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That scarf… When I left it, they should just think it was a gift and wear it.

They were fools for keeping then returning it.

I’m sure they hid it because it wasn’t taken away by Lee Sugeol.

Come to think of it, they were the first.

Such… goodwill without wanting anything in return.

Is it obviously because they are young


I have been busy protecting mine since I was young.

I didn’t like it if others touched my things, and I was wary of them being taken away.

Is it because of my nature that I grow up differently despite being in the same poor environment Because the blood in me…

I got goosebumps.

The cold wind permeated in.

I closed the window and turned on the TV.

Maybe because it wasn’t the time for news, all the channels were about other programs.

I took my phone and opened the browser.

What should I type to check it After pondering, I typed the neighborhood name. 

I found the article after a few minutes.

It wasn’t different from the news on TV.

No, I guessed it was the same.

There was a video, so I clicked on it, and it was the news I saw yesterday.

I read the article carefully.

Lee Sugeol was indeed arrested, but it wasn’t known if he would get imprisoned.

Would he Yeon Woojeong said it isn’t him, but another prosecutor who deals with it…

I checked the time.

It was already close to lunchtime.

I went to the bathroom to wash up, then I went up to the second floor.

After changing my clothes, I saw the shopping bag under the bed.

I opened the bag and took out the scarf.

Should I give this to him I bought this for him anyway.

I fiddled with the scarf, then I put it back in the shopping bag and put it inside the closet.

I bought it with stolen money.

What will Yeon Woojeong say if he finds out I bought it with such money He was a prosecutor, so I couldn’t let him wear around something not good.

Does Yeon Woojeong know Did he meet Lee Sugeol They might have not talked about me.

I fiddled with my fingers, but then I stopped and went downstairs.

First, I had to see Yeon Woojeong’s face.

I took the bus and headed to the Prosecutors’ Office.

Who would have thought that I would come to this place so many times in my life But once I arrived, I hesitated to call Yeon Woojeong.

It was just a day ago that I made such a scene, and although Yeon Woojeong prepared the breakfast, he might have still been feeling hurt.

I might be unable to endure it if he treats me differently.

Shoving my hands inside the pocket for various reasons, I only looked down at the ground, then I took out my phone.

I pressed the call button.

The dial tone was long unlike the usual.

I stomped on the ground harder and the person walking by stared at me out of surprise, so I turned my back.

The dial tone stopped in the meantime.


“… What are you doing”

—Working, of course.

Did you eat breakfast


Aren’t you going to have lunch”

—Hmm, it’s the time already.

How about you Are you outside

How did he know It was quiet around me.

I stopped moving my feet.

How should I answer him The voice from the phone was the same as usual as if nothing happened.

It made me embarrassed for nothing.


I’m hungry.”



—Are you in front of the office

My ear was ticklish.

I took off the phone, touched my ear, then put the phone back.

As I gave no answer, Yeon Woojeong’s voice rang again.

—What do you want to eat

His voice seemed to echo.

Suddenly, I also heard the surrounding sounds.

There was an elevator sound, and the noises were blocked.

It felt like Yeon Woojeong was being sketched in my head.

I missed the time to answer him as I was focusing on the sounds over the phone.

—Where did the caller Mr.

Kim Jiho go

Yeon Woojeong talked as if he was singing.

I felt relieved instead of feeling annoyed with the obvious playfulness in his voice.

I turned back again to look at the entrance, and Yeon Woojeong walked out.

The perfectly tightened necktie and suit, the well-styled hair.

Wearing a neat attire, he was flashing his usual peculiar smile.

I realized it as soon as I saw him.

What I really feared and hated was not him seeing my lowest side.

Not him sympathizing and despising me, but looking away from me. 

Yeon Woojeong wasn’t different from his usual self.

It felt like he was blinding.

I touched my eyes, then I walked ahead.

“Are you hungry”


“Let’s go eat then.”

