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“Its okay.” He Xuns heart softened.

He reached out and pulled her into his arms.

He hugged Chen Weier tightly.

As long as she was still by his side, willing to return, he didnt ask for anything more.

“I cant even forgive myself for what Ive done in the past.

Thank you for still being willing to forgive me… Im sorry for what Ive done.

Its not enough…” Chen Weiers hand was on He Xuns chest, and the two were very close.

When He Xuns hand touched her skin, his palm felt like fire.

She looked at him with a pair of eager and defenseless eyes.

He Xun suddenly felt his mouth go dry, and his Adams apple rolled unconsciously.

Then, she greeted him with a kiss.

The tight thread in He Xuns mind instantly collapsed.

He couldnt take it anymore and wrapped her tightly in his arms.

The touch also ignited the twos bodies.

The man took the lead, and his strength was so great that Chen Weier couldnt break free.

His large palm wandered around and easily slid into her shirt.

Touching her was a wonderful sensation.

He held her tightly and then released to knead.

He couldnt help but want to mold the dough into all kinds of patterns.

His touch faintly filled Chen Weiers heart with anticipation! The romantic atmosphere and mood finally happened! She was going to capture He Xun today.

At this moment, a sharp ringtone interrupted the atmosphere in the room.

He Xun instantly woke up and raised his head from Chen Weiers body.

He finally realized what he was doing.

He shook his head and closed his eyes to calm himself down.

“Im sorry.” Then, he pulled the quilt over and wrapped it around Chen Weier.

Chen Weier was exasperated.

Which bastard was calling to disturb him Also, how did He Xun resist Could he still restrain himself in this state

He Xun got up and was about to answer the phone when Chen Weier pulled him back.

“Dont go… Stay with me.”

He Xun pried her hand away and said in a hoarse voice, “Im sorry.

I was too impulsive.

You should rest.

I wont come in again.”

Chen Weier was speechless.

Then, without waiting for Chen Weier to ask him to stay, He Xun turned around and ran.

Clueless people would think he was a track and field elite who had come out of nowhere.

He Xun sat at his desk and saw the young and inexperienced Chen Weier in the photo frame.

His heart slowly calmed down.

He cleared his throat and picked up his phone.

“What is it”

“President He, the person in charge of the film studio asked you to give a report today.

Hes already in the meeting room.

Executive Assistant Yang has gone over to entertain him.”

The person on the other end of the line was one of He Xuns assistants, the only female assistant, Tian Yue.

“I know.

Go to the mall later and buy a set of undergarments and female clothes,” He Xun said.

Tian Yue was stunned for a moment before she immediately regained her senses.

“Alright, President He.

What are the sizes”

He Xun was dumbfounded.

He had never had a girlfriend before.

The only woman he had ever had was Chen Weier.

He didnt know how to distinguish a womans size.

He subconsciously grabbed his hand and guessed the size of his palm.

“Its…slightly bigger than my palm.

She should be around 1.7 meters tall and weigh about 100 pounds.”

Tian Yues face darkened slightly.

What did he mean by bigger than his palm Couldnt he just go and ask Of course, she didnt dare to say this out loud.

She could only smile and say, “President He, can you be more specific about the bra size”

“You decide.” He Xun directly hung up the phone.

He had just had intimate contact with Chen Weier and still felt his scalp numb.

If he went in to ask for her size again, he was afraid that he would surely not be able to hold back…

After putting down his phone, He Xun thought for a moment and opened the browser on his phone.

He studied and figured out how to measure this size.

After making sure that he had learned it and would not make this mistake again, he took out a new tie from the drawer and tied it before striding out of the office.

Tian Yue put down the phone and fell into a state of depression.

Finally, she poked the male colleague beside her and said, “Give me your hand.”

A male colleague

Tian Yue rapped him on the head and said, “I told you to stretch out your hand.

What are you waiting for”

The male colleague felt very aggrieved, but he still happily stretched out his hand.

Then, Tian Yue asked him to hold his hand and measure it with a soft ruler.

The male colleague was even more confused.

Tian Yue coughed awkwardly.

“Alright, Im done.”

An hour later, Tian Yue returned with two bags and saw He Xun and Yang Zui leaving the meeting room.

“Youre done” He Xun asked without changing his expression.

“Yes, President He,” Tian Yue said as she handed the items to He Xun.

But He Xun didnt take them.

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