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175 A Commotion in the Hospital

Chen Weier was delighted to hear the doctors words.

She shook her head to show that she did not mind.

“Thats alright.

I can handle it.”

The doctor then said to He Xun, “President He should be conscious of his health, alright The quality of your sperm is good, but you must have been smoking recently.

If youre preparing for pregnancy, you must quit smoking and drinking.

Otherwise, it will greatly impact the baby.”

“Alright,” He Xun nodded as he responded.

He had indeed been mentally exhausted by Nie Suijings incident recently and smoked a lot.

Thinking about it, he realized he had to be careful.

He wanted a baby too.

The baby in his dream was incredibly adorable, but he didnt know if their baby would be like that in reality.

The doctor prescribed them some folic acid, then personally sent them out.

However, when Chen Weier took the list to get the medicine, she was attracted by a loud noise.

It was a couple quarreling.

The man was carrying a child in his arms, and the womans face was even paler.

There was blood on the stomach of the patients gown.

Even so, she still held on to the man tightly and did not let go.

“You bitch, let go of me!” The man shook off the womans grip with all his might.

However, the woman refused to let go.

“Please, dont take my child away.

I beg you, please!

“F*ck off!” The hostility in the mans eyes grew, and he raised his foot to kick her.

At this moment, a passerby walked past and advised with a frown, “This is a hospital.

The patient needs to rest.

Dont be noisy.

Besides, thats your wife, right She is bleeding.

How can you still hit her”

“Who the hell are you Busybodies! I can hit my own wife.

Is it your business If youre so meddlesome, is your wife also a cheap good that can be mounted by ten thousand people” The man pointed at the passerby and scolded.

“What are you talking about” The passerby was also furious.

“Im sorry…Im sorry…thats how he speaks.

Please ignore him…” The woman quickly intervened and bowed as she apologized.

“You slut, you cant give birth to a son, but youre good at sucking up to men I dont think you two have known each other for a long time.

Tell me, is he also your lover That wretched girl you gave birth to, is she this mans child” The man saw the woman lower her head and apologize.

He immediately became angry.

Then, he tried to stuff the baby into the passerbys arms.

“This is your child.

Give me 50,000 yuan, and you can take it away!”

“Thats our child!” The womans wound was getting more and more painful, and she no longer had the strength to struggle.

She could only lie on the ground and cry.

“M*therf*cker! You b*tch, are you cursing me Im telling you.

You are supposed to give birth to a son, but you f*cking gave birth to another b*tch.

How dare you claim it is mine! Who the f*ck are you trying to lie to” The man cursed incessantly.

The passerby didnt care anymore.

He was really afraid of being pestered by this rascal.

He looked helplessly at the woman on the ground.

He didnt have the means to help her, so the person had no other choice but to leave.

“Bitch, your lover left and doesnt want you anymore.

Youre really useless.” The mans words were getting worse and worse, and the child in his arms seemed to be frightened and began to cry.

“F*ck, stop crying!” The man was annoyed by the sound of wailing and raised his hand to hit the child.

Chen Weier rushed over and snatched the baby away.

Before the man could react, she kicked him down.

Chen Weier held the baby in her arms.

Such a small baby would definitely die if it was hit by that person.

What kind of father was this He valued men over women.

He could harm such a young child and even scold his wife who had just undergone an operation.

“Ah!” The man who had his dignity kicked lay on the ground and wailed.

He covered his lower body and stared at Chen Weier.

“Who the hell are you How dare you touch my treasure! Wait until I get up and r*pe you, youll be f*cked!”

‘Pa! The mans vulgarities hadnt even finished when He Xun ruthlessly slapped him.

At this time, the bodyguards behind them also surrounded the man and stepped on him.

“Wang Fang, you shameless b*tch.

Did you play with these men too Everyones standing up for you.

You b*tch! You are touched by thousand men!” Although the man was already subdued by the bodyguards, he still couldnt stop cursing.

“Shut his mouth!” At He Xuns command, the bodyguard took out some tape and stuck it on the mans mouth.

Finally, He Xun didnt have to listen to those disgusting words.

Chen Weier carried the baby with one hand and helped the woman up with the other.

“How are you”

“Im fine.

Thank you…” Wang Fang was covered in a cold sweat, but she still carried her daughter back shakily.

The tears in her eyes were like beads that had broken off a string.

She held her daughter tightly.


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