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After Leaving The CEOShe Stunned The World Chapter 24 - Repeat the Past

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Chapter 24: Repeat the Past

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After ordering, Mo Rao and Lin Qun sat facing each other silently.

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Finally, it was Lin Qun who broke the silence first. “Are your injuries better”

He knew that Mo Rao had many injuries on her body, but he couldnt help her. After Fu Ying brought her back, she must have been drugged, right

“Much better. Thank you for your concern.” Mo Rao took a sip of water, her clear eyes filled with gratitude. “Lin Qun, thank you so much for last time. If not for you, I would definitely be done for.”

“Its what I should do.” Lin Qun smiled faintly, fiddling with his cup as he continued asking, “Mo Rao, have you been in the Fu Family all these years”

Mo Rao looked up at Fu Ying in shock. “Yes, thats right…”

“Did he propose to marry you, or did you want to marry him” Lin Qun asked directly. In fact, he had found out about all these from the police station.

Being able to marry into the Fu family was the dream of many women, but he felt that Mo Rao was not happy at all.

Mo Rao started, not expecting Lin Qun to understand her situation so quickly. She gave a bitter laugh. “Its complicated, but what I can confirm is that we are about to get a divorce.”


Hearing those words, Lin Qun did not know if he was happy or heartbroken.

Mo Rao was the girl he had secretly liked for many years. In his heart, such a good girl should be cherished and doted on. He could not let her suffer any grievances, but Fu Ying wanted to divorce her

Fate was playing tricks on her. The person who truly loved her did not marry her.

Lin Qun did not feel good in his heart. Although Mo Raos divorce meant that he had a chance, the thought of Mo Rao being wronged made him feel terrible.

“Why do you want a divorce” Lin Qun could not help but ask.

Mo Rao laughed sarcastically. “What do you mean fine He and I have never been well. He doesnt love me at all. How can he be well”

“You are so good, he will definitely regret it.” Lin Qun consoled.

“He wont regret it. He… forget it. Why are you talking about him Lets talk about you instead. How did you become a police officer I remember you telling me when I was young that you wanted to be a pilot!” At the mention of her childhood, Mo Raos eyes sparkled.

Lin Qun smiled gently. “En, its a choice of profession. There arent many reasons.”

Actually, he had chosen the police because of Mo Rao. In the past, his dream was to be a pilot, but after knowing that Mo Rao thought that the police were very handsome and that she liked being a policeman, he changed his goal.

He had done it over the years.

However, after he became a police officer, there was no news of Mo Rao. He only knew that she had a lot to do with the Fu family and that she would be living well under the protection of the Fu family.

“Thats pretty good. The police profession is sacred and handsome. You and Xiao Wen both have jobs that you like. Unlike me, Im like a golden bird thats locked up in a cage for others to see.” Mo Rao recalled her experiences over the years and smiled bitterly.

Her acting dream had been replaced by a foolish love.

The result was obvious. He had lost utterly!

Lin Qun had always known of Mo Raos dream of becoming an actress, so he consoled her, “Dont be disheartened. After the divorce, you will be free. At that time, you can chase after your dream with all your might. You will definitely succeed!”

He would definitely accompany her silently.

Mo Rao laughed when she heard that. Yes, she was about to be free.

He had lost love, but he had obtained freedom and dreams. It wasnt too bad.

However, the child in her womb probably would not allow her to chase after her dreams immediately. At the very least, she would have to wait for the child to be born and have a stable and hidden residence before she could consider other matters.

Otherwise, Fu Ying would not let her off if someone found out that she had a child.

After dinner, Mo Rao went to pay the bill but realized that she could not swipe her card.

Fu Ying must have stopped her card as punishment.

Lin Qun watched from the side and understood. He wanted to help Mo Rao settle the bill, but she stopped him and took out the cash. “If I say Ill treat you, Ill treat you.”

“Alright.” Lin Qun had always gone along with Mo Rao, as long as she was happy.

After settling the bill, both of them walked out together. Lin Qun said gentlemanly, “Ill send you back.”

Mo Rao shook her head. “No need. Lin Qun, you should be quite busy. Hurry up and do your own things. I want to walk around alone to relax.”

Lin Qun was a little worried. “Are you alright by yourself”

“Its alright, really.” Mo Rao smiled sweetly, reassuring Lin Qun.


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