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9.1.『Chronicle of Demon King Founding Nation』


「This is the first time I saw a book written in demon race letters.」


I said so while brushing at the cover of the book.


It’s been three years since I started my study.

I’ve long since mastered the demon race letters but the one given to me by Sofia was only something practical such as a copy of a document or report of a war situation.


Something like anecdotes or battle songs handed down in demon race gathered together could only amount to several pages of reports, not to mention that the one who wrote that was Sofia.

Most tales or songs were written in elven letters or human race letters.


Well… it could only be blamed on the fact that there were only a small number of demon race letters, the fact that it was hard to write or read the letters due to their peculiar shapes if it was the ease of reading, human race letters or elven race letters were far easier…



This is a rare book, and one of the rarest books which is written entirely in demon race letters.

This is just a copy though.」


Sofia was pouting as she said the last part.


「I mean, it’s as if all the demon race hate to make this kind of literary work.

Some rare demons did that in the past but, it seems they stopped writing after either no one was interested, or their work was trashed by everyone…」


I looked at the book written by the first demon king.


I see… As expected, no one dared to offend the work of the demon king.


「But, some demons must’ve been trying to write in the past, right」

「Well, there are some books in demon king castle’s library but, it’s not worth my time since most of them are just over-exaggerated autobiography.」

「Ah, no wonder…」


Since even Sofia trashed those books, let’s forget about it…


「But, someone who can write very well from the very beginning isn’t that rare, though it is still not worthy enough unless the writer keeps polishing their skill.

But, the demon kingdom was a wasteland of such work… well, I can’t deny that practical knowledge is important.

But, like hell, they can grow into a proper civilization without arts and literature.」


Sofia’s complaints continued for a while but… are you sure it was okay to say this in front of me, a demon kingdom prince


But, I think I understood what she wanted to say.


The demon race was… too savage.

Even now.

It wasn’t just a matter of their temper, even their lifestyle was close to that of a savage.


Take mine and Platy’s room for example.

It was devoid of ornaments such as carvings or paintings, the closest thing that resembled ornaments were tapestries that were dyed in the same, colour.


Accessories and furniture were simply lacking elegance since most of them were made from fangs or bones.

Though they wore gaudy clothes, the maker was people from other races, worst of all, those clothes were made with ornaments made of fangs or bones which clearly mismatched with its original design… and made them look more savage instead.


With how apathetic their attitude toward arts was, I could even say that the demon race was pretty much what you call a… 『Upstart’s Primitive Tribe』.


「You’ll know the story of how the demon race reached their current height by reading this book―― But well, it’s better if you read it yourself.」


This signalled the end of our writing practice and entered the reading practice.


The book of the first demon king, Raohgias.

What kind of story I will find in this book――[TN: Yes, As you expected, it’s Raoh from fist of north star and Demon race are basically thug from the end of century minus the bike and mohican]


I briefed through its preface in a flash.


『――Originally, the demon race were savage tribes.

We were blessed with abilities but, we’re by no means a superior race.』



Was this demon… speaking ill of his own race!


I mean, the other demons would definitely flip out when they heard that the first demon king himself said 『We’re by no means superior race』.


I unintentionally looked back at the cover of the book again to confirm the name of the author.

And at that moment, I saw that Sofia was looking at me with a huge grin on her face.


「It seems His Highness the First Demon King is an oddball amongst the demon race.」

「It seems to be so…」


Despite being titled 『Chronicle of Demon King Founding Nation』, the content was a biography.

Why did he become the demon king How did he become the demon king What does he think of the other races And then, half of his life was written in a simple sentences ――


I-the first demon king, Raohgias was a child born in a certain small tribe of the demon race.


As the chief of the tribe, my father had many concubines and I was born as the xth son.


『――Honestly speaking, the demon race of that time was nothing more than savage tribes.』


Raohgias was looking back at his life back then.


