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177 Women Have to Work Hard on Their Own

Wang Fang couldnt lift her head after being scolded.

After a long time, she squeezed out a few words from between her teeth, “But women are worse than men….”

“Who said that” Chen Weier heavily slammed the table.

“Everyone is born equal.

Men and women are the same.”

“Youre only this confident because your husband is rich,” Wang Fang said, but she lowered her head thereafter.

When she uttered the words, she glanced at He Xun.

She had also worked at the hotel for several years, so she could tell whether he was rich or not.

Chen Weier claimed that women were not inferior to men, but didnt they also need to rely on men to support them

Wang Fang couldnt accept Chen Weiers words.

“Yes, my husband is indeed rich.

So what Im not bad myself.” The prize money from the dance competition was not meager.

In addition to her current dance skills, she could make money as a dance teacher in any entertainment company.

Although He Xun was the one who established her current studio, she was also financially capable and had enough studio funds.

Wang Fang looked at Chen Weier.

“You can only achieve everything because you have a rich father.

One look and I can tell that you are raised by a wealthy family.

Women are born to rely on men.”

“I dont have a father.” Chen Weier was furious that she laughed.

“My biological father was a scumbag.

He took my mothers money and ran away.

I was brought up by my mother who was penniless while she carried me in her stomach.

“My mom has her own company now, and she has never relied on a man before.

I really regret saving you now.

People like you only like to be a dog by mens side.

I pity your daughter.”

Chen Weiers words shocked Wang Fang.

As a child, she had been taught that a woman should have a man to support her.

If a family did not have a man, it would be broken up.

Both of them worked at the hotel, but she did not earn as much as Qiushan.

She felt even more inferior to Qiushan.

Besides, she had seen many attractive women in the hotel use their bodies to make money.

Didnt they all rely on men

But now, Wang Fang just heard that a woman could build her own company by relying on herself.

“Ive seen too little of the world.” Wang Fang lowered her head and looked at her daughter in her arms with an ashamed expression.

Other peoples mothers would still strive for self-improvement while raising their children alone, but what about her

She would only hug her daughter and cry.

Seeing that Wang Fang didnt continue to insist that women were inferior to men, Chen Weier was also relieved.

Otherwise, she really couldnt help her.

“You already have a daughter.

Do you want your daughter to walk your path”

“I dont want to.” Wang Fang shook her head.

Her eyes were determined, “I cant let her be a coward for the rest of her life.

I want her to attend school.

My grades were excellent back then, but my parents said that it was useless for girls to study, so they let my brother go.

Now, I have to give more than half of my salary to my brother every month.

Hes spending a lot of money on school, so…”

Chen Weier, who had just calmed down, said, “Oh dear, I really dont know what to say to you.

It is not your job to raise your brother, so you can leave the money to your daughter.”

Wang Fang was a little confused again.

Could she really do that However, the girls in the village who came out to work together to earn money had to save their wages for their brothers.

She had been constantly reminded by her parents since she was young.

Otherwise, when she got married in the future, she would be bullied without the help of her brothers.

However, after Chen Weier said that, she also felt that something was wrong.

She also wanted to raise her daughter.

Moreover, her younger brother should have his own parents to raise him, right

Wang Fang looked at her daughter in her arms, and a warm feeling welled up in her heart.

She felt that her life was full of goals.

At the very least, she could not let her daughter walk her path again.

If that was the case, she couldnt do the work at the hotel anymore.

It would take too long, and she wouldnt be able to take care of her daughter.

She had actually saved up some money and might be able to start a small business.

However, she didnt know how much the hospital fees would cost and when she could pay them off.

Wang Fang carried her child and said embarrassedly, “Madam, I really cant pay you back in such a short time.

Ill write you an IOU first.”

“No need,” Chen Weier waved her hand.

He Xun would invest money in this hospital every year to help those who had no money to treat their illnesses.

Wang Fang was also considered a suitable candidate.

However, Chen Weier still asked, “Husband, can Wang Fang apply for special treatment”

“Yes.” He Xun, who had been silent all this time, finally spoke.

Since He Xun had said so, Director Li immediately smiled apologetically.

“Ill immediately arrange for the Inpatient Department to record it.”

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