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The organizer announced the top 50 contestants to enter the next round and eliminated the remaining contestants.

The time was the day after tomorrow, and the location was still the same.

This time, it was a dance within five minutes.

Chen Weier turned around and saw that He Xun was already standing and waiting in front of her.

She didnt hide anything and held He Xuns arm as they left together.

Miao Bing, on the other hand, followed with small steps.

Several times, he wanted to say something, but he kept quiet.

He just hoped that President He and Madam He could forgive him.

However, the most important thing was to go to the hospital first.

Cao Yaoyaos manager drove over to pick her up.

“How is it Have you entered the next round”

“Yes.” Cao Yaoyaos tone was calm as she started to change her clothes.

“I knew you could do it.” The manager, Li Jiu, was relieved.

“By the way, theres news about you and Nie Suijing today.

Ill take you to the restaurant.

He has prepared a romantic dinner to celebrate your entry to the next round.”

“Then, Ill take off my makeup now.

Ill look more natural.” Cao Yaoyao has always been very cooperative in her work.

Li Jiu looked through the rear mirror and said, “You should put on light makeup.

Youve been practicing your dance overnight recently, so you dont look too good.”

Cao Yaoyao lowered her head and bit her lower lip.

Why was her face pale, but Chen Weiers wasnt Chen Weiers face was full of collagen, and her skin was so smooth that no pores could be seen.

Why could Chen Weier change into casual clothes in the afternoon without scruples She even crossed her legs on the chair and changed into a more comfortable position.

As for her, she had been sitting upright the entire day.

Cao Yaoyao felt that her waist was about to break!

Why was it that Chen Weier could go home with her husband while also participating in the competition… But she had to continue working For the sake of money and the future, she had to pretend to be in love with a man she didnt like.

She honestly wanted to beat Nie Suijing to death for lying to her.

“Are you too tired Shall we rest for a while before going over” Li Jiu realized that Cao Yaoyaos mood was not quite right.

He was worried that the reporters would take pictures of her and write nonsense.

It would be troublesome if that happened.

“Im just tired from dancing.

Im fine.” Cao Yaoyao replied calmly, but in her heart, she wanted to say,I dont want to be tied up with Nie Suijing anymore.

I dont want to have anything to do with this disgusting man.

I dont want to eat with a liar!

But she couldnt say this.

Chen Weier would never have such a worry.

Cao Yaoyao put on a hat and hurried into the restaurant.

Nie Suijing had booked a very romantic table next to the floor-to-ceiling window of the Riverview Restaurant.

“Congratulations, my dear.” Nie Suijing placed the flower in Cao Yaoyaos arms.

Cao Yaoyao immediately showed a surprised expression, then gave Nie Suijing a bright smile.

She took the initiative to hug him and kiss his cheek.

“My dear, Im so touched.”

Nie Suijing pulled out a chair for Cao Yaoyao like a gentleman.

Cao Yaoyao sat down elegantly and placed the flowers on the side of the table.

The two of them looked at each other affectionately.


The sound of shutters could be heard continuously…

Seeing it was about time, Li Jiu sent off the arranged reporters.

Cao Yaoyao immediately stopped smiling.

“Yaoyao” Nie Suijing was a little angry, but he held back his temper when he remembered he still had to rely on her.

“Are you in a bad mood”

“I forgot to tell you that Chen Weier is also in this competition,” Cao Yaoyao sneered.

Nie Suijings movements paused, and his expression was very unnatural.

His lips twitched.

“Why mention her I have stopped liking her for a long time.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have dumped her and wooed you again.”

“Dump her” Cao Yaoyao laughed.

“You know what Shes married, and her husband is President He.”

Nie Suijings smile froze.

“Yaoyao, whats wrong Are you joking with me”

“Am I joking Im sure you know this in your heart.”

Seeing Nie Suijings expression, what else did Cao Yaoyao not understand

Nie Suijing had long known about the relationship between Chen Weier and He Xun.

He couldnt pester Chen Weier and was shaken off by her.

He Xun even beat him up before he came to find her…

It was ridiculous that she indeed believed his words and even ran to Chen Weier to clamor.

However, she had been ruthlessly humiliated by Chen Weier!

Nie Suijing tried his best to smile.

“Yaoyao, I dont know who you heard this from, but its all fake.

I honestly love you.”

“Did it hurt to be beaten up by President Hes men” Cao Yaoyao interrupted him.

“Cao Yaoyao!” Nie Suijing couldnt hide it anymore, so he stopped smiling.

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