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Don’t Leave My Side (1)

Wen Yu’s heart jumped.

What does he mean by this

Did he see it What did he see

Although she feel a little unsure in her heart, it is probably because there have been too many battlefields in this period of time, and Wen Yu has already developed the ability to remain unchanged while the world is falling apart, she calmly said:

“What little tricks, I don’t understand”

“Don’t understand”

Jiang Yuhe looked down at Wen Yu’s elbow, there was indeed a faint bruise there, which should have been from the incident at the restaurant.

He flicked her arm away.

“First pestering Li Bai and asking about Miss Zhao, then sneaking into the restaurant and deliberately conflicting with others to get my attention.

Don’t tell me everything is a coincidence.”

Wen Yu was shocked.

Sure enough, this is a person who works in the entertainment circle; this is a person who was not drugged by Li Man; and this is a person who plays spot the difference with ancient paintings of the Qingming River…

He saw through everything!

Wen Yu was caught off guard by this move.

She considered herself self-confident and clever, but she didn’t know how to respond right now.

She can only pretend to be silly and stay silent, while thinking about the way to deal with it quickly in her mind.

However, Jiang Yuhe didn’t have the patience, and raised his voice: “Speak.”

Wen Yu lowered her head and bit her lip.

All her brain cells were working on this problem.

She knew that she had no room to retreat.

This man was too smart to be fooled by ordinary tricks.

Right now she can only acknowledge her wrong, find a proper and reasonable reason to admit all this.

She closed her eyes and fought–

“Yes, I admit it!” Wen Yu said aggrieved: “I was a little unhappy when I heard you say yesterday that you were going on a date with your girlfriend.”


Jiang Yuhe was obviously taken aback, and he calmly said to the driver and secretary in front of him: “You two get off for a bit.”

When the two outsiders got out of the car, Jiang Yuhe continued to ask Wen Yu: “What are you unhappy about”

Wen Yu has already adopted her character in this drama:

“I’m afraid you will not want me if you have a girlfriend, and send me back to the sanatorium…”

“When I first got home, you didn’t like me very much, and you didn’t really want to recognize me.

Now that you have finally accepted me, suddenly you have a girlfriend.

I feel you will only stay with her and like her in the future.”

“And I will only be slowly abandoned and forgotten by you.”

Speaking of this, Wen Yu’s voice is getting lower and lower.

In a trance, thoughts and memories seemed to overlap.

——Abandoned and forgotten.

When she was six years old, Wen Yu watched her mother and brother leave, she followed the car for a long time, but couldn’t get them to stop.

For so many years, she has lost her mother’s love and her brother’s love.

She was indeed abandoned by them and forgotten.

Probably because her words touched a hidden pain, Wen Yu suddenly felt a little sad, her eyes sincerely reddened.

Jiang Yuhe: “…”

God, does she have to cry at a simple question

He was truly scared.

“Forget about it,” he ended the topic hastily.

“Can’t I ask you questions now Crying at every little thing.”

Wen Yu lowered her head and shook her head again.

This time it’s not pretending, it’s real.

Seeing Wen Yu not speaking and looking pitiful, Jiang Yuhe was a little helpless, swore under his breath, took a tissue and handed it over:

“Do you still want to go to Wangjiang Bridge”

Wen Yu immediately raised her head: “Go.”


Jiang Yuhe has never been so speechless in his life.

He called the driver and secretary back, then set off.

Wen Yu finally pursed her lips, and then gave a sincere smile.

To be honest, getting along with each other day by day, although this fake brother has a bad attitude sometimes, he is generally good to her.

For example, just now, he clearly saw her little tricks, but he still cooperated with the performance, which is enough to prove that between herself and Zhao Wenjing, he is still partial to her.

Thinking of this, Wen Yu looked at Jiang Yuhe with a smile, and happily sucked up to him: “In this world, Brother is the best.”

Jiang Yuhe: “…”

When Jiang Yuhe and Wen Yu arrived at Wangjiang Bridge, Li Bai also arrived from the hotel.

The three of them first found a nearby restaurant for lunch and then went to Wangjiang Bridge together.


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