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He Xun felt it was a pity that Chen Weier didnt become a screenwriter.

Seeing that he didnt speak, Chen Weier squeezed out a little sob when he didnt talk.

“Weier swears to follow President He for the rest of her life, never to be separated! Does President He feel that Weier is not comfortable serving you”

He Xuns face darkened.

The drivers ears turned red.

He was already an older man and didnt want to listen to the fun between the couple.

To save his life and not hear anything more exciting, he lowered the partition without saying anything!

He Xun was speechless.

“What do you want now” He gritted his teeth and looked at Chen Weier.

Chen Weiers daily plan of seducing He Xun had begun.

She flirtatiously leaned into his arms and looked at him with charming eyes.

“President He, dont let Weier go, okay Weier learned a new trick today.

It can make President He more comfortable…”

He Xun couldnt stand her teasing when he lowered his head and saw the little womans red lips and seductive eyes in his arms.

His heart burned.

“What kind of tricks are you playing”

The mans voice had already gone hoarse, and his eyes had changed.

Chen Weier was still immersed in the plot and didnt notice it.

“I guarantee that its something that President He has never seen before.

President He, you can try it tonight…”

Her cherry lips opened and closed, and all inappropriate thoughts played out in He Xuns mind.

He wanted to throw these out, but the person in his arms was still mumbling.

“Shut up,” he said.

He Xun covered her mouth and stopped her from acting.

Ignoring Chen Weiers sore eyes, he swallowed his saliva and said, “This is the meal card.

Its a high-class card for you.

You can go to every floor.”

Shaking off He Xuns hand, Chen Weier asked in confusion, “Your company has a hierarchy system”

“The entire He Group is here.

If I go to the restaurant to eat, do you think I can eat in peace without proper separation The top floor was for the general managers and above, and the lower two floors were for celebrities.

They were all low-calorie restaurants made by professional nutritionists, and the lower floors were for ordinary restaurants.

Youre going to have a competition, so if you need to lose weight, you can go to the artists restaurant.”

“Youve done a good job here!” Chen Weiers eyes lit up.

He Xun was amused by her exaggerated expression and kissed her forehead.

“Youre the lady boss here, so you should say that weve done a good job here.”

“Good, weve done a good job here!” Chen Weier hugged He Xuns arm with a smile.

He Xun awkwardly leaned back, and his pants awkwardly bulged again…

At noon the next day, Chen Weier went to the staff cafeteria, planning to look at every floor.

However, although the food on the top floor was high-class, it was not what she liked.

She went to the artists cafeteria again.

As soon as she entered, she felt the pressure of their gazes.

Each one of them was slimmer than the last!

Chen Weier secretly pinched the meat on her arm and decided that she had to eat less.

However, she didnt notice a pair of burning eyes staring at her from behind.

Yu Xinwu looked at Chen Weiers back and said to Brother Zhu, “And here I thought she would be mighty.

The news just came out yesterday, and she was sent out already.”

Zhu Qiang also sighed.

“Now, were just waiting for Yang Zuis punishment.”

Regarding this, Yu Xinwu was even more dissatisfied.

“In the past, they would immediately post an announcement once theres a mistake! Why are they so slow this time”

“Yang Zui is different.

He knows too much about the companys internal information.

President He will seriously be cautious!” Zhu Qiang said after some thought.

“Then, lets wait.

Lets go.

Ill look at the person sent out.” Yu Xinwu couldnt wait to see Chen Weiers embarrassment.

“Is there something” Chen Weier looked at the person in front of her.She was blocking the way and talking in an ominous tone.

“Who is this” Yu Xinwu said disdainfully.

Are you still eating here after hooking up with Yang Zui No, look at my memory.

“President He found out what happened between you and sent you out…”

Chen Weier rolled her eyes.

She had nothing to say to this person and wanted to take a detour.

“Why are you in such a hurry to leave Werent you very arrogant yesterday” Yu Xinwu laughed proudly.

“I suggest you go to the hospital and get your brain checked!” After that, Chen Weier glanced at Zhu Qiang.

“Youre her manager, right Dont you know that you cant let her out without the rabies vaccine”

Yu Xinwu clenched her fists and whispered into Chen Weiers ear, “You dare to scold me Who do you think you are Do you think that Yang Zui can still protect you The president will kick you and your lover out of the He Group.”

Zhu Qiang also agreed.

“Ive brought a lot of newcomers, but this is the first time Ive seen such a stupid one.

Little girl, let me remind you.

Dont you think you can be arrogant for the rest of your life just because you found a man”

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