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I Need Brother to Protect Me (5)

“What Jiangchengs top lady, I think its right to be Jiangchengs number one mimic of other peoples fashion.” Wen Yu smiled lightly and made no secret of her sarcasm.

Zhao Wenjing was a little annoyed: “Wen Yu, go drop dead.

You have negative equity in your family.

Why are you pretending to be upper class and sophisticated here”

“Its because of you, bitchy mimic.”


“Your face is all red, are you angry Tsk tsk.” Wen Yu twitched the corners of her lips contemptuously, “Zhao Wenjing, are you afraid of me Otherwise, why are you so timid and incompetent, even when youre so angry”


The phone in her pocket finally vibrated.

Wen Yu knew that You Xin had sent it to her, and also knew what the signal meant.

Calmly continuing to add fuel to the fire: “With your capabilities, you dont even have the ability to be second place after me.

You still dream of being the top lady, wash your face and take a good look at your reflection, do you think you can succeed”

As soon as she finished speaking, Wen Yu saw Jiang Yuhes straight figure appearing on the marble promenade outside the restaurant window.

And Zhao Wenjing had her back turned to him, completely unaware.

Zhao Wenjing was so angry she felt like her lungs were going to exploding, and finally she couldnt hold back.

She gave Wen Yu a big shove in this high-end restaurant where etiquette was everything, “You think too much, who wants to be second to you, Wen Yu!”

Well done.

Just waiting for you to make a move.

Although Wen Yu was pushed hard, the corners of her lips slightly raised imperceptibly.

Because Jiang Yuhe stopped.

It means he saw her.

Wen Yu lowered her head, changing her expression quickly and pretended to be humble, “Well then, I wont disturb you.”

After speaking, she walk out.

Zhao Wenjing: …

Wen Yu hurried out of the restaurant.

She kept her head down, but deliberately walked towards Jiang Yuhes position, pretending to meet by chance.

When she looked up and saw that it was him, emotions of surprise and consternation appeared on her face immediately, accompanied by a hesitation to speak, and an expression of helplessness.

Without saying anything in the end, she bowed her head and ran away.

Jiang Yuhe looked at her back, and already had the urge to chase after her, but he still resisted it.

He frowned, then looked back at the dining room.

Zhao Wenjing was sitting in a booth by the window, holding a mirror to fix her makeup.

He didnt know why Wen Yu was here, let alone how the two people clashed.

After thinking about it for a while, Jiang Yuhe still walked towards the restaurant.

There were not many people in the restaurant.

As soon as he entered Jiang Yuhe smelled a faint, familiar fragrance of roses.

When he walked near Zhao Wenjing, the fragrance seemed to gather more in the air.

And this woman was wearing a velvet skirt similar to that night, with long curly hair draped behind her back.

Seriously, it did look pretty.

But inexplicably, there is a feeling of over-exertion and imitation.

Not like her.

It seemed that it wasnt her at all.

The sense of longing that has been lingering in Jiang Yuhes heart, the kind of obsessive addiction, disappeared without a trace after standing in front of this woman.

Or after leaving the light of that night, after the situation of that night, the real her is actually like this.

Jiang Yuhe began to hesitate on whether to sit down.

But when Zhao Wenjing looked up and saw him, her eyes lit up, and she stood up shyly: “Hello, President Jiang, please sit down.”

Zhao Wenjing was very enthusiastic.

She had just fixed her makeup but Jiang Yuhe was inexplicably annoyed with the bright red lipstick.

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He hesitated, then sat down and wanted to ask what he had just seen.

“Miss Zhao, just now—”

The phone rang before the words were finished.

Jiang Yuhe intuitively felt that it was the news from Wen Yu, and when he looked, as expected—

[Brother, I wanted to go out with you to play in the afternoon, so I came to the restaurant to wait for you in advance.

Also, I wanted to see your girlfriend secretly… Who knows that I accidentally bumped into that sister when I walked in.

I also apologized, but she said I soiled her designer clothes… I really didnt know this sister is your girlfriend, I didnt mean it, help me say sorry to her, I wont disturb your date.]


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