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Conquer (1)

For a newlywed couple, sweetness was better than head over heels in love.

Even though Wen Yu was usually a cold person in front of her subordinates, as long as she was in a place where no one could see her, she immediately turned into a charming little wife, and she could whine to a new height every day.

For example, when going to work in the morning, Jiang Yuhe usually took her to the company first.

Then the scene downstairs in Wen Yu’s company would be like this every day.

“Brother, I’m going to work.”


“Will you miss me”

“I will.”

“How much will you miss me”


Every day, Jiang Yuhe published a detailed overview of no less than 200 words on how he would miss Wen Yu when he was at work.

There was never a repeat.

As the driver, Lao He would often send sympathetic glances at his boss in the back seat from the rearview mirror.

Who would have thought that his omnipotent boss would be pestered to the point where he started searching the Internet for pleasant words and phrases to make his wife happy one day

Today was no exception.

The car was parked under Wen Yu’s office.

Lao He stepped on the brakes when the familiar conversation began.

His heart, which was initially flooded with embarrassment, was now all calm.

It was all basic exercises, and he just got used to it.

After a routine coquettish kiss and hug, Wen Yu got out of the car happily.

Lao He silently glanced at Jiang Yuhe.

Although the man unconsciously loosened his tie, the corner of his mouth was smiling.

Lao He admired him.

He answered the same question day after day, but still gave different answers.

Only Jiang Yuhe could accomplish such a feat.

And… he seemed to be enjoying the process.

Moreover, every time he thought that the married Jiang Yuhe would be a little more gentle, or that he would be a little warmer when dealing with other people, the man could always quickly dispel his delusions.

Like now…

When Lao He was peeping, Jiang Yuhe suddenly looked down.

“What are you looking at”

Devoid of a smile, completely different tone.

He turned into his indifferent boss in mere seconds.

Lao He was stunned, and immediately sat up straight.

“Nothing, I didn’t see anything.”



On the other side, Wen Yu had just separated from Jiang Yuhe on the front foot, and then quickly turned into the beautiful boss of the company right after.

As soon as she entered the company’s gates…

“Good morning, President Wen.”

“Good morning, President Wen.”

Wen Yu nodded while walking, her high heels clicking on the ground, but she didn’t have much expression on her face.

As her business grew bigger and bigger, the number of people in the company also increased gradually.

She didn’t know if she was influenced by Jiang Yuhe, but over the years, Wen Yu also gradually ‘Jiangized’, from her previous gentle sister’s model in handling business affairs to the famous ‘Sister Yu’ in the entertainment industry.

“President Wen, Mr.

Liu of Gree Films and Television is waiting for you in the conference room.”

Wen Yu calmly replied, “Got it.”

When she arrived at the office, she naturally switched to a company leader’s state, facing any problem with ease and calmness.

This was the result of her refinement over the years, and was also a sign of her independence and maturity in life.

Although both husband and wife were engaged in the entertainment industry, Yasheng Corporation was more widely involved, while Wen Yu’s company focused on films.

Recently, under the guidance of Jiang Yuhe, she came up with the idea of transforming into animation, game, film and television, and wanted to quickly seize this market.

At 4pm, Wen Yu finished the day’s work earlier than usual.

The days in spring were particularly long and the sunlight poured into the office.

Wen Yu sat on the chair and looked out of the window.

Suddenly, she remembered how she used to be in Jiang Yuhe’s office when she followed him to learn all kinds of investment knowledge.

Now she had the ability to be on her own, but whenever she recalled that memory, she still found it sweet and precious in her heart.

Tang Huai knocked on the door at this time and handed her a document.

“The animation film market survey you asked for before has been completed.”

Wen Yu snapped from her memories, rolled her eyes casually, and said, “Let the driver bring the car here, and I’ll go to Yasheng.”

Tang Huai replied, “Understood.”

Jiang Yuhe didn’t like being high profile, so after the two got married, in order to avoid unnecessary reports and sensation, Wen Yu never went to the Yasheng Corporation building.

Hence, when she suddenly appeared in the lobby today, the news quickly spread from the first floor to the President’s office on the thirty-ninth floor.

The company’s chat group heard the news, and they all jumped out to inform each other.

[Breaking news! The Lady Boss is here!!!]

[Real or fake Where I want to see the real person!]

[So you newcomers haven’t seen the world.

We met the Lady Boss a few years ago, hahaha.]

[If you haven’t seen her, take a quick look.

She’s now at the door of elevator No.

8 on the first floor.]

[Too late, I didn’t see her, waaahhhh]

In the President’s Office on the 39th floor, the elevator door opened.

Wen Yu raised her head slightly and walked out.


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