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After Leaving The CEOShe Stunned The World Chapter 10 - A Squeamish Woman

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Chapter 10: A Squeamish Woman

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In the past, Mo Rao would never reject Fu Yings pleas.

No matter when, she would look at him with hazy eyes and say in a gentle and charming voice, “Okay, Ill listen to you. You can do whatever you want…”

Fu Ying could do whatever he wanted to her.

But now, she had rejected him very clearly.

Fu Ying immediately became unhappy. He didnt like being rejected by Mo Rao.

“You really dont want it” he asked again to see if Mo Rao was rejecting him.

“No!” Mo Rao replied firmly, and for the first time, her eyes revealed resistance.

Fu Ying was silent for a moment, and the lust in his eyes was dissipating. He got down from Mo Raos body and his voice was cold again. “Then explain to me what you said to my mother and grandmother.”

“What” Mo Rao wrapped herself in the blanket while feeling a little lost.

“Dont play dumb!” Fu Ying was irritated when he saw her cover herself up. In the past, she was willing to do anything, even if she stood naked in front of him. He had admired that body countless times.

Mo Rao knew that Fu Ying was called back by Mo Wan and was angry.

After all, he was accompanying his lover, so how could he want to leave

She answered, “I didnt say anything.”

“Then why did my mother talk about giving birth Why did she know that Xiao Ru was back” Fu Ying stared at Mo Rao coldly.

No matter how good her temper was, Mo Rao couldnt hold it in anymore. She never lost her temper in front of Fu Ying and had always been gentle.

All of this was so that he could trust her and show her affection.

Yet now that something had happened, he suspected that she had done it.

Mo Rao knew that her three years of compliance had been in vain.

“Isnt everyone aware that weve been married for three years and have no children Didnt Grandma and the others ask before Why do you feel that it has changed now that Qu Ru is back”

“And Qu Ru is a living being, so cant others see her There are many people who know her. Someone must have seen her and told Mom. Isnt this very normal Do I have to say it”

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She was really angry and spoke very quickly.

Seeing her throw a tantrum, Fu Ying felt awkward. He seemed to have asked too rashly. “Im just asking.”

“You didnt just ask. You dont trust me at all!” Mo Rao smiled bitterly. “Do you think that since Grandma likes me so much, I can use her to break up you and Qu Ru to maintain our loveless marriage”

She could indeed do this, but she disdained doing so.

In the future, if she couldnt let Fu Ying stay by her side because he fell in love with her and could only rely on others to pressure him, then what was the point

Qu Ru was already back. She couldnt even leave an empty shell.

In the past three years, no matter what grievances or problems she had, Mo Rao had never complained to her grandmother-in-law or mother-in-law because she was unwilling to let Fu Ying think of her as a resentful woman.

Now, Fu Ying had thought of her as such a person. How could she not be sad

Fu Ying didnt say anything. He acquiesced.

Mo Rao took a deep breath and said extremely seriously, “Fu Ying, listen carefully.”

The woman wrapped in the white blanket only revealed a round head with exquisite and charming features. She had an angry expression, but she didnt pose any threat to Fu Ying. Instead, she looked like an angry kitten.

“I dont want to get a divorce, but Im not that cheap as to use all sorts of methods to keep you. Otherwise, I wouldnt have agreed to the divorce previously. Besides, you know that Ive always been worried about Grandmas health. Even when I persuaded her to agree to our divorce, I had to consider it carefully. I was afraid that she would be agitated, so why would I deliberately complain and make her unhappy”

Everyone knew how well Mo Rao treated Grandma, but only Fu Ying didnt.

Her eyes turned red as she said this. She bit her lower lip lightly and couldnt help but shed tears because of her grievance.

Fu Yings heart ached when he saw her tears. He couldnt bear to see her like this. She was really angry.

“Its my fault. I misunderstood you.” Fu Ying apologized.

“Its your fault!” Mo Rao pulled her hand out and wiped her tears with all her might. She pouted her pink lips and replied angrily without any intention of backing down.

When he saw how angry and cute she was, the anger in Fu Yings heart dissipated significantly. He felt that he had gone overboard.


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