion after feeling it directly didn’t differ much.

The wet flesh came in and tapped on my tongue.

The tip of my tongue turned stiff.

He, who nudged me a few times, moved to another place.

His tongue reached my palate.

My body jerked.

I felt goosebumps, and force came to my thighs.

Yeon Woojeong sucked the breath I exuded, and he lightly licked my palate.

I felt my genitals, which were trapped inside the pants, throb.

I relaxed my hand holding his collar.

I turned my hand, which was going down smoothly, and wrapped it around Yeon Woojeong’s waist.

As I put my hand inside the knit tee and touched his skin, I felt like getting a bit calmer.

Nevertheless, my head felt like it was exploding, and my heart was overwhelmed.

The tongue that was scratching the front teeth moved away, and Yeon Woojeong tilted his head back.

I chased after him.

The moment I touched his lips again Yeon Woojeong pulled my nape, so I had no choice but to stop.


I let out a heavy breath at that one word from Yeon Woojeong.

My breath poured out as if I had run at full speed.

I was calming down my breath while looking at the wet lips, but then he laughed.

“Your ears will burst.”

I had no idea how my ears were.

I couldn’t see them, and I wasn’t curious at all.

Once my breath had calmed down, I knocked on his lips again.

I put my tongue into the parted lips.

I crooked my tongue as Yeon Woojeong did.

The moment I grazed over his front teeth, he closed his lips and bit on my tongue.

I grasped Yeon Woojeong’s waist firmly at the stinging pain, and he opened his lips while letting out laughter.

The tip of my tongue touched his palate.

It was a new sensation.

It was smooth yet firm.

I was the one who was licking him, but my body trembled.

I wondered if he felt the same as me.

The skin felt under my hand was lukewarm.


Yeon Woojeong’s tongue licked under my tongue.

My whole body tinged.

His tongue swirled around me while I paused for a moment in the brief and strong afterglow.

It was hard to breathe again due to the movement pressing down on the tongue and entangling the tips of the tongues.

All my nerves were on edge even though we were just intertwining our tongues.

Even the trivial parts, such as between the fingers and the back of the ear, seemed to react against each movement of Yeon Woojeong.

I wanted to take off his clothes quickly.

However, I also did want to enjoy this moment a bit longer.

Yeon Woojeong’s palm pushed on my nape.

He tousled my hair with his fingers and touched the back of my ear with his fingertip.

That touch was sweet.

Enough to get my head overwhelmed.

I put my hand even further inside the knit tee, then caressed his back.

After pressing down on the bumpy spine, I turned my hand forward and rubbed the middle of his chest with my palm.

I felt his pulse.

It seemed both fast and slow.

I breathed out as if hiccuping.

The tongue stirring inside my mouth gradually slowed down.

Yeon Woojeong’s hand ran down my chest and reached the center.

I was bewildered by the movement of holding the swollen part and rubbing it around.

Yeon Woojeong tried to pull back his head.

I grabbed his nape and stuck our lips again.

It felt like my head was getting blank white all over while I was sucking, biting, and licking him.

I pressed my thigh to Yeon Woojeong’s palms.

He tried to escape from me a few times, but I couldn’t let him go.


Yeon Woojeong grabbed my member strongly.

As I let go of his lips at the sudden pleasure, Yeon Woojeong touched his lips with his other hand.

“Our lips are going busted.”


“It will be a sight if we walk out side by side with our lips swell.”

Only then I came back to my senses a bit.

Yeon Woojeong’s lips were certainly more swollen than before.

He nudged my lower lip with his thumb.

“If you get swollen more here, it’ll stand out too much.”

Yeon Woojeong licked his lips and moved his eyes down.

Mine was so erect that the outline was clearly visible over the pants.

He unbuckled my pants.

He put his hand inside my pants.

An exclamation flowed out at the sweeping touch.

I grabbed the end of Yeon Woojeong’s knit tee.

He smirked and then took off his knit.

A body with clearly drawn lines.

From the wide shoulders to the narrow waist.

The feeling of Yeon Woojeong’s skin texture wrapped in my hand seemed to be revived.

What is bound to happen will happen.

Me desiring him Or him accepting me Both of them

One thing was sure.

He chose to do it again with me.

Yeon Woojeong led me by grabbing my arm.

I sat on the bed following his lead.

He took out my thing from the underwear, then grabbed it.

After licking his lips, he immediately lowered his head. 


He put the glans into his mouth and then sucked it hard.

My body clamored in pleasure as it was already rich in pleasure.

I unconsciously curved up my back.

As my genital completely entered his mouth, he creased his forehead while letting out a small cough.

I grabbed Yeon Woojeong’s hair.

He lowered his head deeper as he raised his eyes and looked straight at me.

I pressed on the back of his head.

“Ha, ah…”

I creased my forehead.

I felt my penis blocking Yeon Woojeong’s throat.

The mouth holding my thing narrowed.


A vein popped out on Yeon Woojeong’s forehead.

He moved his head while looking struggling.

Even at this moment, he didn’t look away.

His tongue pushed on my shaft.

“There, more.”

The place grazed by the tongue felt good.

As I caressed Yeon Woojeong’s head, rushing him, he narrowed down his eyes.

He moved his tongue skillfully and rubbed the shaft with his lips.

It felt extremely good.

It felt like my body was going to jump out.

Contrary to my will, my legs stiffened, relaxed, and trembled.

Yeon Woojeong’s lips spat out my thing with a clear sound.

He pushed on the corner of his lips with his thumb, then took my genitals on his lips again.

He grabbed my thing and licked it with his tongue, making wet noises.

The slowly rising heat rose to the top of my head and seemed to explode.

Yeon Woojeong was sucking on my junk with swollen red lips.

I was delighted to see that he didn’t look repulsed at the slightest bit of licking my genitals while kneeling in a low position.

I wasn’t the only one who wanted him.

He also wanted me.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to do that.

I pushed Yeon Woojeong’s head again.

My member kept stuffing his mouth.

It sounded like spitting water out of the water.

“Nh, hh.”


I inserted my member inside his mouth and then pulled it out.

The wet inner flesh wrapped around my cock, and a soft, stimulating sensation stabbed me sharply.

My hand, which was on the bed, stretched up.

The moment I unclenched my fist, Yeon Woojeong came in between, intertwining our hands, and grabbed it strongly.

“Ah, I’m, stop…”

In an instant, the sensation of pleasure burst upwards and made me feel very hot inside.

I tried to push Yeon Woojeong, but he grabbed my hand firmly.

I tried to let go of his hair, but I was getting dizzy by the strong sucking movement.


The explosion was instantaneous.

The tension left my body.

Yeon Woojeong’s Adam’s apple moved clearly along with a gulping sound.

Something like a thread stretched from Yeon Woojeong’s mouth as he slowly let my thing out of his mouth.

He nonchalantly wiped his lips with the back of his hand, then tilted his head.


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