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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 238

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"Hmm." He lowered his eyes and his low voice soothed the kitten in his arms, "I'm yours."

The photographer instantly caught the moment and managed to capture this classic photo of a stare-down.

Wen Yu wore a magnificent and elegant white fishtail wedding dress, tulle spliced with satin, and the long train completely accentuated her excellent figure.

Jiang Yuhe, on the other hand, was still wearing the same black color.

The photographer originally wanted him to change to a white shirt, but when he did, he felt that something was missing from the photo he captured.

Later, even the photographer discovered that Jiang Yuhe was naturally suitable for the black aura.

When he put on white, the noble and rebelliousness that radiated from his body disappeared.

In the end, he simply changed his attire back to black and matched it with Wen Yu's gentle white mermaid wedding dress.

The wedding photos of the two could truly be described as a match made in heaven.

Although Jiang Yuhe had little expression, the look in his eyes was gentle.

Beside him, Wen Yu's head was leaning on his shoulder, and her lips were gently curved with happiness written all over them.

Their wedding photos were taken with five different wedding dress styles, A-line, tube, high neck, fishtail, etc.

All of them were classic works of foreign designers; white fairy, gentle and also noble.

However, Wen Yu's pick for the main wedding dress for the ceremony was kept a secret to everyone.

Even when Jiang Yuhe asked, Wen Yu kept it a secret and said, "You'll know on the day of the wedding, won't you Hehehe."

Therefore, no one knew what kind of wedding dress Wen Yu choose for herself.


The wedding of the century was destined to become a major hit in the entertainment industry that would go down in history.

Since they had already chosen to be grand, the Jiang family organized the wedding with utmost luxury, giving Wen Yu the best of everything.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen gathered all the single top tiers of each other's companies, in addition to two or three friends of both sides.

The wedding was held at the only 7-star international hotel in Beijing, which was located on the riverside and was simple yet luxurious.

For tonight's wedding, the Jiang family spent a lot of money to charter the entire hotel for guests to stay and rest.

From the morning, traffic police supervised strict control on the nearby roads, effectively dispersing the traffic flow to avoid congestion here at night.

At around 5:30pm, all kinds of luxury cars started to appear in front of the hotel one after another.

The reporters crouched outside, recording and witnessing such a bustling night in the entertainment industry.

The movie industry, TV industry, music industry, hosting industry...

big names appeared one after another, as if it were a grand red carpet show.

The media's flashing lights couldn't keep up with the speed of the artists' appearance.

Everyone was smiling and saying their blessings.

The whole city of Beijing was abuzz with stars tonight, and all netizens were eagerly awaiting the real-time coverage of the wedding.

This was Jiang Yuhe and Wen Yu's wedding.

It was also the biggest party in their life.

For this extravagant wedding, besides wanting to let the world know that Jiang Yuhe married Wen Yu, what he wanted more than anything else was...

To let his girl, the charming girl of heaven who once fell into the mud, be more brilliant and proud than before at the moment of marriage.

She deserved it, and she should stand in the brightest place towards him.

At 7:30pm, the guests were almost all present.

The venue was packed with high profile people, and even the media had a separate table of twenty.

The wedding was about to start, and Jiang Yuhe finally took a break from the countless greetings and blessings.

He walked back to the stage, and quietly waited for his bride.

From the morning after the greeting tea to his parents, Jiang Yuhe never saw Wen Yu again.

Although they had been together for more than two years, and he knew everything about her appearance engraved into his mind for a long time, for some reason, this unknown moment still made the calm and steady Jiang Yuhe unsettled deep inside.

The host went on with his blessing speech, but Jiang Yuhe did not listen to a single word.

His eyes were only fixed in one direction.

That entrance.

The place where Wen Yu would walk out.

Finally, after the opening speech, the host finally said the words.

"Please welcome the bride, Miss Wen Yu."

The spotlight hit the door of the banquet hall in almost a second, and Liu Tuan's Love Rhyme Orchestra played the song ‘Salut d'Amour’, the song Jiang Yuhe used when he proposed.

Silence dawned in the venue, surrounded by the soft and melodious sound of the piano.

Everyone's eyes were looking out the door.

Jiang Yuhe stood at the end of the glass bridge, quietly waiting for his bride.

His eyes never moved away.


The door was slowly opened.

The moment he saw Wen Yu, Jiang Yuhe paused and was stunned for a few seconds.

He expected to see Wen Yu walking out in a white wedding dress, but against all expectations.

He saw a starlight at first glance.

The brightest stars in the dark night were all spreading on Wen Yu at this moment.

The knot in Jiang Yuhe's throat rolled, as if he understood something.

His emotions instantly rushed to his throat, but he kept suppressing and restraining.

Wen Yu was wearing a soft black wedding dress.


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