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176 Such a Scumbag

“Dont cry.

Lets get a doctor to treat your wound first.

Wheres your ward” Chen Weier comforted the woman as she asked.

“Ill go back with you.”

Wang Fang quickly shook her head, and her tears fell on Chen Weiers hand.

“I–I have no money.

I cant afford the hospital fees.

I still havent paid for the surgery just now.”

When Chen Weier heard this, her heart ached.

She controlled her emotions and pointed at the man who was struggling like a shameless snake.

“Is he your husband”

“We…dont have a marriage certificate.” Wang Fang nodded and then shook her head.

“His family looked down on me and didnt agree to us being together, but Im already pregnant…” Wang Fang started to sob again.

He Xun looked into Chen Weiers eyes and sighed.

He said to the person beside him, “Director Li, please prepare a private room for this lady.”

“Alright, alright.” Cold sweat was about to drip from the directors body.

Earlier, he planned to take President He and Madam He for a walk around the hospital.

He wanted to show how orderly the hospital was.

After all, He Xun was the hospitals largest shareholder, and it wouldnt hurt to improve his impression of them.

Who would have thought that they would encounter such a thing the moment they came out

Director Li quickly asked someone to prepare a ward.

Chen Weier helped Wang Fang over.

When Wang Fang saw the high-end environment, she shook her head.

“This place is too expensive.

I cant afford it.”

“I just found out that you just had a cesarean delivery.

How can you not rest well Just stay here in peace.”

On the way, Chen Weier asked Wang Fang a few questions.

She found out that Wang Fang had just finished her operation the day after and that scumbag had attacked her on the day after she gave birth.

Chen Weier was really angry.

She thought that she had seen enough scumbags, but she didnt expect that the scumbags in this world were still constantly refreshing her worldview.

That scumbag was Qiushan Tong who worked in the same hotel as Wang Fang.

Wang Fang was the cleaner while Qiushan was the doorman.

The two of them slowly got to know each other.

Wang Fang was born into a patriarchal family and had never been loved.

After he bought breakfast for her, she felt that Qiushan was a good man.

At that time, Wang Fang had assumed that the two of them would work diligently to earn some money and return to their hometown to build a house.

When they got married and had children, their days would be pretty good.

It was just that Wang Fangs thinking was very simple.

Qiushan was just playing around.

He saw that Wang Fang was pretty and heard that she was still untouched by other men, so he set his sights on her.

He did not expect that Wang Fang would get pregnant.

After having a child, Wang Fang wanted to get married as soon as possible, but she did not expect to hear Qiushans phone call to his family.

Only then did she find out Qiushans thoughts, and they were those vicious ones.

He scolded her for shamelessly seducing him, saying that her child belonged to someone else.

Wang Fang felt as if she had fallen into an ice cave—not daring to believe her own ears.

She desperately tried to treat Qiushan well with the hope of awakening his conscience.

But how could a person like Qiushan have a conscience

When Wang Fang treated him better, he felt superior.

He also exposed his true nature to Wang Fang by either beating or scolding her.

Each time he used his fist, he would apologize and whisper sweet nothings afterward.

He would then ask her to continue taking care of him.

Wang Fang was able to carry the child to full term with this kind of carrot-and-stick treatment.

In the end, when she was about to give birth, Qiushan hit her again—causing Wang Fang to bleed profusely and forcing her to undergo surgery.

Although he had safely given birth to the child, Qiushan had firmly insisted that the child was not his.

The reason was that Qiushans mother had found someone to read Qiushans fortune.

According to it, Qiushan was destined to have a son!

So now that she had a girl, they believed the child was definitely not his.

Then, Qiushan contacted a human trafficker from nowhere and wanted to sell the child for 50 thousand!

He had received a deposit from the human traffickers and came to the hospital today to ask for the child.

As for what happened after that, Chen Weier saw it.

It was when he was snatching the child.

To this, Chen Weier only had one sentence to say.

She looked at Wang Fang and said, “Did a donkey kick your head You heard him say those things when you were pregnant.

Why are you still with him He even beat you up, but you didnt resist”

“What about me then” Wang Fang asked timidly.

“I already have a child… I cant leave the child fatherless.

If only I had a boy!”

However, before she could finish her sentence, Chen Weier interrupted her, “Whats wrong with a girl Are girls inferior to others Its your daughters greatest sorrow to have a mother like you!”

She wanted to curse.

On the other hand, Wang Fang bit her lip.

“You what Are you not a woman yourself He actually persuaded you to value men over women

“If I had known that you were such a person, I wouldnt have saved you just now.

“At a time like this, youre still complaining that you didnt give birth to a son

“Whats wrong Do you have a throne to inherit Ive seen a lot of women in deep waters and suffering, but youre the only one whos begging to torture yourself!”


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