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He Yeli looked at the crowd and said, “Why are they all gathered”

“They might have quarreled” Luo Xinrui didnt mind, but she felt she should go over and say a few words.

This way, she could also show her temperament as a wealthy socialite and confirm some rumors between her and He Xun.

After all, other than Madam He, who would care about the employee conflicts

Thinking of this, Luo Xinrui pulled Yeli over.

The two of them walked into the crowd effortlessly.

After all, everyone knew the He familys young miss and the suspected Madam He, Luo Xinrui.

“Why is everyone here instead of eating” A familiar female voice interrupted as Chen Weier was about to curse.

Chen Weier turned around and looked.

Oh, werent these her defeated opponents

Seeing Chen Weiers face, Luo Xinrui was distinctly flustered.

She wanted to pretend to be the presidents wife in front of everyone, but how could she act in front of the genuine presidents wife

“Young Miss He! Madam Luo!” Mu Yun pounced over affectionately.

She had already anticipated Chen Weiers fate.

Since the real wife was here, what could Chen Weiers fate be

Luo Xinrui stabilized her mind and smiled.

“Whats going on”

“Theres someone who doesnt know her place!” Mu Yun hooked her arm around Luo Xinruis.

“A newbie indeed said that shes President Hes sweetheart.

That is so funny.

Who in the company doesnt know that youre President Hes sweetheart”

These words were very clever if the person she was mocking wasnt Chen Weier.

Chen Weier raised her eyebrows and looked at Luo Xinrui with a faint smile.

When everyone saw Xinrui and Yeli coming, they also had the mentality of watching a good show!

Luo Xinruis mouth twitched, but she really couldnt smile.

“Is that so”

When Yeli saw Weier, she was furious.

She still remembered being slapped by Chen Weier, so she shouted at her.

“What are you doing here!”

“You still dare to talk to me like that” Chen Weier squinted at her.

Last time, she had hit her too lightly.

She didnt learn a lesson at all!

This look scared Yeli.

She even dared to hit her in the He family.

Now, if she provoked her in the company, she might even hit her.

Thinking of this, Yeli quickly took two steps back and hid behind Xinrui.

Yu Xinwu walked in front of Chen Weier.

“Do you know who this is She is President Hes younger sister,Young Miss He! Youre crazy.

How dare you talk to Young Miss He with this attitude! Why dont you look at yourself Who do you think you are to talk to Young Miss He”

“Its none of your business!” Chen Weier didnt even look at Yu Xinwu.

Her eyes fixed on Luo Xinrui.

“He Xuns sweetheart”

Luo Xinrui clenched her fists and gasped.

“I …”

“Whats wrong After acting for so long, youre so immersed in the plot that you cant come out You seriously think youre something” Chen Weier interrupted her.

She didnt want to reveal her identity, but now, it seemed she had to do so.

This Luo Xinrui treacherously used the name Madam He to trick people in the company!

Chen Weier was the real Madam of the He family, alright Even the people in He Xuns diary could not use this title! Not to mention, Luo Xinrui was a woman He Xun didnt even like!

Mu Yuns eyes widened.

“Chen Weier, youre crazy!” Do you know who you are talking to”

“I know,” Chen Weier sneered.

“A shameless b*tch!”

“Chen Weier, dont go too far!” Luo Xinrui felt very embarrassed.

When had she ever been scolded like this And in front of so many people!

“Im going too far Does He Xun know that youre using other peoples names to trick people in the company” Chen Weier glared at Luo Xinrui.

Sure enough, she saw a crack in her expression.

She knew Luo Xinrui was shameless enough to do all these little things!

Luo Xinrui pretended to be calm.

“I dont know what youre talking about, but its not appropriate to quarrel with someone in a restaurant.

Since youre new to the company, you should learn the companys rules and dont disrupt the order!”

Chen Weier was amused by her words and laughed.

“Ill learn the rules” Then, ask He Xun if he needs me to learn the rules!”

If He Xun dared to say it, then she… would learn it!

What else could she do She still had to leave a good impression on He Xun.

However, He Xun wasnt here right now, so it didnt matter if she was proud for a while!

Luo Xinrui naturally wouldnt ask He Xun about it.

She remembered that when she was in He Xuns office, she saw a photo frame of Chen Weier on his desk!

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