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Chapter 26: Qu Ru was the Culprit

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Just then, the door to the emergency room opened.

Mo Rao and Lin Wen immediately went forward.

“How is Lin Qun”

“Hows my brother”

Both of them asked in unison.

The doctor sighed. “His head injury is very serious. Although he underwent surgery in time, it still depends on the follow-up. It would be best if he wakes up within three days. If he doesnt, its hard to say. Lin Wen, youre a nurse yourself. You should understand what I mean.”

Lin Wens face turned pale. “I understand. Thank you, Doctor Dong.”

Doctor Dong comforted her, “Youre welcome. Dont worry, Lin Wen. Our hospital will do our best to treat your brother.”

“Yes, thank you.” Lin Wen nodded vigorously.

When she heard these words, Mo Raos blood-red eyes gradually burned with anger. She clenched her fists and silently turned to leave.

Lin Wen shouted, “Mo Rao, where are you going”

But Mo Rao didnt answer. Her mind was filled with hate.

She walked into the elevator with blood all over her body. Her expression was frighteningly dark. Many people were frightened by her and didnt dare to approach her.

After arriving at the inpatient department, Mo Rao went straight to a ward.

She took a deep breath and pushed the door open!

Seeing Mo Rao appear at the door, Fu Ying was stunned. “Mo Rao”

She was like an angry little beast covered in blood, and her face was filled with hatred.

Fu Ying walked over and frowned. He wanted to ask her what was going on.

“Get lost!” Mo Rao pushed Fu Ying away crazily. “Dont touch me with your dirty hands!”

Fu Yings expression darkened. “Mo Rao, what are you trying to do again”

Qu Ru was lying on the hospital bed while looking weak and pitiful. “Mo Rao, I know you dont want to divorce Fu Ying. Youre unwilling, but Fu Ying has already promised to compensate you so much. Dont be so greedy.”

What a hypocrite!

Mo Rao walked to the bed, picked up the fruit knife, and placed it on Qu Rus neck.

This action frightened Qu Ru so much that she didnt dare to move.

Fu Ying became nervous. “Mo Rao, what are you doing!”

“If you come any closer, Ill let you have a taste of being separated from your lover!” Mo Rao gritted her teeth.

Fu Ying immediately stopped in his tracks. He didnt know what was wrong with her. “Put the knife down!”

“Why should I let go What right do you have to order me around” Mo Rao had already been blinded by hatred. “Now, Lin Qun is in a coma because of me. It is all because of her!”

“Fu Ying, I have already agreed to the divorce. There is no reason for you to find someone to silence me. Besides Qu Ru, who else would hate me so much If not for Lin Qun blocking that steel pipe for me, I would have been the one dead. Why should I put down the knife I wish I could kill her!”

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Mo Rao complained hysterically, causing Qu Rus face to turn pale. “What nonsense are you talking about Whats the benefit of doing this Youve already agreed to divorce Fu Ying. I dont have to do this!”

“But we havent gotten a divorce yet. Youre afraid that something unexpected will happen if we drag this on, but youre also afraid that even if we get a divorce, Ill still be a threat. Only by completely getting rid of me will you be able to be Young Madam Fu in peace, isnt that right” Mo Rao sneered.

“Do you have proof Dont you have any other enemies besides me” Qu Ru forced herself to calm down.

Mo Rao chuckled and her eyes were filled with sarcasm. “Qu Ru, do you know that all these years, Ive been raised at home like a little bird by Fu Ying He protected me too well. My interpersonal relationships are so simple that there are only him and a few people from the Fu family. May I ask where I got enemies from”

When she heard this, Qu Rus gaze turned vicious. Fu Ying actually protected Mo Rao so well

“Then perhaps Fu Yings business rivals are targeting you!” Qu Ru found another reason.

“Is that so Not many of Fu Yings business partners know of my existence. However, everyone knows that you, Qu Ru, are his unrequited love and have returned to the country. Even if they want to seek revenge, they should find you.” Mo Rao pressed down the fruit knife in her hand. “Only you, Qu Ru, would view my existence as an eyesore.”

Mo Raos analysis was so logical that no one could find anything to refute her with.

Qu Ru was afraid that Fu Ying would believe her. She shouted in fear, “No, its not me! Fu Ying, save me! Mo Rao is crazy!”

Fu Yings expression was complicated. After hearing Qu Rus cry for help, he chose to save Qu Ru first. “Mo Rao, put down the knife!”

“Okay, Ill let go!” Mo Rao actually put down the knife. The anger in her eyes turned into deep despair. “Fu Ying, lets settle the divorce procedures quickly. I dont want anyone around me to get into trouble because of me!”


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