『We wore animal skin, lived in caves, sat on bare ground, our meals were only composed of baked meat.

And once our belly inflated a little bit, we duked it out with the other tribes around a small hunting ground called 『Sanctuary』, fighting with our obsidian spear――』


That was the life of a savage tribe indeed.


The demon kingdom was a country that suddenly appeared out of nowhere around 250 years ago.

After reading the first demon king’s founding kingdom chronicle, I assumed that the demon race was still a savage tribe that lived like primitive men around 300 years ago.


No, I used to think that they’re savage by nature but… it seems there’s a leap in culture the moment they used tableware…


『――I was blessed with natural strength since I was born.

I’ve never lost against demon races from the same generation and defeated many veterans once I grew into an adult.

I gained recognition as the next tribe chief after slaughtering many warriors from other tribes in the war between tribes.』


『――On a certain day, I suddenly looked up at the sky, and saw flocks of migratory birds.

I then asked myself, from where did those birds come from I tried to ask the people around me, but no one could answer my question, or rather, they were not interested in such things.

They only think of those birds as prey that came from beyond the mountain range that surrounded the land where we live.』


『――I had already been sick of days filled with nothing but useless conflict.』


『――I wanted to know the world outside the mountain range, the outside world.』


Thus, Raohgias who was tired of the never-ending conflict between tribes left his tribe.


The old home of the demon race seems to be a land surrounded by precipitous mountains.

It was a barren land except for the place they called the sanctuary, water and food shortage was common things in that land.

Maybe the reason for the never-ending conflict between tribes that Raohgias mentioned was to reduce the mouths they had to feed.


Crossing the mountain range was an extremely dangerous journey.

Not even the toughest warrior of the demon race could survive if they were trying to cross the mountain with nothing to eat or drink.

Though Raohgias managed to secure food with brute force, namely shooting down the passing migratory bird with his spear, it was far from enough to make him full, and he barely made it out alive while drinking water from snow that he melted with fire magic.


『――And then, I stood in awe.

At the other side of the mountain range, the verdant plot of land spread all the way to the horizon.』


『――I could never forget the excitement that I felt when I arrived at the peak of the mountain, seeing the scenery on the other side of the mountain range.』


『―― I won’t die until I step my foot on that land.

Thus, I descended from the peak with that goal in my mind.』


And then, the demon king arrived.

He arrived in a rich land which can be called a paradise.


Upon seeing such an abundant plot of land, Raohgias kept lamenting about the never-ending, bloody conflict between the demon race’s tribes who live around 『Sanctuary』.


But―― Naturally, the said paradise is already occupied by its natives.


They were the human race, elven race, beastfolk race.


And just like the conflict between tribes around the sanctuary, the races who inhabit the plot of land beyond the mountain range were also in conflict against each other regarding the division of the plot of land called 『Paradise』.


『――I was left in awe when I heard old legends saying that the god of light was the one who gave birth to 『Living Creatures』.』


『―― I was even more amazed upon realizing that those 『Living Creatures』 had built civilizations that far surpassed the demon race of that time.』


『――Though I received a rather violent 『Welcome』 in the first human race country that I visited since they mistook me as an evil spirit.

I realized later on that it was only natural for them to do so since I was dirty from the long journey, only wearing animal pelts around my body, my blue skin colour, gallant pair of horns growing from my head, and the abundant amount of magical power.』


『―― I who dispatched that 『Welcome』 with ease then headed toward the beastfolk country while fending off the human race who came to kill me.』


『――beastfolk often clashed against the human race, and regarding the result, you can say that I unintentionally helped the beastfolk by fighting against the human.』


『―― I received a warm welcome from the beastfolk.

Though the beastfolk mana was next to nothing, their martial arts were something else.

When it comes to the talk regarding strength, I’m really pleased to find that they held high regard for the strong.』


『―― I heard some stories from the beastfolk, geared myself for the journey, and roamed to various countries.』


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