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After Leaving The CEOShe Stunned The World Chapter 16 - Old Friends Reunite

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Chapter 16: Old Friends Reunite

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The moment Lin Wen opened the door, She smelled blood.


She cried out in shock. At the door, Lin Qun was carrying an unconscious woman covered in blood.

Lin Qun didnt mind her cries and just walked into the living room and placed Mo Rao on the sofa.

“This is… Mo Rao” Lin Wen walked over and looked carefully while feeling even more shocked.

Lin Qun nodded. “Yes, get a bucket of hot water and clean her up.”

Lin Wen immediately went to get a bucket of hot water and a clean towel. “Brother, let me do it”

“Its okay, let me do it.” Lin Qun chose to take care of her himself. He wet the towel and gently wiped the blood off Mo Raos face.

Lin Wen then sat at the side and asked, “What happened”

“When I came to find you, I met her on the way. A man dragged her into an alley and molested her, so I saved her. After I saved her, I realized that she was Mo Rao.” Lin Qun explained in a low voice.

“Is she injured Theres so much blood!” Lin Wen frowned.

“Its that wretched mans. Shes fine.” Lin Qun replied.

Lin Wen found it strange and asked in puzzlement, “In that case, cant we send her to the hospital or to the police station”

Lin Qun shook his head. “Before she fainted, she instructed me not to send her to the hospital or the police station.”

This was strange. Lin Wen looked thoughtful. “Why”

“How would I know Im placing her here. Ill go to the police station.” Lin Qun had already wiped Mo Raos face clean. Her fair and beautiful face was still the same as in his memories.

Lin Wen was anxious when she heard that. “Leave her with me Youre really not going to call the police”

Lin Qun looked at his sister. Was she out of her mind He said, “Im the police. Her phone is missing. I have to go to the police station to check her information and see if I can contact her family.”

“Does she have any family Didnt she lose her parents like us” Lin Wen was dejected.

“There are always other people we can contact.” Lin Qun insisted. If he wanted to know what had happened to Mo Rao, he had to find out from the people around her.

She had always been beautiful, cute, and kind. After so many years, there should be a man who had already won her heart, right

Lin Qun was a little disappointed, but he still went to the police station.

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He specially instructed Lin Wen, “If Mo Rao wakes up, ask her to call home and see who else is there. If she doesnt want to say it, dont force her.”

Lin Wen nodded helplessly.

After Lin Qun left, Lin Wen continued to take care of Mo Rao. Before long, Mo Rao woke up.

“Youre finally awake!” Lin Wen was very happy.

Mo Rao, however, thought that she had a dream. Looking at the familiar face in front of her, she shouted a name in shock. “Little Wen”

“Haha, you actually still remember me” Lin Wen was shocked and delighted. “I thought that after you were adopted by the Fu family, you wouldnt remember us commoners.”

Mo Rao forced herself to sit up and shook her head with a bitter smile. “I wasnt adopted by the Fu family.”

Ever since her parents saved Old Madam Fu, almost everyone thought that she would be adopted by the Fu family.

But she didnt get adopted. She got married to Fu Ying.

And they were about to get a divorce.

“Is that so Its okay. By the way, are you feeling unwell” Lin Wen asked with concern.

Mo Rao still shook her head. “Its okay, Im fine. Where is this”

Lin Wen explained, “This is my house. My brother saved you. I wanted to call your family, but your phone is missing.”

“You know I dont have a family.” Mo Raos expression was gloomy.

Originally, she had still Fu Ying, Fu Yings grandma, and her grandma. After they got divorced, they would have no one left and would be alone.

Lin Wen seemed to be reminded of something sad when she heard her words. “Thats right. Were all unlucky.”

“Youre better than me. You still have your brother.” Mo Rao smiled.

“Thats true. Im luckier than you. After such a big incident happening to you, should we call the Fu family” Lin Wen asked curiously. The Fu family had to take good care of her on account of Mo Raos parents, right

But Mo Rao rejected it. What if the Fu family found out

Old Madam Fu and Mo Wan would definitely be very angry. After all, it was Fu Ying who abandoned her on the road in the middle of the night that caused the dangerous incident to happen. When the time came, they would blame Fu Ying, and Fu Ying would blame her.

No matter what, the one who suffered in the end would be Mo Rao. Fu Ying would definitely think that she did it on purpose.


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