I followed Yeon Woojeong, who turned back, and entered the building.

He and I went down to the underground parking lot.

After getting in the car, I stole a glance at him.

A face without any remaining trace from yesterday.

But shouldn’t I say something Even if he seemed to forget it, it couldn’t be undone.

I had to do something before he was put off by me.

However, my mouth didn’t move.

Why It wasn’t a big deal to talk.

It really was nothing big… It wasn’t because of my pride.

It was just… was just.

It felt like all those mere things were my everything.

I hid the swollen red fingertips.

I looked at Yeon Woojeong’s hands on the steering wheel.

Yeon Woojeong was good at driving.

I have never felt uncomfortable in his car at all.

The time moved fast, and the car ran smoothly.

I should say something before we get out.

My mouth was closed, and only my eyes were busy.


My shoulders jerked at the sudden call.

Yeon Woojeong was looking ahead.

He called me, but he was quiet for a while.

“Don’t think you were wrong.”


“I’m wrong, too.

Quite often, you see.”

The moving thoughts that distracted my mind stopped.

I looked at Yeon Woojeong without being able to hide the blank stare.

“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to worry.

Arrest, lawsuit, sentence… There is a long way to go and it’s stressful.”


“Even if I want to promise you the bad guys will go to the prison and you will surely be safe, it’s not easy to say that as I work in this field.

But I bet what you needed wasn’t such a promise, right”

The car stopped following the traffic signal.

Yeon Woojeong reached out his hand.

The back of his hand touched my cheek.

I couldn’t help but be stunned because of that touch.

“I can’t promise I will tell you in advance even if I go back to that time.

But next time, I’ll try.”

It was strange.

How could Yeon Woojeong accept that he was wrong this easily and say it out loud The fact that he was a strong person killed me at times, and it also saved me at times. 

The red light changed to green light.

The car smoothly moved away.

“You should try, too.

Telling me if you get into trouble next time.”

“… Because you are my guardian”


Two heads are better than one.”

Two heads are better than one.

It was too embarrassing for Yeon Woojeong to say that.

But it wasn’t bad.

He and I.


The car had stopped while I thought over those words. 

The parking lot was relatively packed.

Yeon Woojeong entered the restaurant.

It was a dizzy place because there were so many props decorating the interior.

The table was narrow, and all the menu was rice bowls with toppings.

He took a seat and looked around.

“Miss Kim recommended this place when I said I would eat with you.

Do you like it”

“… It’s messy.”

Yeon Woojeong laughed at my comment.

It wasn’t dirty inside, but there were a lot of things, so it felt cramped.

The table taken by women next to us looked wide, but we looked like sitting on toy chairs.

It was ridiculous.

The food came not long after we ordered it.

Mine was a rice bowl topped with samgyeopsal marinated in soy sauce, and Yeon Woojeong’s was topped with tofu and vegetables.

Thinking it wasn’t tasty, I took a spoonful of my portion.

Mine was delicious.

“Is it tasty”

When I nodded, Yeon Woojeong smiled lightly and picked up his spoon.

This time felt like soft glass.

Even though it felt like it would break, it was warm that I wanted to hold it in my hand. 

How rare luck is it to remain unchanged Yeon Woojeong would probably not look away immediately from me no matter what kind of person I am.

Then, I wanted to be a better person.

Even only for a little.




“If I… give testimony, will it be helpful In getting Lee Sugeol jailed.”

After Yeon Woojeong chewed everything in his mouth, he didn’t pick up the spoon again and looked at me.

The gaze got longer as if he was thinking about something.

Soon, a subtle smile spread on his face.

“The evidence we have is overflowing, so it’s enough even without your statement.

I appreciate your consideration, but I don’t want you involved in the case.”

I nodded to the soft yet firm tone.

I didn’t like that I couldn’t be of any help, but I didn’t want to fight with him again.

Yeon Woojeong stared at me intently, then took out and handed over a piece of paper from his inner pocket. 


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