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Perfectly Avoiding All the Right Answers (1)

As expected, while Shi An walked past the iron-gray metal gate, the detecting instrument did not make the slightest sound.

He sat down on the seat labeled with his name, propping his chin up with one hand.

He looked bored as he zoned out.

At that moment, the whispers of two candidates came from beside him.

“…… In past years, weren’t there only four examiners”


“But there are five positions up there, eh ……”

Shi An lifted his gaze toward the stage not far away, only to see that there were indeed five chairs, but one of them was empty.

“Maybe it’s the new examiner this year”

“Possibly, but isn’t it too exuberant This is the first time I’ve heard that one can just not come.”

“Who do you think it will be ……”

Immediately after, the test papers began to be distributed, and all the whispers immediately stopped.

Shi An retracted his line of sight, then looked down at the test paper in front of him, and then fell into a long silence: “……”

Among the rustling sound, only his table was a dead silence.

The insect quietly peeked from his sleeve and asked in a very low voice, “Lord Dragon, what’s wrong”

In a similarly low voice, Shi An replied.

“Can you read human texts”

The insect was stunned: “…… Yeah.”

Shi An had a frown with a bitter expression, “But I don’t.”

Insect: “……”


— you can’t read!


The written test was long and torturous, especially when almost ninety percent of the words were completely unrecognizable.

After it was over, Shi An felt even more tired than the day he burned the demonic creatures.

Soon after, the academy teacher in charge of receiving them brought them back.

Since the dormitory had two rooms, the housemates only shared the living room, and the living quarters were completely separated.

As soon as he entered the dormitory, he saw his huge suitcase and backpack placed at the entrance hall.

Seeing those, he felt as if his body and mind had been rejuvenated after the tiring day.

The suitcase was packed by the butler, which included almost everything a freshman might need, and the corners were stuffed with all kinds of snacks that Shi An had strongly requested to be put in.

The backpack, on the other hand, was packed by him.

All the gold and silver accessories inside were carefully selected by him to be used for making the bed at school.

In short, those were his precious babies!

Shi An ran over with great enthusiasm.

But as soon as he picked up the suitcase, he was dumbfounded.

…… Wait.

This, this is too light.

Shi An had a sense of foreboding, and hurriedly opened his suitcase.

He found that all the snacks inside were gone, and the backpack also—

The backpack was also—empty.

He looked around in confusion and saw a sticky note on the table.

A few lines of human text was scribbled on it, which looked like a ghost had doodled on it.

Shi An was instantly enraged.

He pulled out the insect with a scowl and pointed angrily at the sticky note.

“What is written on it!!!”

The insect, compelled by might, fearfully looked over.

It carefully translated, “That …… this says that the school is strictly checking all the items that students bring into the campus this year, and all the law breaking items were all sent back to the students’ homes-”


Shi An looked at the empty suitcase on his left hand side, and then looked at the empty backpack on his right hand side.

“No—” he almost shed a tear in sadness.

At this moment, the door of the dormitory opened from outside.

A medium-sized brown-haired teenager walked in and met Shi An at eye level.

The teenager hesitantly said, “Hello” Shi An, who was yet to recover from the sadness, looked at him in a trance.

“My name is Lin Yan Ming, we are roommates from today,” the teenager scratched his head, “Uh, you are Shi An, right” Although he was not familiar with the other freshmen, “Shi An” was so famous that even he had heard of him.

After thinking for a few seconds, Shi An listlessly nodded his head.

Lin Yan Ming asked cautiously, “Uh, did you bomb the exam”

Looking at the sluggish young man in front of him, and thinking about the news of the internal strife of the Shi family that was being spread among the freshmen, he couldn’t help but feel pity.

Lin Yan Ming weighed the food he had just packed from the canteen.

It should be enough for two people to eat.

He asked, “Have you eaten dinner” Shi An’s dull eyes immediately lit up.

“No,” he replied.

Ten minutes later, Lin Yan Ming stared blankly at the empty plates in front of him, his hand which was holding the chopsticks was still frozen in mid-air, unable to move for a long time.

His gaze fell on the slender waist of the teenager in front of him, and he could hardly believe that such a flat little belly could actually hold so much food …… and in such a short period of time.

Shi An was still not done.

“Is there more”

Lin Yan Ming came back to his senses and stammered, “No, no more.”

“Okay.” Shi An sighed but not without regret.

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